Calling all DREAMERS, CREATORS & ENCHANTERS to celebrate this RADIANT COMMUNITY on this HAPPY FRIYAY! This week GR-18 traveled the kaleidoscopic roads of the green forest, red desert, blue glacier and the dream world itself!

As always, remember to click the level names to bookmark them for later on. OR! Use the fancy Playlist to bookmark all of them at once. And don't forget to nominate levels that you think are worthy of the Community Spotlight with the nomination form. The nominations for next week will be open till next Thursday morning!

Featured Levels

Green Forest

GR-18 has found the magic keys in Friendzie's luscious level Luck Land. Can GR-18 find peace & tranquility in this green forest without hearing the Bureau's incessant jingle - "Deliver your Goods - REAL Good"?

Red Desert

GR-18 endures the soaring red desert with its sight on the package in Rominski's scorching level Rocket Island. Will GR-18 find the package or will it end up chasing a mirage. Or is that mirage just the latest employee-motivator engineered by the Bureau of Shipping?

Glacial Blue

GR-18 has a glacial delivery in Espurrator's icy level Watch Out! Ocula Pop!? Will GR-18 survive the unknown that lurks behind the scenes, like the menacing specter of quarterly sales and profits expectations at the Bureau?

Orange Explosions

GR-18 explodes in fearless pursuit in PureKnix's fiery level Ruins Of The Reckoning. Will GR-18 handle the package that sets its soul on fire, or get burned by the processes of the Bureau of Shipping bureaucracy?

Kaleidoscope of Colors

GR-18 is stuck in a colorful dream in TheGlock521's vibrant level Timing Battle. Can GR-18 escape this kaleidoscope made by the Bureau of Shipping? Or will it remain here, experiencing the cascading effects of slight changes in delivery times for the rest of its semi-immortal lifespan?!