Culture Wars raged onto the iOS space and Google Play as only an educational game can -- with intelligence.

We're also releasing an update for Culture Wars. The update includes the following and will be available by the end of next week:

Fast Forward

Multiplies game speed by 2 on one tap, and goes back to normal on second tap. Now you can set it and forget it, just like in the infomercials!

(WARNING: Setting and forgetting may result in extinction of bacterial population due to uncontrolled viral outbreak.)

Visual updates

Efficiency plasmids now come with some extra cellular goodies.

Toxin plasmids now come with a toxin dispenser, rearmounted for high speed chases (Note: high speed chase not likely due to... bacteria).

Resistance plasmids now come with a forcefield, so you can see the result of your careful evolutionary strategy on the fields of battle.


Momentum! Scrolling around now has some momentum and other tweaks to make it easier.

Go grab Culture Wars now or drop us a line about it. We love feedback.