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Culture wars patch 1.1 has hit the iOS and ANDROID stores today! Overall there are some great quality-of-life improvements, a bit of optimization, and better visuals for the various plasmids.


Culture Wars Patch 1.1

Fast Forward

  • Multiplies game speed by 2 on one tap, and goes back to normal on second tap. Now you can set it and forget it, just like in the infomercials! 

  • (WARNING: Setting and forgetting may result in extinction of bacterial population due to uncontrolled viral outbreak.) 

Visual updates

  • Efficiency plasmids now come with some extra cellular goodies. 
  • Toxin plasmids now come with a toxin dispenser, rear-mounted for high speed chases (Note: high speed chase not likely due to... bacteria). 
  • Resistance plasmids now come with a forcefield, so you can see the result of your careful evolutionary strategy on the fields of battle. 


  • Momentum! Scrolling around now has some momentum and other tweaks to make it easier to manage.