crashlands documentary brace for impact

A few weeks ago we posted about the Crashlands documentary that Forever and Astronaut (FaA) is working on, called "Brace for Impact: The Crashlands Story." The guys behind the film studio originally met Sam and Seth to interview them for a different project, but after hearing the story behind Crashlands they decided they wanted to tell that story in a big way. Their timing could hardly have been better: they caught Sam's final post-transplant doctor's appointment (where he was declared cancer-free), they caught the moments leading up to final beta testing of Crashlands, and they caught the launch of the game itself.

The FaA crew has been financing this documentary out of their own pockets, which they freely admit aren't deep enough to finish the job. They've got nearly all the film they need, but want to bring in some pros to create a final product that is as polished as possible. And so they've turned to Kickstarter for help.

If you're into movies about games, family, and/or triumphing over the crappy cards that life can throw at you, get involved with the Kickstarter to help FaA finish this project!

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