Let's keep this brief!

HERE'S THE DEAL, Levelheads! I'm going to keep this quite short because we have some big news coming next week, and we're currently in FULL THROTTLE to make sure that big news actually lands.

Our next patch will drop on Wednesday, March 18. For now, the patch is chilling in the Beta channel of Discord for some extra testing, so if you want to get your hands on it, hop on over there! If you don't know how to get into the Beta channel, you can find the info in our Discord! This patch is a fairly lightweight one, but it does have some nice Editor control updates, control scheme changes, the new Multiplayer manager, and placeable Scrubbs and Oculas!

Oh, and... This is going to be the last patch of Early Access before 1.0 -- the launch. What's going to be in the 1.0 patch? GREAT QUESTION! You'll have to wait and see!