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Here's what's we've got for today:

  • 🚀 Super-charge your email
  • 💻 See software get created in real-time
  • 💊 New meds

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🚀 Super-charge your email

Not having a custom domain for my personal email address, and not having all the dope features I have access to with our company email, I decided to take the plunge this weekend.

HOO DANG was it a lot of work.

To be fair:

  1. I'm not even done.
  2. Almost all of that work was writing up an article explaining the process...

I present to you, the comprehensive guide to super-charging your email, complete with:

  • Custom domains. Yes, plural.
  • Sneaky tricky tricks, like posting an email address publicly but only letting certain people even send mail to it.
  • Explanations of what an email address even is.
  • And more!

Who is it for? Anyone who:

  • Runs a business, or
  • Wants to use a custom domain for their email address, or
  • Wants to create and control (benevolently, mind you) email addresses for a family unit or other group, or
  • Wants to have absolute and total control over their email, causing the world of spammers, scammers, and annoyances to quake in their very boots, or
  • Are really, really into email. Conceptually.

There will be more to come, since that article doesn't even get into the data migration aspect.

If you do make use of that article to set up your own email system, please tell me about it! Leave a comment on the article or hit me with a Tweet. I'll be extremely happy to discover if even one person benefits from all that work!

💻 See software get created in real-time

I streamed Part 3 of my How-to-automate-patchnotes series this past week. I had a great time, and as before mostly talked about all kinds of fun details about the Node/JavaScript/Typescript ecosystem. We did get a solid 45+ minutes of coding in there. Maybe.

I decided to rebrand the thing since it's a lot more about the process of building a Node app than it is specifically about the app I'm building. I trimmed up the recording, annotated the timeline, got it uploaded to YouTube, and edited the titles and descriptions for the whole series with this new framing.

Watch the latest episode!

I don't know how long I'll keep doing these streams or uploading the vids. I'm having fun so far, but it's pretty dang niche content. The viewers who join seem to have a good time, but it's still hard to feel like I'm doing anything other than dumping content into the void... I've been thinking about some short-form on-demand (instead of streamed) videos to tackle more specific ideas, since that will probably be more broadly useful to people.

💊 New meds

I think it's important for people to be more open about mental health, which is why I've been doing a lot of that in this newsletter.

The latest news is that the results I've been getting from Ritalin didn't seem to be nearly as good as what other people I know were getting from Adderall. So I asked my doc to switch me onto it. I'm only on Day 2, but it's already a completely different experience. It seems better, but it normally takes a week or so to fully adjust. So we'll see. My sleep is definitely worse. That's pretty typical early on, though. So we'll see!

In other news, my mild depression appears to have become even more mild over the past week or so. Is it the fact of spring-time? The fact that I'm spending more time doing hobbies? Or is it the drug I've been taking that's meant to improve some gut issues I've been having but that is normally used as an anti-depressant?

Probably a combo, but that latter item seems like an awfully good candidate.

Both the improved depression and the improved ADHD meds have again revealed just how hard it can be to evaluate that things are improving. Your brain is what you use to do that evaluation, but it's the thing that has changed. It's like changing the length of a ruler and then measuring it with itself...

As with past mental health improvements I've had, it's mostly been comments from others that allowed me to see that a change had happened. Retrospectives (on the day, or week) also help, since it's super hard to tell in the moment but if you look at what you did or how things went, compared to before, you can get a better perspective.

Mental health is tricky.

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