Patch Highlights

This one really came down to the wire, Levelheads! This patch we juuust managed to get in FIVE new editor items, campaign updates, bug fixes, FIRE, and some new community tools! Let's look under the hood!

New Enemies: Scrubb and Ocula!

Although all of Levelhead's enemies are unique from one another, and they all do something interesting, some would argue that the current slate of enemies is... too interesting. We've got teleporting sharks, drill birds, giant tongue-whip chameleons. Heck, even Vacrats, the simplest of enemies, have multiple states. And they chase after the player!

So we thought, maybe it's time time we take this DOWN a notch. How about some dumb enemies that hardly do anything at all? So that's what we did! This patch, we're happy to introduce two new enemies: The Scrubb, and the Ocula!

These two bad robots are nearly identical in behavior, except the Ocula has no depth perception, so it runs off cliffs. When defeated, the Scrubb and Ocula become "squished," turning into a throwable disk that does all kinds of weird things. It can plow through other enemies, you can bounce off it, and it can even break brittle rocks and open prize blocks!

Perhaps even weirder, the Scrubb and Ocula are the game's first "Shrinking" enemies. When you damage a large one, it loses a size and keeps coming. Once it shrinks down all the way, it can be squished!

These enemies are simple but endlessly useful. We're pumped to see how you all use them in your levels!

Is fire... lit?

This patch brings TWO new updates to fire. First, we have a whole new type of fire: WILDFIRE! Wildfire is identifiable with its blazing green color. Wildfire unique is extra hot, so it will destroy enemies as well as GR-18. Plus, it looks cool!

In addition to Wildfire customization, we added a new Fireball hazard that you can put anywhere you like. It has many of the same properties as Whizblades, with the added bonus that Fireballs can be switched on and off using Levelhead's switch system, so you can turn them into some super-heated doors!

This is fine.

Behold! Treasure!

Keycards have always been in Levelhead, but until now, all you could do with them was open doors. Well, NOT ANYMORE! For starters, you can now use them to DELIVER GOODS to your players, with the power of the Key Chest!

Key Chests can have their colors changed as well, so you can give your players a special key that can only be used to get that special treasure you've hidden away!

Weird key puzzles?

Doors? Chests? Of course. But those are just regular key things, and this is Levelhead. So we just blew the lid off this whole thing, and integrated Keycards directly into the editor's switch system, with a whole new item: the Key Switch!

Key Switches are toggled every time you toss a Keycard into them. Not only does this let you use keys for the traditional approach -- unlocking stuff -- it also lets you create weird, limited-move puzzles or contraptions! For example, if you give someone five blue keys and a blue Key Switch, then they can only flip that switch five times.

Let's get that Wiki going!

This past week, the Levelhead Discord community started comparing notes about all the various documents, tricks, contraptions, and everything else they've created learned about Levelhead over the past months. And suddenly the discussion turned to, "WHY DON'T WE HAVE A WIKI?"

That's a good question. Why don't we? We've put in a request over at Gamepedia to get a Wiki off the ground, so we'll have more information about that soon. But in the meantime, we've added a button to the game's Settings page that lets you export some of the game's data, plus item icons, directly into the save directory.

That should be enough to get started on the Wiki, once we get the thing created!

Upcoming Patch Schedule Changes

We're gearing up to fully launch Levelhead early next year on multiple platforms, and we have to make sure we're ready for the big time! Much of our development time over the coming months will be going into various cross-platform compatibility things, certifications, localization, and lots of bug fixes and improvements. We'll also be working toward getting in some really big features that are going to take longer than the current 2-week timeline to design, implement, and test. We've had to put these big features on the backburner during our current phase of Early Access, so we could ensure we always had new content to deliver every 2 weeks.

Going forward, to give ourselves time to get those features into the game, and hit all our other targets, we're going to be spreading the patches out more. But we'll always make sure you know when the next patch is coming, so you won't be left in the dark! And as always, if you want to peek in on how things are going and see some sneak previews, pop into the Butterscotch Discord!

The next patch will arrive in four weeks: November 6th.

Would you like to know more about the current patch? Dig in to the detailed patch notes below!

v0.27.0 Patchnotes (since 0.19.1)

See the full patchnotes.

New Features


  • The settings page now features a button that you can press to export game data to the save folder. This data currently includes information about the Editor items, as well as icons for all of the items. This data is intended to serve as a starting point for community-created sites such as Wikis.

New Item

  • Introducing two new enemies: Scrubb and Ocula! These are "chump" style enemies, meaning they essentially do nothing at all in response to the player. They just walk around! The Ocula has no depth perception, so it walks off cliffs, while the Scrubb will turn around at cliff edges. Large Scrubbs and Oculas shrink down when damaged, and when defeated in their smallest form, they fall onto their back, turning into a throwable item that will pass through and damage enemies, bounce off walls, break blocks and open prize blocks, and can be repeatedly bounced upon. Spinning Scrubbs and Oculas will expire after five seconds of inactivity, or after five bounces against walls. Picking one up and re-throwing it will reset its expiration tracking.
  • Introducing the Key Switch! Key Switches are simple toggle-able switches that will change states when struck by a key of a matching color. This will now allow you to use Key Cards for many more things other than simply opening doors. You can even created some kind of limited move-set puzzle with these, by providing the player with a limited number of keys!
  • Introducing the Burny Ball! This is a placeable fireball that can behave much like a Whizblade. However, Burny Balls can also be attached to switches, and they destroy certain items like bombs or Rebound orbs. They can also be set to the new "Wildfire" mode, which will cause them to damage enemies.
  • Introducing the Key Chest! This is a large, 2x2 treasure chest that can only be opened with a key of a matching color. Key Chests are non-solid, and they require being placed on solid ground. Key chests can contain any of the kinds of items that would normally go inside other objects like prize blocks, and they can also contain enemies.


  • You can now change the fire style for Fire Chainers, Cannons, and Lookcannons. The new fire style options are Hot Fire (normal), Friendly Fire (which only harms enemies), and Wildfire (which harms both GR-18 and enemies). Wildfire is green, and Friendly Fire is blue.
  • You can now type words in the Name Combobulator, and it will jump to the closest word that you typed, instead of just the word that matches the first letter. If you stop typing for over a half-second, the word lookup resets.



  • Scrubb & Ocula, Meet GR-18! package has been effectively blocked so people don't get trapped with it. (thanks to misshapensmiley)
  • Scrubb & Ocula, Meet GR-18! extended spike jump slightly to force use of the diagonal surfing technique.
  • Scrubb & Ocula, Meet GR-18! is now a side-level rather than in the main campaign path.
  • Keyswitch Meditation's key ordering is more random.
  • The Swoopadoop in Swoopadoop Gulch should no longer attack players outside the arena.
  • Trouble at the Fort's package-get section has been clarified.
  • Fly, GR-18! has had it's other proximity switch updated, so players don't engage zoom before it's meant to be zoomed.
  • GR-18 the Comet has had its barrels more finely tuned so players with low-frame rates don't get shot into the abyss.
  • Quickfire has had a single background tile added, to prevent it from being literally unplayable.
  • Pressure Point now uses a music track and the horizontal cam boundary.
  • Hide and Sneak now uses a music track instead of ambient track.
  • Be Sneaky, GR-18! now uses a music track instead of ambient track.
  • Dune Doom Dream's aesthetics have been updated, and the puzzle block section tweaked.
  • Scrubb & Ocula, Meet GR-18! new level in the forest, before Temple Gauntlet.
  • Mad Vacrat Nest now has a chumps in it and has been updated for aesthetics.
  • Vacrat Country now has chumps in it, has been overhauled, and is now called Bop Jump.
  • Temple Gauntlet now has chumps in it.
  • Be Sneaky, GR-18! now has chumps in it.
  • Swoopadoop Gulch now has updated aesthetics, chumps, additional checkpoint, and wildfire.
  • The Heist now has a chump in it.
  • An Unusual Time now has chumps in it.
  • That's an Incredible GR-18 now has chumps in it.
  • Bound and Rebound now has a chump in it.
  • Fault Line Bingo has been updated, includes chumps and new aesthetics, and is now called Trouble at the Fort.
  • The Door Problem now has Chumps in it.
  • Temple of Karma's end now features an Ocula with a deathwish.
  • Ride and Roar now has chumps in it.
  • Grand Theft Grotto now has chumps in it.
  • Temple of Karma's timing has been changed to be playable after the versioning update.
  • New level "Key Switch Meditation" introduces Key Switches. It appears after Chamber of Magic. It's a simple puzzle level!
  • "Calculated Risk" has been revamped to include Wildfire and additional aesthetic changes, and is now called "Too Hot? Too Bad!"
  • Break Grumble and Grin now has a secret Chest.
  • Hide and Sneak now has a secret chest.
  • Loud Mountain Hop has been updated.
  • Sproing Time now has a chest.
  • Fault Line Bingo now has an armor plate.
  • Be Sneaky, GR-18! now has an armor plate.
  • Mad Vacrat Nest now has armor plates.
  • Hide and Sneak now has an armor plate.
  • Swoopadoop Gulch now has an armor plate.
  • GR-18 in the Comet now has a GR-17.
  • Fly, GR-18! Has had its proximity switch updated.
  • Sacrifice the Box's fire has been updated.
  • Thorn Cloud Delivery now includes instruction for how to drop items, instead of just kick 'em.
  • Whizblade Grotto is now Kick Jump Grotto, and it teaches you how to perform a successful kick jump.
  • Updated most UI references to "Campaign" to say "Training" instead, to bring it in line with the opening presentation and lore of the Bureau of Shipping.


  • Updated the tooltip description of the Keycard.
  • Added "Paradigm" to the Name Combobulator. (thanks to Jangoelbow Doopalank)
  • When using the Editor in Multiplayer mode, you cannot resize the level while other players are actively placing things or moving them around.
  • Added to the Name Combobulator: Spin, Report, Party
  • Added to the Name Combobulator: Bonus, Stage (thanks to JextheNBguy)
  • Added to the Name Combobulator: Blind, Misty, Barrel, Bramble, Mayhem, Frenzy, Madness, Lagoon, Chute, Web, Spider, Arctic, Toxic, Stronghold, Antics, Slime, Slimy, Corridor, Watcher, Festive, Festival (thanks to Spekio)
  • Added to the Name Combobulator: Beware (thanks to critwolf)
  • Changed the name of "Burny Ball" to "Fireball", because... you know.
  • Removed "Friendly Fire" as an option for fire style. Turns out, even if fire is blue, it still looks like it should harm you. WHOOPS!
  • Signs now show up as semi-transparent in the Editor when switched off, instead of retracted. This way, you can still see the icon on the sign while editing.
  • You can no longer resize Daily Build levels, since the whole point of Daily Builds is THE RESTRICTIONS! (thanks to Retro Banana Man NL)
  • Key Chests must now be placed on solid ground.
  • Added sign icons for the Ocula and the Scrubb.
  • Burny Whirlers can now use the "Swing" property, similar to Spike Chainers.
  • When you are draggng the edges of a level in the editor, the camera is no longer stuck to the edges of the level, so you can use a joystick or WASD to continue to scroll while dragging the level size larger.
  • When you confirm your level details, the level is no longer force-saved at that moment, because... It's not necessary!
  • Added to the name combobulator: Midnight, Dusk, Twilight, Ritual, Summon, Frightening, Creepy (thanks to Spekio)
  • Added to the name combobulator: Basic, Training, Start, Player, Monster, Lane, Street, Planet, Elevator, Action (thanks to Tim Conceivable)


  • Spinning Scrubbs/Oculas no longer break Hard Clay, but they do still break Brittle Rock.
  • Enemy drop throwables that normally deal damage to enemies now also destroy squished Scrubbs and Oculas.
  • When small Scrubbs or Oculas are punched or bombed, they now turn into their Spinning mode. This will allow you to punch them into other enemies to damage those enemies.
  • The package now destroys Squished Scrubbs and Oculas if thrown at them.
  • Squished Scrubbs and Oculas are now destroyed if they damage an enemy who survives the impact.
  • If a Spinning Scrubb/Ocula hits another spinning one, they will both be destroyed.
  • You can no longer bounce infinitely on Spinning Scrubbs or Oculas. It was... too overpowered. Now, they explode after the first bounce.
  • Updated the scaling of Burny Balls so you can't squeeze between them.
  • Fixed collision issues with Spinning Scrubbs and Spinning Oculas incorrectly killing the player under certain circumstances. Also updated the Scrubb and Ocula to both properly shrink when their larger versions are damaged.
  • Updated Key Chests and Key Switches (in development) to have all their visuals and all four colors, and to respond properly to keys.


  • Added new visuals to the ship's warp animation in the Training map.
  • Slightly reduced the camera speed in Lookaround mode in the world map when using a joystick or WASD, so you don't have to have ELITE GAMER REFLEXES just to highlight a level to warp to.


  • Found some optimizations for non-switched Lead Blocks, as well as Lead blocks generally, that should reduce their load on the CPU.


  • Renamed "Spinning Scrubb" and "Spinning Ocula" to "Squished Scrubb" and "Squished Ocula," since they aren't always spinning while squished.


  • Oculas now animate faster, making them look more angry.
  • Added some extra visual flair to the Ocula and Scrubb's shrinking effect and their spinning states.
  • Scrubbs and Oculas now have a "Standing" frame when in the editor.
  • Wildfire now has green fire particles when it bursts.
  • Updated the styling of particle effects for fire impacts to be... cooler.


  • Implemented sound effects for the Ocula, Scrubb, Key Chest, and Key Switch.


  • Your game will now use the minor version number (the second number) to determine whether a level is compatible and can be played. The "Patch" number (the third number) is now reserved for small bug fixes and other backwards-compatible tweaks.


  • Updated the "Create" button on the New Level page to be the same as the one on the Daily Build page.
  • When typing in the Name Combobulator, your current search string will be displayed in AQUA BLUE!
  • Burny Whirlers now display the proper UIcons when eyedropped based on their fire type.
  • The "Download" button on level cards will now adhere to the same rules as the "Play" button. If you haven't played the level before, the "Download" button will be hollow. If you have played it, it will be solid. If you have beaten it, it will be solid with a checkmark inside it. This way, you can know whether you've played or beaten a level in the past, without needing to download it.
  • Added a graduation cap icon to the progress bar in the Training map.
  • Updated color schema of the "Like" and "Favorite" buttons on expanded Level Cards, so they are more obvious when they are active.
  • Reordered the large "Like" and "Favorite" buttons on expanded level cards, so they match the order of the small "Like" and "Favorite" icon buttons on the non-expanded level card.
  • Updated the icons for the cursor when resizing a level.
  • When using an on-screen keyboard, now only Player 1 can input stuff with their controller.


  • Updated our platform management system to allow for testers to more easily and reliably test how game features are handled on different platforms without actually needing to run a build on those platforms.


  • Updated Asynchronous save throttling to always force-save your workshop level that you are working on.


  • Updated iOS Rumpus to now check for licensing.



  • Slightly tucked in the hitboxes of Fireballs, so 1x1 enemie can walk in the 1-tile gap beneath Wildfire Fireballs.
  • Fireballs on a Circular movement style but set to 0 movement were always facing to the right. Now the properly face down. (thanks to Spekio)
  • Spinning Scrubbs and Oculas no longer blow themselves up on impact with a Crombler. (thanks to Tim Conceivable)
  • Fixed an issue where Scrubbs and Oculas would respawn inside the ground after a checkpoint respawn.
  • Fixed the sizing of the Squished Ocula and Scrubb hitboxes to exactly match one another.
  • The Rebound projectile had an evenly-sized hitbox, which meant it had no central pixel. This caused slight variations in behavior depending on where in the level you fired it. This should now be fixed. (thanks to Wumpybami Rampygop)
  • Fixed issues with Scrubbs and Oculas emerging from Key Chests in the wrong size.
  • You can no longer grab a squished Scrubb or Ocula in the same frame that bounce on it, because it has been DESTROYED!
  • Fixed depth-sorting of Scrubbs and Oculas.
  • Fixed an issue with Scrubbs and Oculas not having their shrunken-ness restored at checkpoints.
  • Fixed issues with Scrubbs and Oculas vibrating super fast if they were stuck in a small area.
  • Fixed an issue where squished Scrubbs/Oculas had unusual horizontal speed changes on moving platforms and Toe Sliders.
  • If a downed Scrubb or Ocula is hit by a Bumper, it will start spinning.
  • Rebound orbs now destroy spinning Oculas/Scrubbs.
  • If an enemy got knocked back by a punch or a bomb, it would then, in most cases, begin ignoring ledges and just walk off of them. Now, the enemy will be knocked off of ledges within the first second of being impacted, but will resume its normal ledge-handling behavior after that.
  • Cromblers no longer cause Bumpers to trigger, since Cromblers are unaffected by Bumpers.
  • If you throw a Scrubb or Ocula at a Brittle Rock and an enemy emerges, the enemy won't be damaged by the thrown Scrubb/Ocula.
  • Enraged Cromblers now crush Spinning Scrubbs and Spinning Oculas.
  • When Scrubbs or Oculas are crushed by Enraged Cromblers, they do not convert to Spinning mode.
  • Scrubbs would get stuck in corners if that corner was both a cliff and a wall. This has been fixed.
  • Burny Whirlers now properly take enemy sizes into account when burning them with Wildfire.
  • Scrubb/Ocula spinners are now properly destroyed by Wildfire.
  • Wildfire no longer destroys Cromblers.
  • Fixed positioning issues with Fireballs -- they should now move in the pattern displayed in the Editor.
  • Fixed issues with Whizblades using rectangular hitboxes instead of circular ones.
  • Fixed an issue where GR-18 could be depth-sorted behind enclosures during the victory sequence.
  • Fixed an issue where Scrubbs and Oculas didn't always register as the correct enemy when they emerged from things.
  • If you restarted at a checkpoint, sometimes your active camera anchor wouldn't be properly remembered from when you touched the checkpoint. This has been fixed.
  • When a Burny Whirler is set to a swing amount of 0, its fireballs would still rotate as if they were swinging. Now they don't!


  • Fixed a spacing issue caused when you have no levels in the "My Levels" section of the Marketing Department.
  • Fixed some (developer-only) text on the confirmation window for resetting campaign progress, that referred to outdated systems.
  • When you go to delist a level in the Daily Build UI, the confirmation window was underneath stuff. Now it isn't.
  • Daily Build workshop cards were sometimes displaying the wrong versions of icons for items. This should now be fixed.
  • Fixed a problem with changing between controller and mouse while scrolling on the Name Combobulator.
  • Player 2 can no longer press buttons to engage with on-screen keyboards with a controller.
  • Toggling a favorite on a level will now display the correct icon in the popup text.
  • You can no longer click on buttons in the Random section of the Tower while you are already searching for random levels.


  • Fixed issues with Rifts not using the proper color of particles when sending things between them. Also, the particle lines now go from the center of the source Rift to the center of the destination Rift, instead of from the starting object to the destination Rift.
  • Fixed the highlighted version of the Download button on level cards to match its non-highlighted version.


  • If you placed an object that requires solids over an enclosure, the enclosure would visibly disappear and not appear to get replaced (although it definitely did). This should no longer be occurring.
  • When in "Circular" mode, fireballs would always display the "Hot Fire" sprite in the Editor even if they were Wildfire fireballs. This has been fixed.
  • Zoom level now resets when you enter a level.
  • Dragging a Toe Slider now draws the correct visuals, depending on its direction.
  • When you had a Key Chest selected, its eyes would be... just wrong. Now they are fine.
  • Fixed a crash that would occur when adding new players to the game during Editor mode.
  • When a player begins rezising a level in the Editor, other players' actions are now cancelled.
  • Updated sensitivity of resizing levels, so if you rapidly click one of the edges of your level, it won't insta-resize it.
  • Fixed a case where the wrong edges of a level were sometimes being highlighted as you resized it.
  • Fixed a single-frame cursor flash when you released the cursor while resizing a level.


  • Fixed a crash that would occur when Tiptowing as a shrub through a squished Ocula or Scrubb.
  • Fixed an issue where if you immediately exited the Email login page after sending your login information, the game could crash.
  • If you attempt to load a level that has items that are unavailble in your version of the game and somehow we don't catch that case, the game will no longer crash -- the level will simply fail to load, and you will get a popup stating that the level failed to load.


  • Enemies destroyed by Wildfire should now properly play their "Destroyed" sound.
  • Fixed some issues with Lizumis making horrible repeated screeching noises when trapped.


  • Fixed some issues with caching of likes and favorites, and how those are displayed on level cards. Level cards should more accurately display your likes and favorites now.
  • The Daily Build page should no longer feature delisted levels.
  • Updated reliability of caching likes and favorites.
  • When playing a random level playlist, you should now properly see the names of the level creators, instead of their rumpus codes.


  • Fixed some issues with loading levels due to data types not being recognized in the YoYoCompiler.


  • Fixed an issue where some of your level's metadata (such as its name) wasn't being properly updated on the server if it was a cloud level. This would cause the level's name to change when you pulled it down on another machine.


  • Sacrifice the Box's jems are now all obtainable, and it should no longer be possible to sneak a rebound orb into the final portal.