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We've been absolutely blown away by the stuff y'all have been doing in Levelhead. From making levels that we didn't even think were possible, to discovering gameplay tricks that defy the laws of physics, to becoming so dang good at the game that your streams are frankly unbelievable (I'm convinced some of you aren't human), to creating and organizing sub-communities around speedrunning -- it's been amazing and humbling to watch. All this creativity and prowess on display made use think... how can we let you make even more cool stuff?

Of course we'll keep adding stuff to Levelhead, but what about features from... OUTSIDE the game?

That brings us to the newest addition to the Levelhead ecosystem: Rumpus CE!

Rumpus CE (for "Community Edition") is the new web API that I lovingly custom-tailored for you tech-savvy players. It lets you wield the power of Rumpus (our powerful backend) to work with Levelhead data with your own websites, apps, Twitch extensions, murderbots, sentient AIs, etc etc.

What can you do with it? Probably a million things I can't even imagine, you rascals. I'm extremely excited to see what you come up with.

Here are a few examples of things you could do that I have imagined (mostly because there are already community members doing similar things):

  • Build a contest website with validation of levels, level ownership, top scores, and more. Player Cprice has already done something to this on their Level Cup contest site.
  • Manage a speerunner's guild, allowing users to submit scores that didn't make it into the super-limited level leaderboards. Player RetrophileTV has done an amazing job doing this manually via the Bscoch Discord, and now Rumpus CE will allow for automation of all of it! (Except, you know, writing the code to do the automation...)
  • Create a level bookmark-management Twitch extension, allowing viewers to queue up levels for the streamer to play. Player jajdp hacked together a way to do this before Rumpus CE even existed, now it's MUCH easier (and officially allowed... :P).
  • Create an analysis pipeline to do statistical studies on levels. Which tags get used the most? What makes for a good level? What does "good" even mean? SCIENCE.
  • Create your own level browser. You could even couple that with level bookmark management!
  • Create a new creator/level hub, allowing users to attach pictures, videos, social media accounts, etc to their player profiles and levels.


To get started, jump right into the documentation.

Whatever you decide to do with Rumpus CE, no matter how big or small, I'd love to hear about it! Come chat in the #levelhead-api channel of our Discord to let me know what you're up to and talk to others about what they're up to. That would also be a great place to collaborate and get help.

I've also set up a Rumpus CE Newsletter to send updates when new functionality goes live and to feature the cool stuff y'all get up to. Join up, and get coding!