The Butterscotch development process was born from game jams.

We freakin love game jams.

So we're extremely excited for 5 hours from now when the St .Louis portion of the Global Game Jam launches at a university just a ways away. Over 100 people have signed up. We have shirts and food and a massive space. To call it epic would be quaint.

Our game from the last GGJ is what we based Towelfight 2 off of. You can find it over here if you want to see what kind of craziness we got into last year.

We use Gamemaker Studio to do the programming and Inkscape to do the art. Inkscape is free and Gamemaker is the closest to free you'll get for a powerful game creation tool ($100 bucks).

I use a laptop mouse to do the art, and I literally started arting at the last global game jam, when Seth and I basically drew straws.

We'll be tweeting with pictures of our progress and may even do some live streaming. Follow @BscotchShenani to stay in touch. It's going to be a wild ride!