This is by far the best game jam we've ever had.

Adam, Seth and I all chock it up to the fact that this time, above all the others, we were able to find and claim a unique mechanic and unite ourselves around the theme in a more meaningful way.

While our game may look hysterical, we're actually using it to get at a bigger picture, which is perhaps the best modifier we could've chosen for this jam.

To that end, and update!


Your inner demons now come out if you're doing well. While they don't eat you or anything like a 'normal' game would, they increase the amount of stress on your heart, raising it by 5bpm to 30bpm depending on how close to you they are. The only way to escape is to a) have a heart attack or b) run far enough away from it that it goes off screen. With your mind safely rooted elsewhere you can return to freaking out about getting to an AED in time.

We're now working on intro/outro cinematics and a few surprises. Our last items will be on revisiting the design of the level, setting up personal scoreboards, taking care of the menu, and a few cleanups.

Here's to our best jam yet!