This is the final installment of WHAT'S THAT!?

In this three part series we'll display three objects each week, as well as their type, and let you guess their names, functions, and Compendium descriptions. At the end of each week we'll reveal the true answers and our favorite community-created guesses. You can take a stab at individual objects or do all three. Check out the community concoctions from the part #1 here, and part #2 here.

what's that 3

Weapons - Items that are used to obliterate (er...defend against) the local wildlife. The higher the rarity the more likely it is to have other crazy effects associated with it (fire, poison, electricity, berserking, etc.)

Resources - The metaphorical 'trees' of crashlands, these objects are found in the wilds, require special tools to deconstruct, and are often replantable.

Structures - Objects that are placeable and used to keep baddies out or for sheer decoration. Though ones like this are found scattered about the planet's surface and are immobile...WHAT COULD IT MEAN!?

Remember: name, function, description.