Patch Highlights

These past couple weeks we've been shoring up all of our web functions, so that we can create a more social experience for our players. We recently added Notifications, but that was just the first phase! We are now in phase 2, which brings some much-needed updates to the creator browser and the profiles page. And phase 3 is in the works! So, what's coming down the pipe today? LET'S DIG IN!


OKAY, let's get this one out of the way because IT'S THE BEST. You can now choose among 14 starting avatars to represent YOUR FACE to the rest of the world! Currently, your avatar is displayed on your profile and your Creator Card (we'll get into that in a bit), but we plan on expanding the rest of the game's UIs to display your avatar in most places where your name is displayed.

We're starting with these 14 avatars, and we are working on adding unlockable ones as well for a future patch. After all, what's the point of achieving things if you don't get an avatar to show for it?

A Revamped Profile Page

The profiles page has been in need of an overhaul for QUITE SOME TIME. So we did that! We're not fully finished with it -- we'd call this the halfway mark -- but it's already looking a lot better! We've also added some additional stats to the profile page, so you can get a better snapshot of how you're doing. We even added tracking for Exposure Bucks tipping, so you can show the world how GENEROUS you are!

If you want to update your avatar, just click on it on your own profile page.

Updated Creator Cards

A "Creator Card" is the UI element that represents you to other players. The old creator cards were, in a word, UNFORTUNATE. So we ripped them out and made them smoother, shinier, and prominently feature the new avatar system. Take a look!

You may notice that we're also highlighting the "Followers" count. Previously, we had two buttons -- "Buddy List" and "Subscribe." This was confusing to many people (what's the difference between these two lists?), and we also had a cap on how many people you could subscribe to, so we didn't overload our servers. So in the past, the idea of "following" or "subscribing" to someone was a sort of secondary thought, because those systems were too weak. This was unfortunate, because we think that the power of a game like Levelhead is in its ability to bring people together to share the things they made. Naturally, a "Followers" type system is the right tool for this job, but we hadn't invested in making that concept strong enough and emphasizing it enough.

This patch is the start of bolstering the power of the "Following" system. For starters, we are doing away with "Buddies" entirely, and merging "Buddies" together with "Subscriptions" and calling the new list "Following." Now, you just follow people! And we have also removed the limit on how many people you can follow, to pave the way for the next patch, which seeks to make this whole system more robust. We don't want to say too much about that just yet, but... it's coming!

A Refined Creator Browser

To go with the updated Creator Cards, we wanted to make sure we were showcasing them in a better light. So we updated the visuals of the Creator Browser to go with the new Profile page!

We also added numerous sorting options (up from the previous two), so you can see things like who is the most prolific creator, who has the most followers, etc...

Secrets! Secrets everywhere!

But we didn't just spend this whole time on web and UI updates! We also managed to squeeze in some gameplay tweaks as well!

First, we expanded the "Enclosures" system -- the ability to create secret areas in your level -- by adding more types of enclosures. Now you can have a secret Spookstone, Rickety Wood, or Kronkrete area!

These types of enclosures are also independent of one another, so you can have secrets bumping right up against other secrets. Time to DECEIVE EVERYONE!

Controllable Secret Reveals

We've also added a new item called the "SECRET EYE!" It's an invisible item that is controlled by a switch. When it becomes activated, it will reveal any secret enclosure that it is inside of. So now, instead of requiring the player to "face check" for secret areas, you can reveal secret areas based on triggers and switches!

You can even use this system to "lock" secret areas as being always visible once the player enters them. Or maybe put the Secret Eye on a path, and have it reveal multiple secrets in sequence! Hey, do whatever you want. IT'S YOUR LEVEL!

Multicolored keys!

For you Metroidvania builders out there, we've got just the thing. MULTICOLORED KEYS AND DOORS!

You can now better control how the player moves through the level, by harnessing the power of colors! For example, maybe you have four locked doors in the same area, and the player has to go through them in sequence. With colored keys and doors, this is now super easy, whereas before, you'd have to come up with some kind of elaborate switch contraption to ensure the doors unlocked in the right order.

That's just science!

And some other stuff!

We have a bunch of other miscellaneous improvements and fixes in this patch, so don't forget to check out the patch notes!

See you next patch!

Levelhead v0.11.1 Patchnotes (since 0.10.2)

See the full patchnotes.

New Features


  • New workshop item: the Secret Eye! This is an invisible item that is controlled by switches. When activated, it will reveal any contiguous Enclosures that it is in contact with. This will allow you to reveal Enclosures before the player goes inside them, or even lock Enclosures to be permanently visible after the player has done something. Secret Eyes can also be placed on paths, so they can be used to reveal Enclosures across multiple areas over time.
  • You can now place Enclosure tiles (secrets) for Kronkrete, Rickety Wood, and Spookstone.



  • The default sort in the Creator Browser is once again "Playtime Generated" instead of by follower count. Some of our community correctly pointed out that some users generate large numbers of followers on account of being an influencer, regardless of whether they are even making levels (or doing much of anything). Playtime Generated is more merit-based and is more appropriate for the default display of the Creator Browser.
  • You can now click a person's avatar on their Creator Card to visit their profile.
  • Updated the visuals of the Creator Browser, and added several more sort options. The Creator Browser now defaults to sorting by "Most Followed".
  • Fully replaced the old Player Slugs with brand new ones! The new Player Slugs feature player avatars, more precise stats, and the ability to follow that user.
  • Fully updated the Profile page to be expandable for future content. It now contains many more stats than before, and it also contains an avatar selection system, so you can customize your appearance to others. Avatars are not yet present throughout the game, but we intend to update the rest of the game's UIs over time to allow for this.
  • You can now reposition the game window with a new click-and-drag button in the top-right corner of the in-game pause menu.
  • You can now click on the crates in front of the Workshop on the Main Menu to go straight to the Daily Build page.
  • You can now click the trophy icon on the Tower to go straight to the Tower Trial.
  • Added a link to the patch notes to the Community Robot on the main menu.
  • Pressing a keyboard key will now get you out of Gamepad Mode. Previously, only mouse movements would do this.


  • Green keys are now more vibrant, making them easier to distinguish from the blue keys.
  • Updated the sizes of the clouds that come out of exploding Jackdrops to be affected by the size of the Jack that created them.


  • Your campaign progress profile stat is now updated more frequently when you are going through the campaign.
  • Added new stats to the player profile page: Campaign Progress, Favorites Generated, Tower Trials Completed, Time Trophies Earned, Number of Players Following, Exposure Bucks Tipped, and Tips Earned. Most of these stats are not backwards compatible since we were not tracking this data previously, so most of these stats will start at 0 even for players who have been playing for a while.
  • Updated Steam licensing for Google and Email login options to be more secure.


  • Added to the name combobulator: Royal, Edge, Crystal, Garden, Soul, Final (thanks to ChortlesTM)
  • Added to the name combobulator: Awakening, Reckoning, and colons/semi-colons (thanks to Flooglewoogle Snoot)
  • Added to the name combobulator: Automatically (thanks to QuantumAnomaly)
  • Keys and doors can now be given four different colors. Keys will only work on doors whose color match their own.
  • Added the word "Explosion" to the name combobulator. (thanks to Spekio)
  • Added a new sound to clicking on Hardlights in the editor selector.
  • Added your Rumpus lookup code to your Editor screencaps, so people who see the screencap can look you up and find your levels or follow you.
  • Jackdrops can now be scalepopped to 2x2 or 3x3 sizes.
  • Items that mount to solids will now first check down, then up, then the sides. Previously, they would start checking down, then right, then up, then left, so they would bias toward pointing horizontally. This should tend to create more symmetrical visuals.
  • Added words to the name combobulator: Zone, On, Off, Toggle, Beat, Cycle, Blue, Fuchsia, Gold, Green (thanks to Crushnoil Varkzapee, Spekio)
  • You can now place Turbo Jems and Mega Jems inside of items that previously could only hold Jems, such as Enemies, Prize Blocks, Brittle Rock, etc...


  • When a Rift chooses its destination for a teleport event, it will now first choose among active Rifts (meaning Rifts that are not closed). If no destination Rifts are active, it will then choose among inactive Rifts. This will allow you to change the destination of a Rift by turning on and off the Rifts that is connected to. This change only applies to levels made in this Levelhead version or higher.
  • Cromblers now fade out when hidden inside enclosures, so parts of them won't stick out.
  • When enemies enter or exit enclosures, they now fade in or out instead of instantly changing their visibility.
  • Clockswitches inside of Enclosures are no longer visible spilling out of the enclosure. They will fade into existence when the enclosure is revealed, and fade back out if their enclosure becomes hidden again.
  • Jackdrops now have better special effects when they impact the ground.


  • Toned down the volume of multiple Baddie Eyeswitches or Package Cams triggering simultaneously.
  • Toned down the volume of Eye Switches toggling on and off, and reduced their volume further if multiple of them turn on or off at the same time. (thanks to Wumpybami Rampygop)



  • The package now remembers whether it has been picked up after a checkpoint respawn, so it will continue to reveal enclosures.
  • Fixed more inconsistencies with items colliding with Rifts after a checkpoint respawn. It should now be totally consistent regardless of frame rate.
  • It should no longer be possible to kick items through regret gates under certain circumstances. (thanks to Intuition?!)
  • Enemies and Cromblers should now be fully visible even if only part of them is sticking out of an secret area. They will fade out of visibility only when they are totally inside enclosures.
  • Keys placed in prize blocks and enemies should now emerge as gold keys instead of blue.
  • Slightly extended the cooldown for items re-entering portals they are already touching after a checkpoint respawn, to ensure that frame rate drops don't cause this misbehavior.
  • Items sitting on a Rift when a checkpoint respawn occurs would be pulled through the rift. This should now be fixed (again). (thanks to misshapensmiley)
  • 2x2 items would attach to paths according to the closest path point to their center, instead of the actual path node they were supposed to be starting from. This has been fixed. (thanks to Joe Ah Oh)
  • Kicking an item while in Shrub mode will now cancel your Shrub mode. (thanks to HighChair)
  • Jackdrops previously weren't storing their states in checkpoints properly. Now they do!
  • Fixed an issue with rotating items (Fire Chainers, Burny Whirlers, etc) not properly responding to switches since the XOR logic was added.


  • Keys would always turn blue just after opening a door during their "poof" animation. Now they will stay their intended color. (thanks to misshapensmiley)
  • Fixed some animation issues with Jackdrops restoring via checkpoints.


  • Fixed an issue that would cause the game to crash if you tried to load a level from this version in a prior version of the game. Instead, you should once again just get the on-screen message that the level cannot be loaded. (thanks to Oopyerchie Landjunk)
  • Fixed a crash in the Editor caused by using a gamepad, opening an item variant and leaving it open, changing categories by clicking a button on the right side, and then using the Dpad to change categories again. (thanks to QuantumAnomaly)


  • The question marks on various enclosure tiles should no longer be X-flipping when you place them.
  • You can no longer select powerups for GR-18 in a daily build level if those powerups are not included in that day's build. (thanks to Crushnoil Varkzapee)
  • If you use Undo or Paint Bucket to modify solids near mounted items (like levers or spike traps), those items weren't properly updating their mounted states. Now they do!
  • Fixed an issue where eyedropping an item with variants after a level load would cause the game to force-quit.
  • Fixed a potential issue with the Undo function that could reduce stability of the game. No crashes reported yet, but just in case.


  • On your profile, campaign progress is now displayed as a percentage instead of just an integer.
  • Updated score-specific UI elements to be called "Ribbins" instead of "Crowns" since a ribbon is the icon used to display top score.
  • You can now click on your avatar with a controller to change it.
  • Lines between stats on the new Creator Cards were disappearing between pixels while scrolling. This should now be fixed.
  • You can now use the up and down Dpad with a controller to change profile tabs, since they are now vertical.
  • The Avatar Chooser interface would sometimes explode the buttons on the level cards being displayed on the profile page. This should no longer occur.
  • Fixed a text overflow problem in some languages when displaying level names in the campaign.
  • In Cheese Mode Switch Override options, each type of switch will now only be drawn once next to each switch ID. This should prevent you from having a weird "smear" effect if you have hundreds of switches on the same ID.


  • Clearing the web cache should not nuke your avatar selection from local storage.
  • The "Campaign Progress" stat should now be properly updating to display on your profile.
  • You no longer need to click a level's name twice on the Notifications page in order to play it.
  • Fixed a very small memory leak when the Profile viewer sent searches to retrieve levels.
  • The text in notifications for Shoe and Crown stealing were reversed, so the notification would tell you that a Crown was stolen when really it was a Shoe, and vice versa. This has been fixed.


  • Updated level save files so their version number won't run into an integer overflow when the game reaches version 1.0.