Patch Highlights

Hey, Levelheads! Welcome to the ninth major patch of Levelhead. It's PATCH 0.10: BURN IT DOWN! Although we got hit from thirty different directions over the past couple weeks by the Fourth of July break and the Shenanijam (at which we made an MMO in a weekend), we still managed to cram some great new features into Levelhead. Let's check it out!

Campaign Burn-Down

The first HUGE change in this patch is that we have gotten rid of the concept of "unlocking Editor items through the campaign." Yep, that's right... All players now have access to all of the editor items, right out of the gate. Well, mostly. You still have to beat the first two campaign levels to get access to the workshop, but that's it!

This is a pretty dramatic design shift. WHY DID WE DO IT? Our original intent with the "Editor Items Unlocked via the Campaign" approach was to teach players how the game works, so that people wouldn't be overwhelmed by the editor and the crapload of items therein. However, we got a lot of pushback about this concept from players who were coming into the game wanting to just build stuff, but suddenly being met with a long (and ever growing) campaign that gates content behind time and, in many cases, a lot of skill.

After some soul-searching and conversations with our community, we came to believe that our original design was doing more harm than good.

Some people just want to get right in there and learn by building, and that's totally fine. We think we should embrace that, so we are! And for those who are looking for a more structured learning experience, the campaign still exists for that purpose, but now you don't have to do it. HOORAY!


What HAPPENED? When? Why? And who is doing it? And does it EVEN MATTER? These are questions we all want answers to, but we simply didn't have them. UNTIL NOW!

Screenshot courtesy of Spekio @3719xx

Levelhead now has a new NOTIFICATIONS page, so you can see who did what and when! Did someone tip Exposure Bucks to your level? Did someone subscribe to you? Did someone STEAL YOUR PRECIOUS CROWNS? Now you know!

The Notifications page will display up to 100 notifications at a time (currently), and it also includes handy links so you can go straight to a player's profile or play a level directly from any notification.

Steam Login

As part of our push to make the game more accessible, we want to add as many useful Rumpus login pathways as possible. One issue we kept running into was that some users, perhaps because of their country of residence or other reasons, couldn't use our normal e-mail login mechanism. So we dug through the Steam SDK and hooked Steam up to Rumpus, and now you can just log in to Rumpus with Steam!

Note that if you already were logged in to Rumpus via some other means, you will want to attach your Steam account to your Rumpus account via the "My Account" page at This will allow you to log in to your currently-existing Rumpus account with Steam!

Grab That Screen!

On Monday night, famous Levelhead designer TalkGibberish @shk22l posted a fascinating composite screenshot of a level he was working on. To create this giant screenshot, he had to pan his camera around manually, take a bunch of screenshots, and then stitch them back together in a photo editing program.

As soon as I saw this image, I thought... WAIT A MINUTE. What if the game could just do this automatically? WELL GUESS WHAT. Now it can! In the Editor you will find a new button that looks like a camera.

Click that button at any time, and the game will rapidly move the camera over your level, take a series of screencaps, and stitch them together for you on its own. It will then create an image out of your entire level, along with your name and the level name at the bottom of the image, so you can blast the image out to all of your adoring Instagram followers, or whatever.

The screenshot will be stored in your game's save folder, and it will also automatically be saved via Steam. When you close the game, Steam will ask you what you want to do with your screenshot -- upload it, get rid of it, or whatever! Hey, it's your screenshot. DO WHAT YOU WANT!

More Switch Logic!

We've gotten frequent requests for XOR logic in our switch system, so we ADDED IT. "WAIT A MINUTE," you might be saying. "What the heck is XOR logic?" XOR logic is a programmer's way of saying, "One but not the other." By bringing XOR logic into Levelhead's switch system, we have added yet another tool to our creators' toolkits, so they can do stuff like this!

What else can you do with XOR logic? More like, what CAN'T you do with it! But seriously, I don't know. You figure it out!

Swinging Spikes

Spike Chainers can swing now. It looks like this!

There's not a lot to say about ithat, but it does look super cool, so I had to make a gif. Oh, and they can swing any direction, so if you want a weird sideways swinging spike, you can do that, too!

And some other stuff!

Here are a few more quick updates to take note of!

  • Balloogs have had their visuals TOTALLY REDONE! They are now Hardlights, and they have a customizable color!
  • We have a new 100x100 level layout called the Mega Box, which has 2,000 more tiles than the previous largest level size. IS THIS BIG ENOUGH? No. It's never big enough.
  • Improved path editor visuals!

All right, I have to get back to work. If you want to know more, read the full patch notes below!

Note: Some of the patch note lines are duplicated. We're aware of this and are looking into our tooling to try to keep future patch notes from getting duped.

Levelhead v0.10.2: Burn it Down Patchnotes (since 0.9.1)

See the full patchnotes.

New Features


  • The Editor now features a "Screenshot" button next to the Level Details button. The Screenshot button will quickly move the camera to all parts of your level and create a composite image of your entire level that is scaled down to 40% (to conserve space). This composite image includes visible switch and receiver IDs as well as enclosures. Screenshots taken in this way will go into your game's save folder, and they will also be uploaded to your Steam Screenshots if possible.
  • Added a new level layout: Mega Box! The Mega Box is a 100x100 level size, which gives 2,000 more available grid spaces than the next largest level size.


  • There is a new link on your profile dorm computer that takes you to a Notifications panel. You will now receive notifications when: someone steals a crown or shoe; someone tips exposure bucks to one of your levels; one of your levels graduates to the tower; one of your levels is selected for the Tower Trial; someone subscribes to you; and someone favorites one of your levels. Notifications include timestamps, as well as links to the profiles of the people they are about. Notifications that are about levels have clickable links to play those levels. Currently, we display your 100 most recent notifications.


  • You can now log in to the game using Steam. This will create a Rumpus account that is connected to your Steam account, and you can later then use the web site to add an email address and other connected accounts. If you have already connected a Steam account to your Rumpus account, then this will just sign you in and will not create a new Rumpus account. This should make it possible for users who cannot receive emails from us to still play the game.



  • Under Pressure - BUDD-E added. (thanks to Impflake Grinnyfunk)
  • Sproing Time - Stronger hints implemented for secret coin locations. (thanks to Impflake Grinnyfunk)
  • Updated some of the campaign paths to be smoother and make more sense given their control inputs.
  • Updated the campaign completion gauge in the top right corner of the campaign map to no longer include the unlock stations, since they aren't a part of the campaign anymore.
  • Campaign unlocks have been COMPLETELY REMOVED. You will still need to beat a couple levels at the beginning as a mini-tutorial before using the workshop or accessing player-made levels, but otherwise, all items, biomes, and music will now be available all the time.


  • Added new icons to signs: "No" and "Reset". (thanks to Spekio, Wumpybami Rampygop)
  • Added words to the Name Combobulator: Dance, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Powerup, Happen, Because, Ricochet, Spooky, Circle, Square, Triangle, Tutorial, Pinball, Pendulum, Shadow, Shadowy, Gateway, Path, Road. (thanks to Spekio)
  • Added "Sorting" to the Name Combobulator. (thanks to Lampom Enwak)
  • You can now see a faded version of Hardlights when they are not active in the Editor.
  • Tempswitches can now be muted via their properties. (thanks to Spekio)
  • Clockswitches can now be muted via their properties. Clockswitches from levels prior to this version will be muted while invisible as before, but newly-created Clockswitches from this point forward can play sounds even while invisible.
  • Tempswitches can now go down to 0.25 seconds.
  • Hardlights (formerly Balloogs) can be given four different colors. All levels that used to have Balloogs will have pink Hardlights, since they are the closest visually to the old Balloogs.
  • The start node of paths in the editor are now square, and they are displayed in gold when the path is highlighted. Ending path nodes are now downward-pointing triangles.
  • The path editor tools have been given more understandable and more differentiated icons.
  • You can now set receiving items' switch requirements to "One Active" or "One Inactive". In programmer terms, this allows you to set up "XOR" logic.
  • You can now make Spike Chainers "swing" instead of spin. Customizable attributes are swing amount (in degrees), swing speed, base angle, and time offset.
  • You can now set receiving items' switch requirements to "One Active" or "One Inactive". In programmer terms, this allows you to set up "XOR" logic.
  • You can now make Spike Chainers "swing" instead of spin. Customizable attributes are swing amount (in degrees), swing speed, base angle, and time offset.


  • Repacked texture pages for a slight FPS boost. Very very slight.


  • Fixed and reintroduced notifications for whe people you are subscribed to publish a level.


  • We will no longer flash your profile when you get stolen crowns or when someone publishes a level, since those notifications will now come through your Notifications page. However, those lists are still fully available in your Profile page as before.
  • You should now get a notification for when someone you are subscribed to publishes a new level.
  • When the publishing animation finishes, you are now taken to the Marketing Department instead of the Workshop, since that's where your level got published to. When you have a freshly published level but haven't looked at the "My Levels" tab in the Marketing Department, the toggle switch to change tabs will have rings circling it to subtly indicate that you should go there to see your newly-published level.
  • Added new visuals to Spike Chainers when they are being inspected in the editor and are in "Swing" mode.
  • If you see a level that you have reported in the past, it will have a big red "X" displayed where its play button normally is.
  • Added a little disk icon for when the game is saving or loading, instead of it saying "Saving" or "Loading" across the bottom.
  • If you see a level that you have reported in the past, it will have a big red "X" displayed where its play button normally is.
  • Added a little disk icon for when the game is saving or loading, instead of it saying "Saving" or "Loading" across the bottom.


  • You can now turn weather off completely in the game's Graphics settings. (thanks to Boiliglam Ickloud)


  • Hardlights are less bright.
  • Hardlights now glow in a subtle sine wave, and they glow brighter when you are touching them (only with maximum graphics turned on).
  • Balloogs have been reimagined as "Hardlights". They are a small projector that emits a square-shaped hologram that is SUPER HARD and you can stand on it.
  • Static items such as Brittle Rock or Slippy Goo now spawn top to bottom instead of bottom to top, so they will have a better feeling of "stacking" on one another.


  • Slippy Goo now applies inherited horizontal speed when you jump, so you won't just pop straight up if you jump while sliding on it. (thanks to Spekio)
  • Cromblers now explode bombs on contact under all scenarios. This only applies to levels made in version 0.9.7 or higher, to avoid breaking older levels.


  • Replaced the directional buttons with a joystick for gameplay in mobile devices. The joystick can have its position and radius adjusted.
  • Replaced the directional buttons with a joystick for gameplay in mobile devices. The joystick can have its position and radius adjusted.



  • That's An Incredible GR-18 - tiles updated and camera softlock on 4:3 aspect ratios can no longer occur.
  • The opening cutscene has been adjusted to remove mention of unlocking technlogy via the campaign.


  • Updated subscription notifications to properly apply timestamps.
  • On the Tower Trial screen, you were able to subscribe to yourself. You can no longer do this.
  • Temporarily disabled subscription notifications to work on some back-end systems to make them more reliable.
  • Fixed an issue with the Rumpus Item Downloader that would cause the game to crash if headers were missing from the downloaded item. Now it will just report a failure, but the game will continue to run.
  • If you built a level in a higher version of the game, you will now still see that level in the "My Levels" tab of the marketing department.
  • You can no longer continously report player names.


  • Relays now properly display the new switch logic.
  • When editing paths, white dots would appear in your level and then torment you forever with their meaningless existence. This has been fixed.
  • Updated the "Receiver Circle" iconography to now properly display all Receiver styles.
  • Added the Spookstone to the Daily Build default list.


  • Fixed an issue where high/low weather effects were the same. There should now be a distinguishable difference.
  • Fixed a small cropping issue with the Levelhead logo in the new Screenshotting tool.
  • Updated Balloog visuals to no longer be 3 pixels out of alignment with one another.
  • Hardlights no longer flicker weirdly when you restore at a checkpoint.
  • The broken pillars of the Kistoon Ruins biome no longer have holes that show the background through them. (thanks to Wumpybami Rampygop)


  • Hardlights without switch IDs would start collapsed sometimes, but not always. Now they should always start inflated.
  • Fixed an issue with inherited horizontal movespeed from treadmills and platforms, that would make it harder to recover from your jumps.
  • Fixed an issue where inherited velocity wasn't behaving the same way going left as going right.
  • In some cases, players were seeing that dropping to certain FPS ranges would allow jumps that were a few pixels higher, allowing you to clear 1 tile higher when sprint-jumping. We have added a correction factor to jump speed and the variable jump timer in relation to FPS, so you should no longer gain any meaningful excess height in this scenario. (thanks to Crushnoil Varkzapee)
  • If your level starts with a Camera Anchor active, the camera should just already be on the Camera Anchor at level start instead of panning to it. (thanks to Pickwippy Voozippa)
  • Charge Switches will no longer move on paths after a checkpoint respawn. (thanks to Wumpybami Rampygop)
  • You no longer decelerate if you are pressing a direction key that is the same direction as your inherited Xspeed from a treadmill or a platform. You will only decelerate the inherited speed if you push against it. (thanks to Spekio)
  • You should no longer be able to carry powerups around -- they should consume any time they are on your back. (thanks to minearia)
  • Updated camera lerping code so that it is less prone to "hitching" feeling movements when GR-18 is moving very fast.
  • If you touched a BUDD-E in a co-op level that is in BUDD-E mode while carrying a player, that player would get duplicated and then the game would crash. This should no longer occur.
  • Throwable Blocks would attempt to use phsyics even while the game was paused, which would cause them to ignore treadmills for the frame after a resume. This has been fixed. (thanks to Spekio)
  • Fixed some issues that would cause paths to get out of sync when game speed changes occurrred, such as during powerup acquisition animations. Paths should now always go to the same place at the same point in time, regardless of how the game speed changes. (thanks to Spekio)
  • Updated path calculations to make them more consistent across variable or spiking frame rates.


  • Fixed a potential crash issue when swapping item variants. (thanks to minearia)
  • Fixed a crashed caused in Balloogs by the new XOR logic system.


  • Removed the "Inflate" sound on the Hardlights, since it was formerly for Balloogs.
  • The menu music will now properly play when you return to the Notifications page after playing a level through your Notifications.


  • Fixed the Daily Build text to no longer reference the campaign.
  • Spending exposure bucks showed the old lime green "Coin" icon in the text popup. This has been fixed to now show the modern Exposure Bucks icon.


  • Fixed an issue where login emails would not be sent.