What is UP?!

Levelhead launched into Steam Early Access just two weeks ago, so today I wanted to swing by your tired old computah and spice it up with some of the ludicrous goings-ons the community has been up to, share a few of the patch updates from the game, and just say HEYOOOO!

#Levelhead gets a 95% from Steam

I drew red arrows to draw your eye. All 3 of your eyes.

Flipwips and Flingos, oh my!

Flipwips and Flingos

The game's only been out for two weeks and we've already updated it... TWICE. Each Wednesday we're rolling out a bunch of bug fixes, general improvements, and a handful of new features. The Flipwip, a tank-treaded nightmare machine, was recently added to the campaign, along with 4 new levels.

The best part of this, though, is that we get to highlight the community in the patch notes. Thanks to Rumpus, we can bind specific changes to the person who suggested them. It looks like this, and ups your video game cred by at least 3.



We've also added an online bookmarking system to the game, which lets you poke a link and bookmark a level for the next time you boot-up Levelhead. All you do is poke and then voila, that level will meet you in-game. The links look like something like this https://lvlhd.co/+p5zj01c - and you don't even have to own Levelhead yet to start bookmarking.

Speedrunners, unite!

Run so fast

A guild of speedrunners has formed in the chaotic core of the Butterscotch discord. Their fearless leader, RetrophileTV, posts a new level with challenges each day, and then the runners attempt to get top honors by beating those times. It's a blast to participate in, and if your level's chosen... well your playtime numbers are going to go waaaaay up! Bookmark the latest challenge level: https://lvlhd.co/+36mxb25

QuantumAnomaly hits 4 days of playtime generated

Levelhead tracks how much playtime your levels have created for the community. This week we had our first creator cross into 4 days of playtime generated, soon closing in on 5. Quantum's latest level turned Levelhead into an RPG-like experience, complete with a shoppe and multiple ways to beat it, nearly all of which take at least 40 minutes. It was an inspiring hoot for us to play through and stands as an incredible example of the power of Levelhead's editor. Bookmark it for later https://lvlhd.co/+p5zj01c

A level review site is born

In a twist beyond anything we anticipated, a player going by the moniker Popdonk Baggycool has created a review site for levels created in Levelhead. Players have been sending him feedback requests in the community discord, seeking to get that coveted Popdonk Recommends badge. You can read up on all the best levels there, and even bookmark them for later.

220 days of play and 843,838 deaths later...

It's been a wild two weeks already, and we're just getting started. If you haven't bothered to check Levelhead out yet, get a move on over to the Steam page and see what all the fuss is about.