Multiselect progress... CONTINUES!

Throughout Levelhead's existence in Early Access, we've routinely gotten the question, "Why doesn't this editor have a multi-select tool?" Our answer was always, "Because it's going to take a LOT of work to get that added!" Turns out, we were right.

Although last week we got the first version of Multiselect up and running by Wednesday, there were a lot more optimization problems with Multiselect than we had originally anticipated. Apparently, when you're doing a thousand things where you were previously doing one thing, it uses a thousand times as much CPU. WHO KNEW? As a result, almost all of my dev time this past week has gone into ripping out tons of code and refactoring it to be much cleaner, faster, and better. Much like surgery, it's hard work, but it saves lives.

We've also run into some interesting questions with Multiselect. Things like:

  • Can two players have the same thing selected?
  • What happens if I select two things REALLY far away from each other, but I forgot I had the first thing selected?
  • How many things can I select at once?
  • Can I place items while I have stuff selected?
  • What should happen if I use the paint bucket while using Multiselect?

In game design, we call these "Door Problems," which was a term coined by Liz England on her blog. A Door Problem is the kind of esoteric, weirdly specific problem that gets introduced by adding a seemingly mundane feature to your game -- like doors. And let me tell you... Multiselect has given us a FEAST of door problems.

But I'm happy to report that we're through our list of Door Problems with Multiselect, and it is now fully functional in its "Phase 1" form. So now it's on to the next problem: CAN we somehow get Multiselect features added to the PATH EDITOR? And if so, how does that work? What can it do? What can't it do?

We're starting to tackle these questions today (as soon as I publish this post), so by the time the patch hits, I suppose you'll see what answers we came up with!

What's Next?

Aside from Multiselect in the Path Editor -- depending on how many Door Problems we hit -- we have another SUPER SECRET feature we're hoping to get wrapped up by patch day. We're not going to say what it is, though, just in case we don't quite make the deadline.

The next patch is planned for January 22, one week from today!

You just gotta get in there!

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