Crashlands has a massive number of objects. They range from the mundane, like the kickable leatherball, to the epic, like the champion Wompit, Albi. However, most of these objects have yet to be seen by the community. While we dig into our betalpha phase we thought it might be fun to test everyone's creative muster.

In this three part series we'll display three objects each week, as well as their type, and let you guess their names, functions, and Compendium descriptions. At the end of each week we'll reveal the true answers and our favorite community-created guesses. You can take a stab at individual objects or do all three.

what's that 1

Trinkets - Equipped on the character, much like armor. These resource-intensive items provide a wide variety of passive bonuses to the Survivor.

Creatures - Tameable, destructable beasts of the wild. Each one has a clever way of trying to disembowel you, and a particular item it can be tamed with.

Devices - Combat-focused items that apply a status effect to an enemy and have cooldowns. Highly skilled players will use a nice rotation of these in combat, tuning it to their own playstyle.

Remember: name, function, description.