Hey, Levelheads!

Since we've flipped over to a longer patch cycle, we wanted to make sure we are keeping up communication with our players about what's going on in the studio. So during this phase of development, I'll be posting weekly developer blogs with little sneak peeks behind the scenes!


We spent Friday running through our Quarterly Review, which is always an enlightening time. It gives us a chance to step away from development and try to think about the big picture, so we can improve our processes and identify our blind spots and areas where we need to improve. We found a lot of good process improvements this time around that we'll be executing, and one of our big goals going forward is to put extra emphasis on stability and quality in Levelhead as it approaches launch.

FixFest 2019

On a faster patch schedule, we needed to always make sure we got content out in time, which often meant adding new features at the expense of fixing bugs and improving game systems. Although it's definitely possible to get away with this in the short run, we don't think it's a good idea in the long run, because over time, it means we'd be building features on top of increasingly unstable systems.

Over the past few days of development, this has meant working on getting the game finalized and approved for the full launch on consoles, shoring up some problems with our web systems, fixing Editor bugs, and even combing through the game to find optimizations and hitches that would end up being more pronounced on consoles.

We still have a LONG way to go to get through our known bug list, but our final vision is to have the game in such a stable state as we come up to launch that we can continue to easily expand the game without needing to put out any fires.


One of our goals for pre-launch prep is to get the campaign to a spot where it gets elevated from "A bunch of fun levels you can just go through if you want," to the status of being a truly memorable experience that has its own personality and backstory. Part of the work we'll be doing this patch will be developing more tooling on the back-end that will allow us to add more interesting features to the campaign. What are those? WELL YOU'LL SEE... IN TIME!

Chill Tunes!

We've been working with Fat Bard to get a little more musical FLAIR into your levels. For starters, this means some additional music tracks for the Jukebox, but it also means a WHOLE NEW ITEM that's meant to give you a little more control over amplifying the musical impact of moment-to-moment events in your level. What does that mean? STAY TUNED AND FIND OUT!

You just gotta get in there!

Want to stay tuned with updates in CLOSE TO REAL TIME? Check out our patch notes page to see changes to the game, even before they have hit Steam! https://www.bscotch.net/games/levelhead/patchnotes

And if you want to get the changes a little earlier than the rest of the folks on Steam, hop into our Discord over at http://discord.gg/bscotch, where we've got information on getting into the Beta branch.

Catch you next week!