One of our favorite parts of childhood was driving to the CompUSA 60 miles away from home (in Des Moines, IA) and scouring the 2 rows of PC games for our next buy. It was such a rare opportunity that we'd easily spend a good hour or two among just 20 titles, reading their boxes back and forth trying to make an informed decision. This was before there was much of a games review scene (or internet to access it). On the way home from those trips we'd rip open those game boxes and begin devouring the manuals that came with them, so we could be totally ready when we finally got to sit down and play them a few hours later.

Primers for games have gone the way of the Dodo, which is a bit of a shame. So, to prepare you for launch tomorrow we've created the Crashlands Beginner's Guide below. It'll run you through the cast of characters you'll meet, provide some history to put the world in context, give you pro-tips, and much, much more.

Crashlands: The Manual

Welcome to Woanope

Woanope is an Earth-sized planet located somewhere in the far reaches of the galaxy. It is a unique world due to its core being saturated with Juice, a highly reactive and potent energy source that is in short supply and high demand throughout the galaxy. planet woanope

Woanope's Juice-filled core also makes it a very dangerous place -- the energy fluctuations that pass through the planet's atmosphere have a tendency to augment the organisms that live there in unusual ways. Although some organizations have attempted to explore and exploit Woanope for its resources, no expeditions have been successful. Either they met an untimely end when Juicy energy bursts short-circuited their equipment, or something far worse. Many Woanope expeditions reported seeing "floating-head aliens" before losing contact and never being heard from again. Woanope has many distinct biomes (it’s a whole world, after all), three of which are explorable in Crashlands: the Savanna, the Bawg, and the Tundra.

crashlands gameplay savanna

The Savanna

The Savanna has a warm climate and is populated by a species of one-legged grazers called Wompits. At night, Glutterflies emerge from the darkness to feed on Bumpberries. On the further reaches of the Savanna there are numerous tar pits, which have recently become overrun by aggressive creatures called Tartils. It is also home to a species of sentient creatures called the Tendraam, who are in flight from birth until death to avoid touching the ground, due to their reverence for plant life.

The Bawg

The Bawg is one massive, living organism. Nearly everything that lives in the Bawg was somehow spawned by it. Even the Brubus, a sentient race of conniving, bulbous, bird-like people, were created by the Bawg. Lately, the Bawg has grown restless, and the Brubus fear the rising of a competing organism from within it.

crashlands bawg poster

The Tundra

Lastly, the Tundra is a frozen wasteland, mostly occupied by flying, beaked creatures called Shirks. The Polari, a bipedal race of nomadic porpoids, have made the Tundra their home. The crust of Woanope is particularly thin in some areas of the Tundra, resulting in over-exposure to the planet's juicy core. This has resulted in some especially dangerous wildlife, including the energy-packed Gulantis and the crystal-infused Gallums.

The Exiled Veeru

Because of its treacherous conditions and remote location, Woanope was established long ago as an exile colony by an ancient alien civilization called the Veeru. The high-powered Juicy fluctuations passing through the planet made it difficult for exiled Veeru to escape the planet’s surface. Even those Veeru with high-powered teleporting helmet augments would find themselves unable to teleport reliably enough to get to another planet. Over time, a small civilization of exiled Veeru arose on Woanope. As the millennia passed, this civilization became a lawful and peaceful society that primarily kept to itself. Although the Veeru would sometimes venture out into Woanope to perform experiments and gather knowledge, they had all the technology and power they needed to simply ignore the rest of the world. Every decade or two (Veeru are extraordinarily long-lived, by human standards), a new Veeru would arrive at the colony and be assimilated into the group.

The Forn War

Things were running smoothly and peacefully for the thriving Veeru society. That is, until three new exiles arrived on Woanope simultaneously -- a first in the long history of the Woanopian Veeru. The new exiles called themselves Fornicranios, Hewgodooko, and Pete. They never disclosed what they had done to warrant their triple-exile, and rumors abounded.

When Fornicranios (Forn) saw this peaceful, isolationist society, he was taken aback. He couldn’t understand why the Veeru, who were clearly the dominant technological force on Woanope, weren’t expanding their reach and dominating the planet. He began to see and speak of the Veeru as the “gods” of Woanope. He believed that by conquering the world and amassing an army of minions, he would be able to exploit their labor to create a colossally powerful device that could harness the power of Woanope’s juicy core. But to what end he would never say.

The Elder Council, headed by the ancient and wise Okojobi (Jobi), began to worry about the political unrest and so imprisoned Forn’s trio. But this was short-lived -- Forn had already amassed a large following and quickly orchestrated a prison escape. He and his followers rampaged through the city, forcing all the other Veeru to either join them or be imprisoned (or even killed).

Once his coup was complete, Forn scattered his followers all over Woanope and put them to work on subjugating the local populations and conquering the world. Unfortunately for Forn, most of his followers had been living the soft, cushioned life of city-dwellers for thousands of years and were not well-equipped to handle the insanity of Woanope’s wildlife. Over time, he lost contact with nearly all of them.

In the midst of the chaos, Forn had imprisoned Jobi at the center of an elaborate prison maze, and filled the maze itself with thousands upon thousands of horrifying organisms that he had mutated and experimented upon. But where Forn was blunt and brutal, Jobi was sneaky and calculating.

Before he was imprisoned, Jobi managed to hide a mono-directional wormhole crystal in his chinstrap. After Forn left him for dead in his prison cell, Jobi attempted to summon a champion from another realm to aid him in his prison break. A champion with strength, courage, power, and compassion. But there was a wild power surge in Woanope’s atmosphere during Jobi’s summoning ritual, and he ended up pulling an elderly man named Hardik, and his pet dog Bella, through the wormhole instead.

Not one to be discouraged, Jobi enchanted Hardik’s monocle with the last remaining power of the wormhole crystal, granting Hardik the power to summon minions to fight on his behalf.

towelfight hardik and bella

Despite long odds, Hardik arose to become the champion Jobi needed, and with the power of his monocle, he systematically dismantled Forn’s prison maze and ultimately defeated Forn himself. Unfortunately, Jobi did not live to see Forn’s defeat. Unable to return home, Hardik became an established and respected legend of Woanope, forever referred to as Lord Hardik and helping to re-establish global peace.

hardik bella forn prison

The Fall of Pete

Unbeknownst to Lord Hardik, Forn’s second-in-command, Pete, had been sent to search the seas of Woanope for sentient life to dominate. Pete was successful in mind-controlling almost all of the sea creatures he came across, eventually building a massive army numbering in the hundreds of thousands. This success took time; Pete’s domination of the sea was complete after Forn’s legacy was but a bad memory for most Woanopian creatures.

Pete began sending his minions upward to the surface, where they could surround the shores of every land mass on Woanope, effectively creating blockades to control all sea-based transport on the entire planet. But, like Forn, Pete had heavy opposition. On the land, the Polari and Blubbarrg kept the unending waves of minions in the sea. In the sea, the Quadropi struggled against Pete’s minions at first, but after heavy losses resorted to hiding in deep-sea caves while working towards mastery of the martial arts.

One Quadropus, Tack, was renowned among the Quadropi for his fighting abilities, but his quick temper and anger management problems made functioning in Quadropus society difficult. In truth, there was only one being for whom Tack had never an angry thought: his pet starfish, Bingo.

quadropus tack and bingo

To avoid hurting those closest to him, Tack had left his home to take on a life of solitude, meditating alone in the depths of the sea to reflect inwardly while working through his problems. He spent his days either deep in thought or honing his reflexes by hitting a tennis ball with Bingo, hoping that one day he could have enough self control to return to his people. Consequently, he was mostly unaware of the chaos happening back at home.

Tack’s self-exile was interrupted when Grubby, sent as an emissary of Hardik, arrived at his tennis grounds. Grubby had come looking for a champion to take down Pete, and every Quadropus he had spoken with believed that only Tack had the power and the rage to take Pete down. Finally presented with a constructive outlet to channel his anger, Tack accepted the challenge. He and Bingo cleaved and brawled their way through thousands of Pete’s minions, chasing Pete down to the deepest, darkest reaches of the ocean.

Finally, in an epic showdown, Tack dealt the finishing blow and dispatched Pete once and for all. Or so he thought. After their first confrontation, Pete somehow survived and returned with a larger army of even more powerful minions. But Tack was prepared, and he once again triumphed. And yet, Pete somehow survived again. He threw everything he had at Tack this time, leaving nothing on the table. But it was all for nothing. Tack was too strong, his rage too complete.

With no Veeru controlling their minds, the creatures of the sea all returned to their normal ways of life, and the oceans of Woanope began to slowly repopulate. Tack was regarded as a hero among his people, and they welcomed him back with open tentacles. But he was still consumed with the worry of losing control of himself, and he once again left home to live in solitude. But this time, he agreed to come home and visit... every once in a while.

Flux & Juicebox

Born in a spacetown called Triton, Flux Dabes lived her entire youth in space. She was always tinkering and building things as she grew up. By the age of seven, she had scrapped a shipping palette robot and used the parts to hack together her own robotic assistant, which she named JuiceBox. Because of her talents, her parents were determined to get her accepted to the Space Institute of Space Engineering.

crashlands flux and juicebox

She managed to get in and, despite the intensity of her studies, she flourished. Her parents were excited for her to begin a new career in Engineering, but then the Great Collapse occurred. Financial institutions ground to a halt and the Galactic Economy stalled. As a result, Flux’s hardwon degree became nothing but a symbol of debt - a debt that was quickly coming due.

Flux looked for a way to make ends meet until she was offered a job at the Bureau of Shipping as a spacetruck driver, which she accepted only under the condition that JuiceBox could travel with her on her deliveries. The Bureau agreed, but required a patch to JuiceBox’s operating system so that he could serve as Flux’s supervisor.

Flux’s first assignment was to ship a package on a four-month journey to Turbopia. When she arrived, the Bureau attendants were impressed to see that she seemed completely unaffected by the loneliness of long-term space travel. She attributed that fact to the presence of JuiceBox, since the two had been best friends since childhood. The Bureau began sending Flux and Juicebox on longer and longer trips, and soon they were among the most highly-regarded shipment shippers of the Bureau.

Flux’s InfiniSuit

Because long-distance deliveries can take upwards of a year, they require the use of an Infinisuit - a custom fitted and extremely sophisticated piece of body technology. The Infinisuit can keep a courier alive almost indefinitely, even without outside food, water, and oxygen. This is possible because of the billions of nanites that exist inside the suit, which can break down molecules, renew the suit’s air, and replenish the body’s cells.

Because the suit is designed for space travel, it is completely pressurized and can keep the wearer alive in a complete vacuum. While this makes it an extremely effective uniform for couriers, there have been incidents of couriers being vented into space from their ships and sent adrift, only to be found years later, kept physically alive by the Infinisuit long after having gone completely mad. The suit offers very little in the way of armor -- it was not designed for combat use.



The Tendraam are a highly superstitious race of flying, furry bovinoid people. Their horns and hooves resemble roots and leaves, while their brown fur has hues ranging from brownish-green to orange, all to better match the landscape of the Savannah.

crashlands tendraam

The likeness of Tendraam horns and hooves to plants gave rise to their deep belief in a plant-based god whom they refer to as Maarla. Maarla does not appreciate having her plants trod upon, so Tendraam take great care to never touch the ground.

While Tendraam have a sub-community of scientists and adventurers, their culture generally leans toward a relaxed lifestyle focused on community. Recently, though, a small sect of Maarla’s followers have broken away from the rest of society and pledged themselves to an unknown entity that calls itself “Baary.”

If you like the Tendraam, check out their new lore series "Braama the Seedsoul."


The Brubus are a gelatinous, bird-like species that spends an immense amount of time on politics and social order. They are children of the Bawg, the entity that comprises the entire second biome of Crashlands, and derive all their value from the Ranking bestowed upon them by the “Bawgmother.”

crashlands brubus

Brubus society is immensely complicated, but derives from a few simple facts. First, all Brubus are constantly aware of their Rank, which is their relative value to the Bawg (there are no ties -- an increase in one’s Rank means a decrease in another’s, called a “Rank Swap”). Second, all Brubus strive to increase their rank, as a high Rank increases their favor with the Bawgmother thus making it less likely that the other Bawg creatures will act violently towards them. Third, Brubus have no idea how to increase their rank, as they do not have access to the immense depth of the Bawgmother’s intelligence and wants. As a result, the Brubus possess a seemingly amoral ambition that occasionally sees them sabotaging one another in order to perform a Rank Swap.

Some Brubus have a closer tie to the Bawgmother than others, which causes them to hear confused whispers of her intent. These Brubus are referred to as Loons and are frequently outcasted from settlements, due to their unsettling rambling. However, they are also sought out in times of need, as their advice can be the key to a successful Rank-Swap.

Should a Brubus displease the Bawgmother enough, they will become what Brubus society refers to as a Thresher, or one who has fallen below the Bawgmother’s threshold. A Thresher is no longer ranked, and the Bawg itself becomes hostile to his or her existence. Threshers frequently band together to stave off the Bawg’s attacks, but tend to last only a short time once they’ve fallen out of favor.


The Polari are a nomadic, porpoid race that can be found in small pods roving both the sea and land around the Tundra. Highly social creatures, they are descended from the mighty Megalari that still roam the waterways of the Tundra, and focus intently on the growth and maintenance of their pods.

crashlands polari

Polari culture honors selfless behavior above all. This focus on selflessness is pulled from the concept of Pod Good, which is about making decisions that bring the largest benefit to one’s pod. Polari find great meaning in dying for the Pod Good and as a result are among the fiercest natural fighters on Woanope.

Polari can communicate over vast distances via beatboxxes - structured, deeply percussive blasts of sound channeled through their melon-like heads. These soundblasts are even used during combat or hunting to stun and disorient enemies. Polari pods frequently have a resident Bard, a beatboxxer whose primary duty is trumpeting news to other pods via the fattest beats it can muster.

While the Polari are a nomadic species, some members have recently found benefits to building the foundations of science and agriculture. It seems a cultural shift may be on the horizon for them as a whole, as they navigate the transition to a more rooted culture.

Crashlands Pro-Tips

  1. Take your time! Crashlands isn’t about blazing through stuff; it’s about the world of Woanope and the characters that live there. Every line of dialogue is an important part of the story, so sit back and enjoy it!
  2. Pick up everything. EVERYTHING! Crashlands is not every other crafting game you’ve played. If you walk past something, PICK IT UP. There is no penalty for carrying thousands of things. Your Infinisuit will take care of all of it.
  3. Run stations in parallel to boost your productivity Like in the real world, things you make in Crashlands take some time to construct. Use that built-in downtime to check your other stations for useful things to make, like Bombs or Potions, or extensions to your base.
  4. Bombs and potions are your friends! Make them! Seriously. Tons of them.
  5. Specialize with your trinkets You’ve got four trinket slots in your suit. Trinkets are special items that augment your abilities in fantastic ways. Pay attention to creature weaknesses (check the Compendium!) to outfit yourself for optimal combat, or improve your harvesting efficiency.
  6. Keep signs on hand. By always carrying signs with you, you can quickly label parts of the map where you find a pocket of rare resources or rare, epic creatures.
  7. Pick the right pet for the job. Every pet provides different types of damage, different attack patterns, and different buffs to you. You can make your combat a lot smoother by learning about the strengths and weaknesses of the creatures you are fighting and bringing a pet that counteracts them!
  8. Every quest matters Quest givers often hold special recipes for powerful items or sweet pieces of furniture. Further, they are always the source of your encounters with Bosses. If it seems like a quest-giver is asking a lot of you, it’s probably because there’s an insane boss-fight somewhere down the line.
  9. Salvage and re-roll your equipment. Crafted equipment on Woanope is subject to the fluctuating energy blasts coming from the core of the planet - so any given weapon or armor craft could be more powerful than another. In your Suit UI you’ll find a small, yellow Recycle icon in the top right. This can be used to breakdown old or unwanted equipment so you can get some of the precious components back for another roll at a particularly juicy upgrade.
  10. Just click ONCE. Jeez! You’ve been trained for years to tap/click the crap out of everything. You don’t have to do that in Crashlands. Seriously. Just relax. Click a thing once, and Flux will keep smacking it. You can also click-drag to have Flux follow where your mouse/finger is on the screen!

More Lore

Like stories? WE'VE GOT SOME MORE. The Butterscotch Universe is huge, and we're constantly releasing new material that further develops it. Check out the lore series Braama the Seedsoul for a closer look at the Tendraam and their plant-god, Maarla!

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