SUP, BSCOTCHES! Although we're technically finished with our official DEV LOGS on Crashlands, THAT DOESN'T MEAN WE'RE GOING TO STOP TALKING ABOUT IT! And this is just too exciting to pass up. Crashlands has undergone a significant environment overhaul in the last few days. Check out these snippets of the changes!


This is the environment as it was about a week ago (what you've seen in all the gifs and screenshots we've posted).

old environment

Notice how "grid-like" everything is. True, the world is generated on a grid, but WHY DOES IT HAVE TO LOOK SO... RECTANGULAR? We wanted something more organic. So we took a few days to slap around the tile art, and here's what we ended up with.



A few things stand out. Although you can still tell that the game is on a grid, it's WAY less obvious now, due to our reshaping of the ground tiles to give them all kinds of zany, characteristic edges. Our ultimate goal with the environment update was to make the world feel more organic and fluid and less like a chess board, and we think we're now much closer to that goal.

The second big change is the water. instead of creating water tiles and trying to make them look natural, we removed the water from the tiling system altogether. Instead, you get to see the sky and clouds reflected in the surface of the water, and the surface has a slight rippling effect to it. This also gave us a cool opportunity to flesh out the world of Crashlands a bit more, because we can convey what's up above as well as what's on the ground.

What's even  cooler about this, is that we didn't have to change very much at all with how world is generated. It was primarily just an art shift, so it was pretty dang quick and easy to do!


We've also been working on the second biome in Crashlands, THE BAWG, though we haven't shown it to anyone UNTIL NOW. The Bawg is an enormous living creature that you walk around on, and it's covered with parasites and weird organisms that feed on its various fluids and bodily productions. Also, it produces large amounts of acid from its pores, which have created lots of unhealthy rivers and lakes of green weirdness.

This also means that instead of walking around on dirt or grass, you're striding upon skin, muscles, fat, and bone. And instead of harvesting trees, you're chopping down nerves, thrombocytes, and giant hairs. It's a pretty weird place.

Here's a before and after shot of the Bawg (without showing resources/creatures). The top image is before our environment update, and the bottom is after the environment update.

environment update bawg | Co-starring Tim the Wompit. |

We're really pumped with how the environments are shaping up, and hopefully you are, too.