jmance [STATUS: Available on Steam (Windows), the App Store, and Google Play. Will be rolling out Steam (Mac) soon!] Just last week we dropped the news that the Juicemancy Beta was imminent, and we're rolling it out now! The Beta is open to Crashlands owners, with instructions on how to get in on the action at the end of this post. Before we get there, we should first cover all the warnings, how-tos, and what-fors of joining us in this Beta testing adventure.

What we're testing

There have been an enormous number of bugfixes and optimizations since the last update, and each of those carries the risk of introducing new bugs. In addition to crashes and bugs, we're specifically looking for feedback on the all-new Controller/WASD support and on the all-new Juicemancy system. These features will be available on all platforms at launch, and will be rolling out on Steam, the App Store, and Google Play for the Beta.

The Dangers of Beta

Beta testing is all fun and games until someone gets hurt. Make sure you know the risks you're signing up for:

  • The update is backwards-incompatible for your saves. That means once you play a save on the updated version it can only be played on that version (or higher)! So there’s no going back, and there may be a period of time during the Beta where your save is inaccessible while we fix things on one platform or another.
  • Your save files could get corrupted, and then lost forever! This is unlikely, but possible. If it would break your heart to lose your save progress, you should wait.
  • There will almost definitely be some bugs that make gameplay frustrating, and sometimes impossible. Until we get them fixed, you’ll stay frustrated or stuck.
  • The Beta version requires BscotchID login and a web connection (otherwise we can't get your feedback!). That means if you lose your web connection you might be completely unable to play the game until you get that connection back.

The Benefits of Beta

Sure, there are some scary aspects to being a Beta tester, but there are also some positives to balance the scales! In particular:

  • You get early access to all the cool new features, fixes, and content we've added.
  • You get to chat with other testers going through the same trials and tribulations. Friendship FTW!
  • You get to have a hand in making Crashlands become even better, and might even have ideas that change something fundamental about the game.
  • You get to interact with super-friendly developers and learn stuff about what it takes to make, update, and launch a game.

Up for the adventure?

If you're fine with the risks and want to join us for the Juicemancy Beta, follow these steps:

  1. Learn how to give good feedback.
  2. Familiarize yourself with this list of things to be on the lookout for (and come back to this list as you play!):
    1. Does controller support work for your OS/controller pairing? If not, which parts don't work as expected and what hardware/software/OS are you using?
    2. Does controller input generally behave how you expect? If not, why not?
    3. Did you have any trouble understanding or find bugs in the new Juicemancy quest?
      • Begins automatically after completion of the early Bawg quest "Petty Theft: Placating Toochoochoo", with Juicebox picking up a huge surge of power in the Western Bawg. If you're beyond this point the quest should start upon you loading up the game.
    4. Did you have trouble understanding or using the new Juicemancy system?
    5. Did you have any trouble understanding or encounter bugs in the new Trinket quests?
      • Mastery of Fire - Begins with Flak at Grandmammy's in the Savanna; Part 2 continues with Flak at G.H.Q. in the Tundra, after building the Bombcatcher.
      • Mastery of 'Lectricity - Begins with Croon at Toochoochooinax in the Bawg, after Toochoochoo ascends to the throne; Part 2 continues with Wahjoom at the Starfall in the Tundra.
      • Master of Toxin - Begins with Baakfleep at Maarlapol in the Savanna after bringing him there from Baarnapol; Part 2 continues in the Bawg with Uuma at Klixinax after the Fibrin Industry has been founded.
      • Master of Frost - Begins with Ziztik in the Bawg after defending him from Vommas; Part 2 continues in the Tundra from Jaango at the Central Podguard once he appears there due to the main storyline being moved forward.
    6. Did you have any other crashes or bugs that you could reproduce or capture error messages for?
  3. Join the Juicemancy Beta Discord channel to say hello to the devs and fellow testers. Use it as a space to discuss problems in depth, but not to report problems, ya goofball! The devs will not be looking for feedback there.
  4. Get your Beta copy of the game:
    1. Steam (available for Windows now, and on Mac in a day or two) Right-click on the game in your inventory, go to Properties, then the Betas tab, and finally select "juicemancy" from the dropdown menu. You might need to restart Steam to trigger the download of the juicemancy version.
    2. Google Play (available now) Join the Bscotch Early Access group on Google Plus, then opt into the Beta channel of Crashlands.
    3. App Store (available now) Install Testflight on your Apple devices, then request Crashlands Testflight Access. We have to manually add users to Testflight, which we'll do in batches and with decreasing frequency over time. Plus, we're limited in how many users can be added. So sign up early and be patient! You should receive a Testflight notification once we get to your request.
  5. Log into the game with your BscotchID, and stay connected to the web. The Play button will appear when both of those conditions are satisfied.
  6. Once in the game, hit Escape or the Menu button to pause the game and see the in-game menu. You'll see a shiny new button that says "FEEDBACK". Use that button, and ONLY THAT BUTTON, to leave your feedback. We generally will not be checking for feedback in other locations.

Happy testing!