[UPDATE: This post is way out of date. Betalpha finished long ago.]

We're happy to announce that we're shifting into...


This is the part of development where the game's core systems are basically complete but the content isn't yet finished. We need a small cohort of people with excellent communication skills to play through the game and find all the bugs, design holes, and personal failings we littered it with.


Round 1 : Closed Betalpha - Begins Tuesday, 20th of May

high five | Ah, so lovely. |

Closed Betalpha includes only two people. These are some of our friends from the local St. Louis development community. We'll sit down, in person, with these fine folk and watch them play through the game. The primary goal of the closed Betalpha is to get the new-player experience done DAMN WELL and to ensure there aren't any glaring holes in the game right off the bat. These are your front-line commandos, taking the worst of the bug bullets so everyone else can have a better time.

Round 2: Early Android Betalpha

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Early Android Betalpha includes only 20 people. We are, as most of you know, only a team of 2. We prefer to work with small, tight-knit, voracious groups to do our betatesting. Being in this group is an exclusive opportunity to offer feedback, communicate with us directly, and help make Crashlands the best thing to hit mobile since the calculator app. As such, we are interested in members of the Butterscotch community who display excellent writing skills, get along with others, and have a fistful of time to give to us.

Applications for the Early Betalpha will go live on Friday, the 23rd of May.

Round 3: Invite-Only

The Invite-Only round is the final round in the Betalpha series. This lets us add an additional few individuals to the pool and get one last set of fresh eyes on the project before we dive back in to finish development.

We're keeping our launch date flexible and will be sticking as close as we can to our target of June.

Drop us a line in the comments if you're pumped for Crashlands, or have any musings about what some of the items in the images above are!