Soothe those pre-launch jitters!

With Levelhead's launch on the horizon you may be getting that LOOMING feeling. You know the one - when the air gets weirdly pressurized and you can just tell that a storm is blowin' in. Or like when you stub your toe and the pain hasn't arrived yet but you just know it's coming. Waiting for Levelhead can cause a sudden spike of anxiety-driven questions. Questions like:

  • I know the game will be fun, but can it do my taxes?
  • If Levelhead becomes sentient and takes over the Earth, will I be spared?
  • What if Levelhead doesn't think I'm beautiful anymore?

NOT TO WORRY! We've got a soothing balm for all that anxiety: the New Employee Handbook.

This is your guide to Levelhead, complete with Lore, Tips, and even UCA's (Unintelligible Corporate Acronyms™). You'll get answers to all the questions you have about getting started in Levelhead.

Check out the New Employee Handbook and consider yourself prepared!

Get your accounts connected

Levelhead launches on April 30th on just about everything. To make it easy to jump between platforms, you'll need to connect your Rumpus account to your other platform accounts. For example, if you have Levelhead on Steam and plan on getting it for your Switch and via Xbox Game Pass, be sure to connect those three accounts to your Rumpus account. This will make it EASY BREEZY to move between those platforms once the game is available, and have all your data come with you!

Learn more about platform connections and get SETUP!

Now I must go

For there is a launch afoot and my hair afire.



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