After months of blood, sweat, and viciously-soft fabric sampling, we're proud to announce the launch of our merch store!

Become the best Butterscotch you can be with our suite of high-quality Tees, Mugs, Posters, and Stickers, a collection of which you can see below!

Bundles of shirts!

The "OG" Butterscotch Tee

The OG

Become an unofficial member of the Butterscotch Shenanigans crew with the shirt that started it all! Fabric so soft you’ll say “Oh wow this is really soft. Is this a luxurious cotton/poly blend?” Yes. Yes it is. Perfect for every activity, from making games to doing back-flips. Spend the rest of your days explaining to complete strangers what Butterscotch Shenanigans is! Get yourself a Tee!

The Vinyl Sticker Crashlands Sheet

Be the envy of every Crashlands fan by covering your everything with your favorite Crashlands characters! 8.5" x 11" sheet crafted out of high quality, weather resistant vinyl. 25 kiss-cut stickers to slap on your phone, tablet, or nemeses’ eyebrows. Features a 2.5" Flux sticker. Looks great on power armor. Get some stickers!

Peel them stickies!

The "Can we not?" Mug

CAN WE NOT!? Sometimes we cannot not. Other times, yes, we can not. Holds up to 11 oz. of pure sass, and sarsaparilla. Your shadowy reflection in the mug is not the evil mirror of your soul gazing out from the netherworld. Printed on both sides so lefties won't feel excluded, but not printed in the middle because middle-handers need to pick a side. Drink from a Butterscotch Mug!

Mmm coffee