HELLO, all! Seth, the Bscotch games programmer here, with some big news about Crashlands on mobile!

A while back we were contacted by the folks at Bending Spoons, who were building a new mobile games subscription service called Playond. They were looking for some of the best games they could find to bring into their portfolio, and they were hoping Crashlands could be one of those games.

We've had these sorts of offers in the past, but the Playond folks genuinely seemed like they had the experience and the resources to actually pull this off. So for the first time, we were intrigued. After we got to know them some more, we really liked the cut of their jib. They are very much in sync with our philosophy on what makes for a good, immersive, enjoyable game experience, and they have the market experience and technical know-how to really get their service off the ground in a big way.

We listened to their pitch and took a step back and realized that now, after three and a half years, we're hitting the point where it would do Crashlands a lot of good to have a big infusion of new, enthusiastic players, and this seemed like the perfect way to do it. So pretty soon, Crashlands will be migrated into Playond, who will be the new mobile publisher for the game.

This is a huge deal for us, because we have never had a publisher before, in any capacity. We signed on with Playond because we believe that they will bring Crashlands to a whole new audience of players who otherwise wouldn't have seen it, and this is a great thing both for the game and for our studio in the long run.

SO... What does this mean for YOU, the player?

Crashlands on iOS will no longer be pay-up-front and instead will be free-to-try, as part of the Playond service. As a new player, you’ll be able to try out the game for free, so you can decide whether to get full access to the game.

If you already bought Crashlands on mobile while it was pay-up-front, then nothing should change for you. Existing Crashlands players -- those who bought the game on mobile -- do not need to sign up for Playond in order to continue playing the game. You bought Crashlands as a paid game with the expectation of unlimited gameplay, and that expectation will be met!

We're super excited for this new phase of Crashlands' life, and we can't wait to see all the new faces that come into our community as a result of this move.

Thanks for reading!

Update: September 18, 2019

Playond proposed an updated distribution model, which we thought was a great idea, so we're going with it! The new plan is to have the existing version of Crashlands remain exactly as it is -- as a pay-up-front game -- and it will continue to be available as such. In addition, there will simply be a new version of Crashlands available on the App Store, which will be integrated into the Playond system. Using this approach, new users can choose whether to buy Crashlands outright, or to access it through Playond as a free-to-try game. We believe this is the best of all worlds, as it increases the number of options available to new players.

Update: April 20, 2020

Playond is shutting their service down, and Crashlands is returning to our portfolio as a pay-up-front only game. It was a good experiment, but sometimes things just don't work out. We wish the folks at Bending Spoons the best in their future endeavors!