GameDev and Chill... With Seth!

Seth will be streaming Game Dev on our Twitch channel, 8am-12pm CDT Saturday, July 7th

HEY, Bscotch Gang! It is I, Seth, the games programmer!

Even though I make games as my day job, sometimes I make games as my... night job? I guess some would call it a "hobby". It's a great way to break away from the normal day-to-day of working on these huge projects, and to explore new ideas that we otherwise wouldn't encounter. This is also why we love doing game jams -- they force us to confront new problems and develop new tools and ideas that we just wouldn't ordinarily think of.

Last weekend I wanted to work on a little side project, and I thought, HEY! Why am I being SO SELFISH and not sharing the joy of working on this dumb little game with the rest of the world? So I booted up the ol' Bscotch Twitch Stream and dropped a link into the Discord channel. I streamed development for four hours, and it was a blast!

I made it a point to keep a narration going during the stream about why I was doing the things I was doing, and I also took a few dives into the theory behind certain aspects of designing and programming the game.

Although only a handful of people stopped in (hey, let's be real -- programming is a weird thing to watch on stream), I got a number of messages from those folks about how they were inspired to go jam on their own projects afterwards, and that they learned a bunch of new tricks they could apply. So I'm happy to say, it was well worth the time, and I plan to start streaming development a bit more regularly.

If you're a game dev (or an aspiring one) and want to stop by and see what's what, come by our Twitch channel this Saturday, July 7th, 8am-12pm CDT. I'll be there!

The video from last weekend is available here.