WHOA, sorry about that! I got so zoned into programming yesterday that I missed writing the developer blog! Not to worry... THINGS ARE HAPPENING! In fact, so many things are happening, that I'm going to keep today's post short and sweet. Here are a few highlights on what we've been up to!

  • There's an entirely new login page coming. ENTIRELY NEW!
  • We're rebuilding our deployment pipeline to make it easier to handle console cert, and to make it easy for us to keep track of things once the game is spread out across 6 platforms. This means that on beta.bscotch.net, you'll see two sets of patch notes: "Release" for final builds, and "Candidate" for beta builds. On bscotch.net, you'll only see the "Release" patch notes. This does mean that on either of those servers, you will no longer see our "Development" versions. Sorry!
  • We've got tips on loading screens!
  • We're overhauling our Localization pipeline to make it more robust for launch, and we've done an audit to catch text that hasn't been properly translated or is out of date. So, soon, we'll have a big translation update coming!
  • To prepare Levelhead for launch, we need to make sure we can get all of our store pages created in all the places the game will be. That means I had to program a feature that would let our marketing team take a screenshot for every aspect ratio and every language with the press of one button. Ever take 88 screenshots with one button press? It's terrifying!
  • We removed the "Download" button on levels, and now you just click "Play." If you want to pre-download your levels like before, you can just turn on DOWNLOAD MODE! This should be a lot smoother!
  • We've been continuously improving the mobile version of Levelhead, and we will be preparing to beta test it... SOON. I gotta be honest... it's real nice. REAL NICE!
  • Sam has been churning away on a bunch of fun campaign updates! WHAT ARE THEY? Time will tell!
  • Sam has been working on a new trailer for launch. It's going to be... slightly different than our other ones. Slightly.
  • We have been refining the console versions of the game, and are now in the very last bit of dev before we call those "good to go." As in... one or two more things left. SO CLOSE!
  • We have mostly put a hold on big new features, as we are shoring up certain aspects of the new player experience, designing better tutorials, and streamlining aspects of the interface to make them more intuitive to newbies. All of our energy is now going into making the game very accessible immediately, so when we get a wave of players at launch, they all get right into the game!

And that's where we're at!

Next patch?

As always, we may have a patch out next week... It's been long enough that we definitely want to! So we'll shoot for that, barring any unforeseen weirdness. If not, we'll have a dev blog!

You just gotta get in there!

Want to stay tuned with updates in CLOSE TO REAL TIME? Check out our patch notes page to see changes to the game, even before they have hit Steam!

And if you want to get the changes a little earlier than the rest of the folks on Steam, hop into our Discord, where we've got information on getting into the Beta branch.