Patch Highlights

Prepare your eyes and thumbs for a FEAST of a patch! We've got a little bit of everything this time around, from editor tweaks, to new discoverability features, and even a new biome!

Introducing: The Asteroid Tunnels!

The big news of this patch is that we have finally wrapped up production on the game's fourth biome: The ASTEROID TUNNELS!

Biomes take a lot of heavy lifting to create because they have so many different parts, including the beautiful painted backdrops by Eric Hibbeler, the glorious soundtrack by Fat Bard, and Sam's detailed tile work. The Asteroid Tunnels have been in the works for about 8 weeks, and we couldn't be happier with how it all came together!

Bonus lore tidbit! The Asteroid Tunnels is a reference to our game Flop Rocket, where the Bureau of Science was attempting to start a new space program deep inside the tunnels of a drifting purple asteroid. It was fun to reimagine what the insides of this asteroid look like up close, with all of its weird alien biology and squishy bits. We hope you like it as much as we do!

Play random stuff!

People have been asking us for a long time for some way to play random levels. Well, we recently hit the point where we could fit that feature into a patch. So put your RANDOM pants on, because the day has finally arrived!

Now when you enter the tower, you can choose whether to play the Tower Trial, go to the Library (where you can browse levels), or just play random stuff, filtered by difficulty. You can also tell the game that you don't even care what difficulty of levels you get, if you're brave.

When you choose to play random levels, the game will spawn a playlist of 10 totally random levels for you to enjoy, based on your selection criteria.

Updated editor categories!

Things have been getting a little BLOATED in the editor these days. We keep adding stuff to the game, and those items need a home. But we're reaching the point where we are just running out of room in the editor selection bar.

So we took a step back and WIGGLED some stuff around. Now, we have a whole new "Cosmetics" category, for stuff like camera and music controls! We've also got a GATES category, that's just for doors and stuff! And switches now just have their own entire section, since we've got... a trillion of those.

It'll take a little getting used to the new layout, but it makes a heck of a lot more sense once you get the hang of it!

Precision Detection!

We've all been there. You're placing a proximity switch of some kind, and all you really want to do is check whether the player is standing a little piece of terrain. But those dang proximity sensors are limited to detecting SQUARES, and so you end up with a detection range that is wildly out of control!

WELL, SAY NO MORE. We got you!

Now, you can flip proximity switches into "Rectangle Mode," and you can then customize every corner of the detection area. You can make a super long, skinny detection area that's just on the floor. You can detect whether the player is exactly standing in a doorway. You can detect WHATEVER YOU WANT! It's your level!

Show your appreciation!

Now that players can Like, Favorite, and Tip levels, and follow the creators of those levels, we wanted to bring the whole system together. When you're playing a level, we thought, you should be able to do all of these things at pretty much any time. So we updated the game's interfaces to weave these systems more deeply into the game's various UIs.

For example, now you can tip a level from anywhere just by expanding its level card!

Oh,what's that? You're already playing the level and now you want to tip it? NO PROBLEM! You can also tip the level from inside the pause menu! Or even on the ending scoreboard!

We've also got the Like, Follow, and Favorite buttons on those interfaces now too, so you should never be in a scenario where you can't show a level creator your appreciation for their great work.


Those are the BIG ONES from this patch! Now get out there, and do good for our goods. IN THE ASTEROID TUNNELS!

If you want to see more, as always, feel free to dig through the patch notes below! We'll see you next time!

0.14.6 Patchnotes (since 0.13.2)

See the full patchnotes.

New Features


  • You can now tip levels from within the level card itself, as well as inside the pause menu and the ending scoreboard. These interfaces show all four parts of tipping: How many exposure bucks the level has, how many exposure bucks are in your wallet, your tip amount (which you can change), and the tipping button.


  • You can now play random playlists in the Tower! The Tower has a new landing page, where you can choose to go to the Library, the Tower Trial, or the Random level area. You can choose to play random levels by certain difficulties, or choose "Don't Even Care" to play levels of completely random difficulty. Unbeaten levels are not included in the random playlists.


  • The Asteroid Tunnels biome is now available to players!
  • Implemented the Fallthrough platforms for the Asteroid Tunnels biome.


  • Implemented the final track for the Asteroid Tunnels biome: Ambient Squelches.



  • Tipping notifications are now batched together when being sent. Notification batches get sent no more than every 3 minutes, but often farther apart than that -- for example, if you are replaying the same level over and over and tipping it each time you beat it, no notifications will be sent until you leave that level, and all those tips will be merged into one notification.
  • You must tip someone more than 20 exposure bucks in one go in order to send them a notification. If you already have a batch of tipping notifications for that person, sub-20 tips will still be added to the batch.
  • Added a 1-minute cooldown to exposure bucks incrementing on the pause menu.
  • Changed level sharecode URLs to be at "" instead of "". Apparently, having a vowel-free URL looks suspicious to some people!


  • Variants of items are now always included in the Daily Build. For example, if a Key Gate is in the daily build, the Horizontal Key Gate will also be available.
  • Cosmetic items are now always available in the Daily Build, and they have their own category.
  • Further improved the visibility of the new dropdown arrows in the editor for item variants.
  • The Secret Eye is now part of the daily build by default. (thanks to Crushnoil Varkzapee)
  • Added new words to the name combobulator: Tendril, Tentacle, Squish, Squelch, Squishy, Mushroom, Spore
  • Added the Asteroid Tunnels to the roster of starting biomes for levels.
  • You can now tag your levels with "Boss", "Troll", and "Teaching". (thanks to PureKnickers)
  • Proximity sensor ranges can now go down to 0 and up to 20.
  • Package Cam, Baddie Eyeswitch, and Eye Switch now have a new toggle: "Detection Shape." By default, this is set to "Square," which is the old style of proximity detection. You can toggle this to "Rectangular," which allows you to independently change the detection distance up, down, left, and right. This allows you to create a detection area rectangle of any dimensions, with the proximity sensor located arbitrarily within the rectangle.
  • Added to the name combobulator: Forever, Eternity.
  • Implemented the context-aware terrain logic for the Asteroid Tunnels biome, to prepare it for receiving terrain tile art.
  • Added a new category called "Gates" which contains the four door types (and their horizontal variants), the Purge Gate, Regret Gates, and Hardlights.
  • Added a new category called "Cosmetic" which is just for items that change the look, feel, and sound of your level. This category now holds the Jukebox, Boombox, Arrow Holograms, Signs, Camera Anchors, ZOOM-Rs, and Seret Eyes.
  • The "Puzzle" category is now just called "Switches," and it only contains switches.
  • Editor category buttons now change color when you hover over them.


  • Stolen shoes and stolen ribbons are now listed separately in the Notifications page, and they have unique icons from one another.
  • The playlist viewer now constrains the size of player names and level names, so they don't spill over so much. The layout has also been improved so things aren't overlapping generally, and lines have been added to connect level orbs to their names and authors.
  • You can now hit "Escape" while the random level searcher is running to cancel the search.
  • Updated the dropdown arrows in the Editor so they are more obvious on certain items.
  • Updated the editor category icons to reflect the new organization schema.
  • Added the Asteroid Tunnels visuals to Level Orbs when you publish, for the campaign, and when the orbs are visible in a playlist.
  • When you click the "Tip" button to tip a level, the button converts to a confirmation button, to avoid accidental tipping. (thanks to DUHRIZEO)
  • When clicking the Podcast link on the main menu, you are no longer hit with a confirmation message, to make it consistent in behavior with the other links.
  • You can now Like a level and Follow the level's creator from the ending scoreboard.
  • The pause menu now features the level icon and creator's avatar, as well as Favorite, Like, and Follow buttons.


  • Updated the sounds of selecting Asteroid Tunnels terrain to be gross.
  • Increased the volume on the Heroes Lost and Ambient Squelches tracks for the Asteroid Tunnels.
  • Spookstone, Rickety Wood, and Kronkrete items now all have sound effects when selected in the editor.


  • Implemented an updated system of "Coyote Inheritance." This is a system where your jump speed will be affected by the horizontal velocity of a moving object, such as a treadmill or moving platform, for a moment after your feet have left that platform,even if you have stepped onto solid ground during that time.
  • Baddie Eyeswitches now more aggressively detect enemies. Previously, the center pixel of the enemy's hitbox had to be inside the detection area. Now, any part of the enemy's hitbox can overlap with the detection area. Baddie Eyeswitches inside of levels built prior to this version will still use the old style of detection.
  • Proximity sensors now trigger instantly when they are "Locking", instead of being delayed by a couple frames.
  • Enemies will now always be active, rather than becoming inactive based on whether they are on-screen. Although this feature cut down on phsyics calculations, it led to differing enemy behaviors based upon aspect ratios, so someone could accidentally (or purposely) make a level that's impossible to do on different shapes of monitor. This change only affects enemies on levels built on this version or higher, so all old levels that depended upon the old functionality will be unaffected.

Nintendo Switch

  • Capped the frequency of files being written to disk.
  • When in the Editor using a Single Joy Con, you can now click the Joy Con's joystick to zoom the camera out.


  • Improved tile spawning algorithm, to give a performance boost to spawning large levels that feature a lot of enclosures or context-aware tiles.


  • Implemented weather effects for the Asteroid Tunnels biome.
  • Implemented the first round of art for the Asteroid Tunnels biome tileset.


  • A level will now restart if you change the number of players active by connecting or disconnecting a controller. Players found it confusing that they had to manually restart a level to have their character spawn if they were joining.


  • Added several failsafes to save syncing and save loading to prevent data loss. Now, if your local save file is missing, the game will attempt to discern whether you have a backup save downloaded from Rumpus, and will pull from that if it exists. Where conflicts arise between save versions, the game will take whichever save file has the most playtime in it. You can also no longer access the Rumpus login menu while a save is actively being synced.



  • The Random Level loader should now properly display player names.
  • Our random level retriever was getting its random seed reset if a player had just come from the workshop, so those players would continually pull the same string of levels each time this happened. This should no longer be the case -- the Random level retriever will now use a random seed each time, resulting in different batches of levels.
  • The random level retriever will now properly ignore Delisted levels. (thanks to Packahonka Doordoop)
  • The "Legendary" achievement should now properly trigger when you beat a maximum-difficulty level in the tower (that is not your own).


  • Made locking proxmity switches backwards compatible with the timing changes in version 0.13.8.
  • Cromblers no longer add to your "Enemies Defeated" counter when destroyed. This change only applies to levels made in this version or higher.
  • The previous change that allowed for enemies to always be physics-enabled even while offscreen inadvertently caused inactive (switched off) carry items to be affected by moving platforms. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed some issues where inherited momentum from a treadmill or platform would continue even while you were just standing on plain ground, long after you had left the platform. (thanks to Tim Conceivable)
  • If you are on a Spinny Platform that is stopped at the end of a path, you will no longer incorrectly inherit the speed of the underlying path while jumping. You should now only inherit the speed of the platform. (thanks to Crushnoil Varkzapee)
  • Fixed a bunch of momentum inheritance issues with Spinny Platforms on paths.
  • If an item emerges from a Brittle Rock or Enemy or other "destroyable", and the prize item flies off a cliff, it will now respawn at the original spawn location of the thing it emerged from.
  • If you are in the "Coyote Jump" grace period after running off the edge of an object that you inherit momentum from (treadmill or moving platform), you will now still inherit the momentum of that thing when jumping.
  • If a Rift took you a very specific distance away from the center of a screen with a horizontal or vertical camera anchor active, the game would be stuck at 0% speed. This should no longer be occurring. (thanks to misshapensmiley)
  • Whenever a portal takes you offscreen, the camera should now always snap to its next destination without panning. (thanks to Crushnoil Varkzapee)
  • Fixed some issues with Rifts not properly becoming visible after emerging from an enclosure. (thanks to Crushnoil Varkzapee)
  • Checkpoints should now properly restore the state of Waitswitches. (thanks to Wumpybami Rampygop)
  • You should no longer be killed by a moving camera if it was recently attached to a camera anchor connected to a proximity sensor that you then teleported away from to a far-off distance. The camera will still pan in this case and not instantly move, because there was a camera anchor active at the time you teleported. (thanks to Crushnoil Varkzapee)


  • Moved the drag arrow down in the pause menu if there is a tipping interface, so it feels less crowded.
  • Your own levels now display the tipping interface in the pause menu and scoreboard as well.
  • You should no longer get "double clicks" on the tip change button in the Marketing Department.
  • The playlist viewer should now properly show all usernames in the correct color.
  • When you change the UI scale in the pause menu, the new buttons along the top should all properly change size.
  • Fixed a circle artifact on the new "Gates" button in the editor.
  • If you press the random level button multiple times, the game will no longer spawn multiple random level searchers.
  • Some players were seeing old "Alerts" on their editor categories, as a holdover from the campaign unlock days. You should no longer see these alerts.
  • When you are changing a level's icon during the ending screen, the check mark should no longer look like the "Ship It" button.
  • Fixed an issue where, if you scrolled too fast, buttons on level cards would get clustered on the top or bottom edge of the screen.
  • Removed the Screenshot button from the editor on non-Desktop platforms, since users will be unable to navigate to the composite images or do anything with them.
  • Fixed button placement issues with the Follow, Like, and Favorite buttons on the pause menu and scoreboard if the level name or user name were egregiously long. Yes, EGREGIOUSLY.
  • The "Create Level" button now has the "X" button as its hotkey for gamepads, so it doesn't conflict with the page right / poage left hotkeys. (thanks to Reluna, Brainmop Wippabumble)
  • Added some additional messaging to the level publishing screen for certain edge cases.


  • The "Weather Effects" setting now properly affects the Asteroid Tunnels weather.


  • Fixed some issues with depth sorting in the Asteroid Tunnels biome. (thanks to misshapensmiley)
  • Actually made the Asteroid Tunnels available this time.

Nintendo Switch

  • Removed the "Screenshot" button from the Editor, until we can find a way to make use of the file it generates.
  • Fixed issues with being unable to scroll in various interfaces using split Joy Cons.
  • Fixed some issues in the Editor with certain button hotkeys interacting weirdly with split Joy Cons.
  • Fixed an issue with the tabs changing in the Profile page when you tried to scroll using a split Joy Con.
  • Removed Thingamabob, the Bscotch Community Robot, from the main menu, since we cannot link out to a browser.
  • Fixed an issue where, while editing a level using the touchscreen and dragging to place items, it would cause the first item in the row to not be placed.
  • Fixed an issue where pressing "B" to exit the Campaign screen would cause you to enter the level you were sitting at and exit the campaign, which is a bad combination of events.
  • Removed the "Paste" button from the lookup page on the Switch, and removed the "copy" functions on clicking certain items in the interface such as share codes, since we do not have access to the clipboard via Game Maker (currently).


  • The main menu no longer reloads the shapes of the buttons from the game's directory every time you visit it. It wasn't hurting anything, but it CERTAINLY WASN'T HELPING!


  • Mac is now always in Fullscreen mode, due to engine misbehaviors when toggling screen modes.
  • Fixed some compatibility issues with Mac OS.


  • Waitswitches should now properly mute all of their sounds when they are muted or invisible. (thanks to Quickcloud Pangzow)


  • The camera will no longer draw black bars on the campaign screen if you recently played in a level that had a horizontal boundary. (thanks to Craampie Tindonk)


  • Fixed a crash in the workshop.


  • Added the horizontal Powered Gate to the default list of Daily Build items.