Now available on Switch

Crashlands... with a friend!

It's been 2 years since Crashlands launched. In that time, more than 500,000 players have explored Woanope - slapping locals and cobbling together their home away from home. Throughout all that time, we heard the same request over and over again: “I WANT TO PLAY THIS WITH MY BUDDY!”

While we were getting Crashlands ready for the Switch, we made that wish come true. Not only is Crashlands coming to the Nintendo Switch on Thursday 11/8... it comes with Couch Co-op!

New Trailer

Player 2 can now play as Flux's trusty sidekick, Juicebox. Juicebox is kitted out with 4 special abilities, all designed for easy drop-in play. This update makes Crashlands the perfect game to play with that adventurous friend, helpful loved one, or total n00b co-worker.

ANTSY?! You can pre-order Crashlands for Switch RIGHT FREAKIN' NOW!

Don't have a Switch? We've got you covered: the couch co-op update will be coming to every platform on November 8th.

We're so excited to finally get this update in your hands. The only question that remains is...

Who will be your Juicebox?


Buttercouch Shenanico-op