This April 2019 we'll be launching Levelhead into Steam Early Access - we're so pumped for the occasion that we baked you a fresh trailer, complete with all the fixins:

SLOW-MO? Check.

BWAAAH? Check.

Soothing outro leaving you time to contemplate the mysteries of life? CHECK-CHECKITY CHECKCHYECKCHYECK.

Crank up your audio and feast on its deliciousness!

New trailer

Why Steam Early Access?

Levelhead is a game about building and sharing levels with your friends and the world - it's a community-oriented game at heart. While it's already a robust maker with a sizeable single-player campaign, we want player feedback to hone and expand our community systems and the suite of content that players can build with. We're building this for you, after all, so it makes sense to get you involved as soon as we can.

We'll still be coming to Switch later on, so if you're awaiting Levelhead on those platforms, never fear.

Put that hype to good use

Wishlist Levelhead on Steam and learn more about the game in the third episode of Building Levels with Sam.