Patch Highlights

GOOD DAY, LEVELHEADS! We have thirteen scoops of delicious molten lava patch cake coming your way this week. Although there are infinite things in Levelhead we want to keep tweaking and improving, we're now in a phase of development where we want to focus on things that are missing entirely. So this week, we have some fun new toys for you to play with. Let's take a look!

Workshop Cloud Syncing!

YEP, THAT'S RIGHT. You now have THREE cloud slots you can put your levels into. Once you have a level in a cloud slot, you can move from one device to another and continue editing the same level. Nifty!

Cloud-saved levels can only be edited while online, because every time you save a cloud level, it gets uploaded to our servers. And we can't do that if you're not online! So if you're looking to bring your laptop on a long plane ride, be sure you pull that level out of the cloud first!

Out with the Old!

Got an old level that's broken, hideous, or just plain bad? Well, now you can save yourself from all the embarrassment of having new players stumble across that level, with our new DE-LISTING feature!

To delist a level, just pop open the level card and hit the "Delist" button. Then, new players won't see it in the Tower, Marketing Department, or your published levels list, and the level won't be eligible for the Tower Trial. The level will still exist, though, so you can always come back to it later and relist it, or you can clone it back into your workshop to patch it up. Or just let it burn in purgatory for eternity. It's your level! Do what you want!

Conquer the Camera!

Levelhead's camera controls have come a long way since we launched into Early Access, but there's still more we can do! For starters, you can now constrain the camera on just the horizontal or just the vertical axis!

This new degree of control will let you make levels that feel more like traditional platformers, or that allow the player to climb a tower without having the camera show things outside the bounds. Oh, speaking of bounds...

You can now constrain the camera within the sides of the level, too! This will allow you to create a more "Enclosed" feeling in your levels, preventing the player from seeing any open air in the great beyond.

With all these camera updates, we had one final bit of housekeeping to take care of: ASPECT RATIOS.

You see, by allowing players to use camera anchors, we put ourselves into a pickle. With locking cameras, GR-18 dies after going off-screen. So what happens if someone on an ultra-wide or tall monitor makes a level that uses camera anchors?

Well, up until now, people with different shapes of monitors would end up with different shapes of "playable space" when using camera anchors, which meant they could accidentally (or purposely) publish a level that required a certain shape of monitor in order to beat it. That's no good for anyone. So while we were in there tinkering with cameras, we set out to solve this problem as well!

Now, when you use a camera anchor, if your monitor is longer than 16:9, the view will narrow in from the sides, constraining the view down to 16:9. If your monitor is taller than 16:9 and a camera anchor becomes active, the view will narrow in from the top and bottom, once again putting you into a 16:9 viewport. This will mean that going forward, when you use camera anchors, you can always count on your level being beatable by anyone on any shape of monitor. WHEW!

Horizontal Cosmetics!

We've had DOORS in Levelhead since time immemorial. We got all kinds of doors! Battle Doors, Key Doors, Powered Doors, and even Jem Doors! If you need a door, we've got it! Well, almost. Turns out there was one kind of door we didn't have. HORIZONTAL DOORS.

Yeah, that's right. This summer, all your favorite flavors of door are back with a vengeance! But this time... it's about to go sideways.

Oh, and we also got new versions of fallthrough ledges, so you can be more stylish with your level building, or something.

Enrage those Cromblers!

Cromblers have been slowly evolving over time, but they've always been kind of weird. They're a hazard, but also they're an enemy. They can be hooked to a switch. They can be defeated with a Lectroshield. Their movement can be interrupted by the package. GR-18 can sneak through them as a shrub. All of this stuff makes Cromblers special, weird as they may be. And for this patch we thought... Cromblers are already weird, so why stop there? Now, when you inspect a Crombler, you can choose to make the Crombler enraged.

An enraged Crombler will break through Brittle Rock and Bricks, and it will crush enemies. Why? I don't know! You figure it out!


Up until now, if our players wanted to make a timer, they would have to create some kind of elaborate "Box on a conveyor belt that hits a pressure switch" kind of apparatus. This tended to bog down a level's frame rate, wasn't always reliable, wasn't intuitive to build with, and took up a lot of space. Well, say goodbye to all THAT nonsense, because patch 0.13 introduces a whole new item to solve this problem! It's the WAIT SWITCH!

The Wait Switch can be given a timer. When you press the button, the Wait Switch will flip after the timer expires. In other words, a Wait Switch is super useful for when you want something to happen in a while. Wait Switches can be used to create musical sequences, phased boss fights, levels that change over time, or any other timer-based level logic you want!

There's more!

Of course, there's a whole bunch of stuff in this patch that isn't covered above, so if you want to dig in and get some extra seasoning on that patch cake, go right ahead! See you in another two weeks for patch 0.14!

Levelhead v0.13.1 Patchnotes (since 0.12.6)

See the full patchnotes.

New Features


  • You can now sync up to three levels in your workshop to the Rumpus cloud. Cloud levels require an internet connection to be edited. Every time you save while editing a cloud level, the level will be uploaded to Rumpus. You can access your cloud levels across devices.
  • You can now drag your workshop levels around to reposition them in the list.


  • In the Level Details page, you can now choose to bound the camera at the level's sides. Players using ultra-wide monitors on narrow levels will probably still be able to see outside the bounds, but most players will not.
  • You can now place horizontal doors of all kinds! (Jem, Battle, Powered, and Key). These new doors are available as variant dropdowns of the original doors.
  • You can now lock camera anchors horizontally, vertically, or both.
  • Cromblers now have an "Enraged" mode that can be activated in their properties window in the editor. Enraged Cromblers will break through bricks and Brittle Rocks, and they also deal damage to enemies while crushing.

New Item

  • Introducing the WAIT SWITCH! The Wait Switch can be given a countdown timer up to 10 minutes, and it will flip after the countdown timer is finished. It can either be activated like a pressure plate, or it can be activated by other switches. Wait Switches can be set to be reusable, locking, or exploding. Reusable Wait Switches will restart their countdowns whenever they are activated. They can also be invisible and muted.
  • Introducing Fallthrough Kronkrete, Fallthrough Wood, and Fallthrough Spookstone! These are visual variations of the normal "Fallthrough Ledge", and are available via the variant dropdown from that item.


  • You can now Delist your levels via a button in the expanded version of your Level Cards. Delisting a level will remove it from search results in the Marketing Department, Tower, and your Published Levels page (when viewed by others). It will also make the level ineligible for consideration in the Tower Trial. Note that the goal of delisting is to prevent new players from seeing the level. Players who have favorited your level, have it in their play history, have it in their notifications, etc... will still be able to see the level in those places. You can re-list the level at any time.



  • When you enter a teleporter and end up off-screen, the camera will now just instantly be at your destination, instead of working its way over. If the camera is locked in place due to a fixed camera anchor, though, it will not do this.
  • If you use the Zipper to jump through the goal and you have the package in hand, you will now zip directly into the goal instead of past it.
  • Previously, camera anchors would become usable once the center of the view got close enough to the camera anchor. Unfortunately, this meant that in different aspect ratios, players would see varying results in terms of when camera anchors would attach to things. It would also sometimes lead to incidents where GR-18 was far from the camera anchor, but the view would move anyway, killing GR-18. Now, camera anchors will attach to the camera based on GR-18's position instead. This change will only apply to levels made in this version or higher.
  • When a camera anchor or camera boundary is active and the player is on an aspect ratio that isn't 16:9, black bars will come in either from the top or the sides (depending on whether the aspect ratio is taller or wider than standard), narrowing the field of view to be the same across all devices, regardless of aspect ratio. This will prevent players on super-wide or tall monitors from accidentally (or purposely) making unbeatable levels with camera anchors, since the camera anchors will now always give the same field of view. This change only applies to levels made in this version or higher.


  • Added custom tooltips to the new fallthrough ledge types.
  • When dragging workshop level cards around, you can now directly drop the card into the last slot in the workshop, instead of needing to hover it over an existing card to "insert" it after.
  • Your name on your own Creator Card is now displayed in gold, so you can spot it more easily in the Creator Browser (or elsewhere).
  • Added an "Insert Line" in the workshop when you are dragging levels around, so you know where they will be inserted in between other levels. When levels are going to be swapped, no Insert Line is drawn, and instead the level in the destination slot will vibrate.
  • Added a small "Drag" icon indicator to the bottom-right corner of Workshop cards. You can click this to drag them.
  • Made dragging workshop cards more responsive, so you can tell what you are replacing.
  • Toned down the mousewheel scroll speed on many interfaces to make it less jarring.
  • Rebuilt the loading screen to actually look like we made it on purpose.


  • Added "Boss" to the name combobulator.
  • Added to the name combobulator: Surprise, Surprisingly, and Surprising. (thanks to misshapensmiley)
  • When you eyedropper an item that has a color variation due to something you have changed, the little image of the item next to your cursor should now display the item's proper color.
  • You can now see camera anchors in Cheese Mode.
  • Blasters and Trigblasters can now be given a "Swing" rotation style, instead of just "Spin." Swinging blasters behave much like swinging Spike Chainers in terms of their properties, although they can swing twice as fast as a Spike Chainer.
  • Blasters and Trigblasters have been given movement to their trajectory visualization, so it's not just a line of static arrows.
  • Updated the name of the "Wait Switch" to the "Waitswitch", to bring it in line with the other switch names.
  • Updated naming of horizontal and vertical camera anchor locks to be more accurate to what they are actually doing.
  • Implemented the UI Icon for the Fallthrough Spookstone ledge in the editor selector.
  • Added to the name combobulator: Extreme, Containment, Unit, Lifetime, Tick, Disco, Polka, Hall, Ninja, Infiltrate, Destiny, Lift, Conundrum. (thanks to Icyglow Dangglow, Tim Conceivable)


  • Optimized the game's texture pages, since we have a large number of new interfaces. On some machines you may see slight framerate improvements.


  • Added some optimizations to prevent the game from spamming the server while attempting to download levels that don't exist anymore.
  • Your "Exposure Bucks Tipped" achievements will now be applied retroactively based on your stats in your profile.
  • Added some more Rumpus login checks to workshop cloud syncing, to ensure it isn't trying to cloud sync things for non-logged-in users.



  • Fixed a visual bug with view narrowing with camera anchors that would cause small lines to flash at the edges during camera shake.
  • If your grappler hits multiple valid grab targets in the same frame, you will now always grab the item that's closest to you. Previously, certain items took priority in this scenario regardless of distance, and some level builders took advantage of this by creating levels that could only be beaten on low frame rates.
  • Enemies would sometimes start facing different directions depending on whether you restarted the level or were starting for the first time. This has been fixed, but will only be applied to levels published during or after this version. (thanks to Intuition?!)
  • When you were invincible (due to Dbot or Cheese Mode), you were unable to grab through spikes. Now you can! (thanks to Kidfly Funkdang)
  • If a battery that was on a path was being absorbed by a Charge Switch, and you deactivated the battery via a Sending Channel, the battery would disappear. This should no longer be the case -- once a battery is being absorbed, it cannot be vanished via switches. (thanks to misshapensmiley)
  • Normal camera anchors were now grabbing the camera super fast in a jarring way, due to the camera changes from the horizontal and vertical camera anchor additions. This has been smoothed out to be back the way it was.
  • The Rebound's projectile will now bounce off of Bumpers.
  • Fixed issues with keys not being recognized consistently by horizontal doors.
  • The Wait Switch now will not restart if it is being held. This behavior was too confusing and caused users to think the Wait Switch was non-functional.


  • If you deleted a level in the workshop, there was a bug that made it hard to tell whether you were dropping the level into the last slot while dragging it. This should now be resolved.
  • If Thingamabob (the robot) on the main menu started closed and then you opened it, the links wouldn't be clickable. Now they are!
  • If you deleted a receiver and it was the last receiver on that channel, then looked at a switch on that same channel, the switch's channel was not properly being grayed out. Now it is! (thanks to Tim Conceivable)
  • Fixed some text issues where "#" was incorrectly being interpreted as a new line, such as during Rumpus login.
  • The bug's head in the campaign interface will no longer fade out differently than the other parts of the bug. (thanks to DustInCompetent)
  • Fixed some issues with certain buttons not recognizing controller inputs, such as on the Rumpus login screen.
  • Fixed Level Cards to say "0%" for their clear rate if they are unbeaten, intead of "<.01%".
  • You can now drag level cards with a controller.


  • You should no longer see duplicated item names in the "Level Elements" section of the Name Combobulator. (thanks to misshapensmiley)
  • When you are using the Package as a carry item in Cheese Mode, you will now be carrying the actual package from the level (if it exists), instead of a duplicated package.
  • You can no longer change the horizontal camera boundaries on the Finalize Level Details screen before you ship your level. That has to be set before you start your run.


  • The new horizontal doors weren't playing the proper sounds when selected in the editor. Now they are! (thanks to misshapensmiley)
  • Waitswitches no longer play their initial "Click" sound if they are already being pressed at the start of a level.


  • Fixed an issue with Workshop cloud levels being visible if you changed from a logged-in account to a guest account.
  • The "Stolen Leaderboards" filter should now work properly in the notifications menu.
  • Fixed an issue where if you attempted to download a non-existent level multiple times, your game would be unable to download levels for 30 seconds until the downloader timed out.
  • Fixed issues with the "Followers" achievements not always retroactively applying properly. (thanks to Retro Banana Man NL)
  • The Bookmarks notification and Recent Graduates list were not working since the recent web overhaul. Now they are!
  • The game should now more consistently look up the aliases of people in 2nd and 3rd places on level cards.
  • When looking at cached notification searches, every page after the first page would be the same. This should no longer be the case. In the meantime, if you see this issue occur in-game (in your profile Feed or Notifications page), just return to those interfaces after a minute or two and they should be able to scroll through pages normally.


  • The "Back" button on Nintendo Switch is now properly mapped to the "B" button on the controller.


  • Fixed a crash that would sometimes (rarely) occur when changing profile tabs via clicking on profile links. (thanks to Crushnoil Varkzapee)
  • Fixed a crash that would occur if you delisted a level and then relisted it right after (or vice versa).


  • Some additional small tweaks to Steam achievement tracking.
  • Fixed some incorrectly calculating Steam achievements.