Levelhead Patch 0.42.0: Weather the Weather

Patch Highlights

Hey, Levelheads! Welcome to our LARGEST PATCH EVER. Our focus these past four weeks has been on bug fixes, optimizations, and overall improvements to what's already in the game. But just for good measure, we squeezed a couple new toys in there, because WHY NOT? Let's take a look!

Reusable BUDD-E's!

Many of our level builders have been making levels with a sort of "check-in" spot, where the player could re-save their progress each time they returned to the same location. But previously, the only way to do this was to place two BUDD-Es (checkpoints) side by side, which took up a lot of space and made a lot of noise. So we fixed that, by introducing a new style of BUDD-E!

Now, you can toggle whether your BUDD-E is reusable. Reusable BUDD-Es gain a blue tint and have round protuberances on their heads, so you can tell them apart. If a BUDD-E is reusable, every time you re-touch it, it will save the level state at that moment -- even if that BUDD-E was already active!

Plus, we changed the color of the BUDD-E's face from green to cyan, which so far has worked out great, and we haven't gotten any pushback at all from our players on that one. Nope. Not even a little bit! It's just been... Just smooth. Smoooooooth sailing.

Rain Rain Windy Windy!

As soon as we added weather to Levelhead, we knew we wanted to add some way to control the weather. Thanks to Levelhead's switch system, we had an easy way to do it, so we just needed to find the time! AND THIS PATCH, WE DID!

Now, you can drop a Weatherbox into your level, which will allow you to control the weather via switches! Want to start a sandstorm when the player leaves a cave? Or have the sun come out when the player clears out all the enemies? Weatherboxes give you control over that FLOOOOW.

Jingle jangle!

Speaking of having cool things happen when the player achieves something... What about MUSIC?

We now have JINGLEBOXES, which are little one-tile, invisible items that you can connect to switches to have little jingles -- short songs -- play when events occur. Want to celebrate the player finding a secret room? Or perhaps celebrate the player making a huge mistake by taunting them with a sad song? Now you can!

Switches got me in Stitches

Key Doors and Key Chests have always kind of lived in their own little key world, doing key stuff and generally not participating with the rest of society. But we reached out to the Key Embassy and sat down with some of their Key Diplomats and Key Personnel. We talked about Key Performance Indicators and brought up some key talking points, and eventually we found the key issue.

Now, Key Doors and Key Chests can send a signal when opened! That means you can directly tie level events to the usage of a Key Card, without needing some kind of elaborate Key Switch contraption. In conjunction with the Jingles, this little feature opens up a lot of fun "secret reveal" and celebratory opportunities.

Japanese and Korean!

Just yesterday we got our first translations for Levelhead in Japanese and Korean, so we added it to the game!

This is a FRESH translation, so we want to hear from our players about things we can do to improve it. We've already heard that our Name Combobulator needs a lot of work with Japanese, so we'll be figuring that one out. But we want your feedback! FEED US YOUR FEEDBACK!

Mostly because we can't read this stuff. What even is this? WHAT AM I LOOKING AT?

Tons of fixes!

Fully half of the changes that have gone in to this patch are fixes to existing systems, and most of the other changes were general improvements or rebuilds of game systems that were misbehaving. We scoured the whole thing from top to bottom and put time into some of the more elusive bugs that have been causing our players (and us) headaches. Some of the greatest hits from this patch include:

  • Proximity switches should now actually work properly in the first frame of a level. No more Jems appearing and then instantly disappearing!
  • If you liked a level, you would sometimes later return to find that your "Like" hadn't actually been applied. Now they actually stick to levels!
  • The Wiki exporter is a lot smoother and no longer causes the game to hang forever.
  • When you log into the game or change users, you now go to a loading screen that makes sure everything is square. Previously, the loading would happen on the main menu, which meant you could go into the campaign or do other stuff before the loading was actually finished. WHOOPS!
  • If you were falling super fast, you would sometimes slide past a 1-tile gap that you were trying to horizontally move into. The physics have been updated so that if you're moving at higher speeds, it becomes easier to slide into these gaps. NICE!
  • You can now hold buttons on the controller while inputting text into the on-screen keyboard. No more carpal tunnel for you!
  • Some items had hitboxes that were 2 pixels too wide, which allowed you to, for example, go through a Rift even if it was inside a wall. These have all been fixed. NO MORE CHEATING!
  • Tons of items, like cannons and some enemies, weren't fully restoring their states at checkpoints. This made for inconsistencies that shouldn't have existed. We've fixed all of these that we've found, but if you find more, let us know!

Aside from all the fixes, we also put time into optimizing the game by profiling which items were using unnecessary CPU, and we trimmed the fat on all of those items. Overall, you should notice frame rate increases in just about every scenario. So... that's nice!

What's Next?

The next patch will come December 18, since Adam (the web programmer) and I (the game programmer) will be out for two weeks around Thanksgiving. We'll have a developer blog for the next two weeks, and then we'll have a couple weeks of silence while we're on our Thanksgiving break, although we'll still have community spotlights during that time.

The focus of this next patch will be making the campaign more robust and interesting, and making it an overall better experience for new players to get introduced to the game. I don't want to spoil the surprise, so I'll just LEAVE IT AT THAT!

If you want to know more about patch 0.42, read on!

v0.42.0 Patchnotes (since 0.27.0)

See the full patchnotes.

New Features


  • Levelhead now features Japanese and Korean translations.
  • Added Japanese and Korean language support.


  • Added seven new jingles to the Jinglebox.
  • You can now rearrange the words in the Name Combobulator using left/right arrows underneath the words.
  • BUDD-Es (Checkpoints) now have a "Reusable" toggle. Reusable BUDD-Es are blue and have round protuberances on their heads, instead of pointy.
  • A new item is available in the Editor: The WEATHERBOX! The Weatherbox is an invisible item that controls the weather by listening to signals. When a Weatherbox is changing the weather, the level's current weather will fade in or out over 1/3 of a second, which is fast enough that you can make it feel like the player is exiting a building into a storm, but slow enough that it isn't jarring. If your level has a Weatherbox in it, the level's default weather settings will be ignored.
  • Key Chests now have an optional Sending Channel, and an optional starting state for that signal. Getting hit by a matching key will cause the chest to toggle its Sending Channel signal. (thanks to Brainmop Wippabumble)
  • Key Doors now have an optional Sending Channel, and an optional starting state for that signal. Getting hit by a matching key will cause the door to toggle its Sending Channel signal.
  • A new item is available in the Editor: The JINGLEBOX! The Jinglebox is an invisible item that can play short tunes when activated with a switch. These can be used to emphasize certain moments in your level, such as surprises, secret reveals, or the player acquiring a special item. Jingleboxes will play once per switch activation, with an internal 0.5 second cooldown (so they can't be played every frame). Normally, Jingleboxes are Global, which means their sounds can be heard from anywhere in the level. Global Jingleboxes will dampen the game's music temporarily while they play their tune. Alternatively, they can be set to "Positional," which allows you to play a tune from a location (if the player is close enough). Positional Jingleboxes do not dampen the normal game music.


  • When enemies are roasted by Wildfire, it now makes a unique sound.

File Management

  • When you first open the game and when you log into or out of a Rumpus account, you will now see a loading screen. Previously, all loading and syncing was done on the main menu, but this could lead to problems, such as your save file not being fully synced or loaded by the time you clicked on the campaign ship. Now, everythign will be loaded first, and then you will go to the main menu.


  • Levelhead now uses compression for sending files to Rumpus over 256 bytes. This should result in faster web functions and less data usage, especially for syncing player saves and large levels.



  • Updated the sound of the Tense Success jingle.


  • Added to the Name Combobulator: Once, Twice, Thrice (thanks to cprice)
  • Added to the Name Combobulator: Unknown (thanks to WaddlesTNT)
  • Added to the Name Combobulator: Currency
  • If you place a Weatherbox but have weather effects disabled, you will get a warning popup message. (thanks to msmiley)
  • Added Pressure Plate and Lookswitch to the Daily Build defaults. (thanks to TimConceivable)
  • The Sign now features a Key Chest icon.
  • Added words to the name combobulator: Height, Heights, System, Systemic, Draft. (thanks to Spekio)
  • Rifts can now have their Rift ID and Destination Rift ID set to "None" (which can be accessed by setting their IDs to -1). This allows you to make true one-way Rifts that can only send or only receive, without needing to do weird workarounds.
  • Jingleboxes now have a "Repeatable" setting, which lets you decide whether they play only once, or can play each time they are switched back on. By default, Jingleboxes are set to non-repeating.
  • All of the Enclosure tiles had the same flavor text. Now they each have unique flavor text!
  • Added to the name combobulator: Beep (thanks to Johnny0798)
  • The name combobulator now supports hyphens as a punctuation mark. (thanks to Johnny0798)
  • Added "Lost" to the name combobulator. (thanks to Spekio)
  • When GR-18 is being dragged in the Editor, it will pose as if it is falling.
  • Added a "Sprint" icon to the Sign. (thanks to Steek Hutsy)
  • Added to the Name Combobulator: Generator, Juice, Power, Energy, Electricity, Energize, Repeat, Loop, Actually, Actual.
  • Added to the Name Combobulator: Color, Gallery, Channel, Raid, Aurora, Chump, Destroyer, Colorful, Wondrous, Fragile, Cube, Symphony, Paradise, Workshop, Caution, Case, Sewer, Conveyor, Family, Dome Structure, Torrent, Poison, Palace, Magical, Underground, Parallel, Wide, Warm, Enchanted, Automatic, Heavy, Narrow, Limited, Celestial, Cosmic. (thanks to Johnny0798)
  • Added unique Editor selection sounds to all enemies, not just the Scrubb and Ocula!
  • By default, new levels created from this version forward will have their camera side boundaries defaulted to "On." You can still disable the horizontal camera boundaries in the level details.


  • The first loading screen into the game is now the spinning Rumpus logo (as before), while the user swapping loading screen is the new GR-18 box art loading screen.
  • Updated the "Tip Amount" icon to be a coin going into a slot, instead of that weird hand thing.
  • Added an icon to the "Language" setting in the Settings page, so you can tell which setting to change if the game is in the wrong language and you therefore can't read it.
  • There is now a confirmation window for resetting all your settings via the Settings menu.
  • Language selection is now the very first thing in the Settings menu.
  • Updated the Rumpus login page to use icons instead of text. This will also allow us to fit more login buttons on the screen at once without it feeling cluttered or needing to add scrolling.


  • If your Rumpus credentials expire, the game will now handle this more gracefully. It will load up the Guest account, and then prompt you with a message that your credentials have expired, and it will ask you whether you want to log back in.
  • Levels now carry metadata for which platform they were published on. This will later allow us to give players the option to only play levels published on the same kind of device they are currently using.
  • Rumpus now features internet pits filled with internet sticks to e-impale any e-intruders.
  • Levelhead now uses "Just in Time" level delivery! When playing a playlist, the game would previously download all of the playlist's levels at once. This was pretty wasteful for bandwidth and file writing, because you might only play the first level and then decide to go do something else. Now, each level is downloaded when you first enter its loading screen right before you play it. If you want to download levels in bulk, you can still do so via just clicking on their "Download" buttons without playing them.


  • Textures are now prefetched during the level loading screen instead of during the first frame of the level. This should reduce hitching that might occur on the first play-through of a level after loading.
  • Optimized Hardlights to use less CPU in general, and to use quite a bit less CPU while in the Editor.
  • Found numerous optimizations in Flippy Longswitches, dramatically reducing their impact on frame rates.
  • Levels with a large number of switches should now load dramatically faster.
  • Found several optimizations in Battle Switches, reducing their impact on frame rates.
  • Optimized several aspects of Jem Switches, so they should now have less of an impact on frame rates.
  • Found several optimizations in placeable Fireballs, lessening their effect on the game's frame rates.
  • Found several optimizations in Spiketrons and Whizblades, giving them a dramatically reduced impact on frame rates.
  • Optimized Wait Switches, so their effect on fps is substantially reduced.
  • Boomboxes have had much of their code optimized, causing their effect on the frame rate of a level to be generally halved.
  • Tempswitches no longer run any rendering code while offscreen, which should result in a mild frame rate boost for levels that have a large number of Tempswitches.
  • Optimized many of the game's texture pages, which should increase performance in devices with weak GPUs.
  • Purged a number of old, unused sprites.
  • Found some heavy optimizations in the rendering of pickups such as Jems and Powerups. These items will no longer run any draw code when offscreen, and they have had some other unnecessary calculations removed. Levels with large numbers of Jems and Pickups should see a performance boost.
  • The game should no longer iterate over input channels that aren't associated with active players. Monitoring those input channels was using unnecessary CPU.
  • Dense Fog no longer renders if it is off-screen. This should lead to a performance boost on levels with a lot of Dense Fog.
  • Optimized some of the rendering of text in the Gameplay Interface.
  • If something were to ordinarily spawn the "whiteflash smoke cloud" animation (as when enemies are defeated), that animation will now only spawn if it would be visible on-screen.


  • You can now hit the "Retry" button during a powerup acquisition animation. (thanks to RetrophileTV)
  • The top camera boundary is now the actual top edge of the level, instead of a half grid space above the level. This will make it easier to create a feeling of enclosed spaces. Note that the player can still go up there; they will just have to navigate using the on-screen arrow that indicates their location.
  • Sped up the acceleration of Scrubbs and Oculas so if they get knocked back, they don't slide away for 10,000 years.


  • The in-game Wiki export function no longer freezes the game while it is exporting.
  • The in-game Wiki export function now includes information about campaign levels. (thanks to Spekio)
  • The in-game Wiki export function now includes all of the words in the Name Combobulator. (thanks to Spekio)


  • Workshop cloud level downloads are now force-saved to disk, ignoring normal file write limits.


  • For consoles with rate limits on file saving, it was possible to have your downloaded levels fail to get "locked in" to the device's storage if they were stuck waiting in queue to save to disk. Now, when the level downloader is done downloading all the levels you have queued up, it will guarantee that those downloaded levels ignore the normal file write limits so they don't get lost.


  • "Storm of Regret" has been updated.
  • "Deliver the Package, GR-18!" has been updated.
  • "Fly, GR-18!" has been updated.
  • "Sting Like a Bee" has been updated.
  • "Grand Theft Grotto" has been updated.
  • "Spike Pop Experiment" has been updated.
  • "Pow Pow Magic" has been updated.
  • "Under Pressure" has been updated.
  • "Hollow Mountain Hike" has been updated.
  • "Go Go Rumble" has been updated.
  • "Chamber of Magic" has been updated.
  • "The Heist" has been updated.
  • "Sacrifice the Box" has been updated.
  • "Bop Jump" has been updated.
  • "Temple Gauntlet" has been updated.
  • "Bomb Traveler" has been updated.
  • "An Unusual Time" has been updated.
  • "Four Point Plunge" has been updated.
  • "Hollow Mountain Hike" has been updated.
  • "Only Air" has been updated.
  • "Battery Gauntlet" has been updated.
  • "Sproing time" has been updated.
  • "Fire Jungle" has been updated.
  • Think Dangerously has had cheese removed from its third puzzle.
  • Home Run is now called Triple Trouble and is better.
  • Ouch Cart has been slightly updated.
  • Temple Gauntlet has been updated.
  • Under Pressure has been updated.
  • Blopfush Trap has been updated.
  • Hide and Sneak - Proximity switches updated to not misfire and softlock players when the multiplayer camera zooms out.
  • Uh Oh - level updated to include music all the way through and be slightly spookier.
  • Jem Jazz Ordeal has been overhauled and is now Turn It On!
  • Switch Karma now has music.
  • The Heist now has music and a few updates.
  • Home Run now has music.
  • Now That's a Rift has been updated and now has a few coins.
  • Package Jump Challenge has been updated and now has secrets and a GR17
  • Be Sneaky GR18 has been updated, now has a blopfush flock
  • Thorncloud Delivery has been updated to reinforce package jump mechanics.
  • Dense Fog Ridge has been updated to include blopfush tantalizers.
  • Bop Jump has been updated to include blopfush, fire, and golden key/doors
  • Deliver the Package, GR-18! Has been updated to include blopfush and fire, among other things.
  • Regret Gate Compilation has been updated to include a keychest, fireballs, tile variety, weather, and better design.


  • BUDD-Es no longer show an exclamation mark on their chest when active. Instead, they show the "Replay" icon that matches the Replay button in the top-left corner. Also, you now get a "Ring Pop" visual when you activate a BUDD-E, making it easier to tell that you activated it.
  • Sky Wigglers are now much darker when "Off," making them easier to identify.
  • 3x3 Fireballs have been made more circular, so their tails don't extend 1.5 grid spaces beyond their hitbox. They need to be hot, but not THAT hot!


  • Hiding the interface with the developer override will now remove hotkey overlays on buttons.


  • Updated the Rumpus login flow to be more clear about what is happening when you are linking a Steam, Nintendo, or Xbox account to an existing Rumpus account.
  • Updated Rumpus placeholder email text to use "example.com" instead of weird made-up domains, in case those domains actually come into existence at some point.
  • If Rumpus only has one login method available on a given platform, the "Login Method Selection" page will no longer appear.
  • Updated the account creation screen for when you log in to a new account via a non-email method (like Steam, Xbox, etc).
  • The "User Manager" Rumpus screen no longer appears on Xbox, since your profiles will be managed via the Xbox interface.

Nintendo Switch

  • The Switch should now automatically adjust graphical settings depending on whether it is in Boost Mode or Normal Mode.
  • Added "Tabletop Mode" support to the Switch, so one user can play in Handheld mode while another user plays with a separate controller.
  • Updated saving on the Switch so level saving in the workshop is always forced, to minimize data loss that could be caused by file write speed limits.


  • Your campaign progress will be saved when you trigger a GR-17.
  • Player campaign data is always force-saved without timers on all platforms, to ensure campaign progress isn't lost due to file write speed limits.


  • Updated visual display for the "Menu" and "View" buttons on-screen when playing on Xbox, to match the icons shown on the controller.



  • Squished Scrubbs and Oculas should now reliably trigger pressure plates if they hit the pressure plate as their last bounce before they explode.
  • Wildfire should now properly destroy enemeies offscreen. (thanks to TimConceivable)
  • Squished Oculas and Scrubbs will now trigger pressure plates in the frame that they explode from hitting a wall for the final time. (thanks to Intuition?!)
  • If a Burny Whirler, Fireball, Spinny Platform, or other rotating or swinging object is set to "All Inactive" or "Any Inactive" and it has no associated switches, it should now always be on. (thanks to TalkGibberish)
  • If a Blopfush got knocked off a track, it would retain a tiny amount of residual movespeed when it returned to the track, causing it to vibrate slightly. This has been fixed.
  • It is now far easier to squeeze into horizontal gaps while falling.
  • Flipwips should now properly maintain their attack and leap directions when restored from a checkpoint.
  • Previously, if you hit the "Jump" button while Waylay punching, your jump would attempt to trigger, but nothing would happen, since you were mid-punch. Now, the jump input will be stored and will trigger at the end of your punch via input buffering. This fixes the "lost jump" bug and also introduces some new movement techniques. (thanks to TheViralMelon)
  • If you were ceiling-hanging with the Tiptow and bumping up against a wall, your animation would stop and then get all twitchy. Now it will play smoothly.
  • If you were invincible and standing inside something that would harm you, your "Retry" button wouldn't work. Now it does!
  • If you hit the "Retry" button right when GR-18 respawned, no retry would occur, and your next death would count as a retry instead of a death. This has been fixed. (thanks to TheViralMelon)
  • If "Players Share Powerups" is active in a level, players in Respawn Bubbles will now properly have their visuals updated when their living friends acquire powerups.
  • The package now properly restores its facing direction at checkpoints.
  • For levels made in version 0.40 or higher, Rifts will have their hitboxes tucked in by 1 pixel on each side, so you should no longer be able to enter them through walls or corners. (thanks to Johnny0798)
  • Weather machines now start with weather in the correct state when the level first boots up.
  • Dying in multiplayer will now clear the timer on your Dbot, Lectroshield, and Armor, so you won't have them when you respawn.
  • GR-18's grappler now passes through invisible Prize Blocks.
  • Blasters and Trigblasters now use a 1x1 hitbox, so you should no longer be able to enter them diagonally through corners. This change is not retroactive, so it should only apply to levels made in Version 0.39 or higher. (thanks to TimConceivable)
  • Blasters and Trigblasters had slightly differently-sized hitboxes. This should no longer be the case for levels made in version 0.39 or higher.
  • Dbot no longer protects you from being crushed to death by doors. (thanks to Impflake Grinnyfunk)
  • Cannons and Lookannons now properly restore their rotation and timing at checkpoints. (thanks to TalkGibberish)
  • Fixed an issue with placed throwable items not receiving signals from proximity sensors in the first frame of the level.
  • Fixed more issues with proximity sensors interacting with certain items at first spawn on a level. Affected items fixed: Boombox, Lookcannon, ZOOM-R, Sign, Arrow Hologram, and Secret Eye.
  • If a proximity sensor (battle switch, eyeswitch, or package cam) is within range of something in the first frame of the level, the following items now handle receiving that signal properly: Hardlights, Regret Gates, Burny Whirlers, Fireballs, all Pickups, Spike Blocks, Spike Chainers, Cannons.
  • Package Cams now properly detect the package in the first frame of the level's existence.
  • Baddie Eyeswitches now properly detect enemies in the first frame of the level's existence.
  • Eyeswitches now properly detect GR-18 in the first frame of the level's existence.
  • Fixed a legacy issue that was causing the game clock to run twice as fast.
  • Your powerup refresh animation will no longer show up if you don't have an active powerup.
  • Flipwips now properly restore their attack states at checkpoints.
  • Throwable items on paths should now properly detach from the path and gain physics when blown up by a bomb.
  • Keys should no longer fail to trigger Keydoors or Keyswitches if they hit them vertically (up or down), even if they just roll across them. (thanks to BlueSheep3, msmiley)
  • Popjaws now have their attack states properly recorded and restored at Checkpoints. (thanks to WaddlesTNT)
  • Projectiles being shot from cannons would break on deactivated fireballs. Now they don't! (thanks to TheViralMelon)
  • If you placed a path node exactly on top of the same path but earlier in the path, the item on the node would latch onto the earlier path point instead of the intended node. This has been fixed for all levels made in this version and later. (thanks to TalkGibberish)
  • Enemies now store their "grounded" state in checkpoints, which should eliminate scenarios where, for example, Scrubbs or Oculas would slide backwards momentarily if respawned from a checkpoint onto a Toe Slider. (thanks to Dappalol Abember)
  • If you are currently touching a Purge Gate, you can no longer grab items -- they will just flash with the red effect of the purge gate, and they won't move.
  • If a Purge Gate knocked a Sproing off your back into a tight corridor, the Sproing could get stuck in walls. This is because Sproings have a full Grid Space-sized hitbox, so they had to fit perfectly into a grid space. The "find an open spot" algorithm wasn't taking this into account, so the Sproing would instead just get stuck. The open-spot-finding algorithm has been updated, so this should no longer be occurring.
  • Springs that emerged from enemies or prize blocks would disappear after a checkpoint respawn. Now they persist! (thanks to Brainmop Wippabumble)
  • When GR-18 kicked something while also firing Ripcord jets, the "Kick" animation would play but the fire would continue to shoot, even though the jet-arms were no longer present. This should now be fixed.
  • Enemies now award points when defeated by being CRUSHED BY A DOOR. (thanks to TimConceivable)
  • Punching or exploding a Scrubb/Ocula with an item inside it would result in the Scrubb/Ocula not spawning their "flying away off screen" animation. Now they do!
  • The last Ocula or Scrubb to emerge from a Robo Factory would have odd behaviors when being restored at checkpoints, such as turning into the other type of enemy. This was due to an item lookup error relating to the Robo Factory being destroyed, which has been resolved.
  • In certain rare cases, the game would get confused and think you were playing a published level when you were in the campaign. This should no longer occur.
  • Wildfire projectiles no longer revert into Hot Fire projeciles after a checkpoint reload. (thanks to WaddlesTNT)
  • Key Chests now properly store (and restore) their states at checkpoints. (thanks to msmiley)
  • Throwing a Scrubb or Ocula at Jems would pick up the Jems even if they were deactivated with a switch. Now it doesn't! (thanks to Crushnoil Varkzapee)


  • You can now use a controller in the feedback screen while in the Campaign Overworld. (thanks to WaddlesTNT)
  • The "Skip Level" button was appearing even if you weren't in a playlist. Now it doesn't!
  • Due to a caching error, the "Likes" on a level would sometimes be displayed as -1. This error has been resolved.
  • If you attempt to play a playlist level that you are not allowed to play (due to not having enough players, for example), you will now get a popup message explaining why you cannot enter it.
  • You can now skip the last level of a playlist (if you aren't in the Tower Trial), since going past the last level takes you to the summary screen.
  • The "Back" button in the Tower Trial was offset differently from the preceding UI. This has been fixed.
  • The Playlist Summary details were too low on the screen. They have been moved up slightly.
  • It should now be impossible for someone to see the splash screen twice in one gaming session, even if they change user profiles on a console and effectively reboot the game in that manner.
  • You should no longer get two confirmation messages sitting on top of one another on the main menu.
  • The "Tip" button no longer appears on levels that you have reported.
  • The "Weather" checkbox will no longer appear in the Level Details page if you have placed a Weatherbox, because weatherboxes override the default weather settings in your level.
  • The "Follow" buttons should once again be working on the Playlist results screen.
  • The Playlist Results screen will now appear when you finish any playlist, not just the Tower Trial.
  • The "Follow" and "Favorite" buttons were the wrong size on the Playlist Summary page. This has been fixed!
  • The "Follow" button no longer appears next to your own name on the Playlist Summary page.
  • The "Best Scores" and "Best Times" headings in the Tower Trial have been given more space, so the text in non-English languages has more room.
  • Dropdown menus now properly accept controller clicks from all players, and they also highlight when hovered over by any controller's cursor.
  • With Keyboard/Controller Co-op active, you should no longer experience "double clicks" on level cards or dropdown menus in the Tower or Profile page. (thanks to WaddlesTNT)
  • Fixed some inconsistencies in the location of the "Back" button on some interfaces.
  • You can now hold controller buttons to continuously press keys on the Login and Naming on-screen keyboards.
  • You can now use either the "A" or "B" button on a controller to unlock items on the "Unlock Reveal" page in the Campaign.
  • The Rumpus login text while waiting for email confirmation should no longer go off the sides of the screen in French.
  • You can no longer skip past choosing your name in the opening cutscene.
  • If you have a lot of powerups in a Workshop level, they would get crowded together on the level card. Now they are more reassonably spread out.
  • The Key Switch and Key Chest had the same flavor text. Now they don't.
  • Slightly narrowed the width of the Name text field in the Training overworld UI, so the Bug/Jem icons don't spill over past the edges of the housing in some languages.
  • You should no longer be able to pause during the ending scoreboard. (thanks to Crushnoil Varkzapee)
  • Clicking on a notification with a controller to play a level would cause a horrifying series of clicking noises while the screen went black. This demon has been dealt with.
  • On Desktop, if you were using a controller on the Rumpus keyboard and the window lost focus while you were holding a joystick direction, the game would continue acting like the joystick was held even if you let it go, making tons of noise. This has been fixed.
  • When you spent Exposure Bucks in the Marketing Department, your wallet would flash the wrong width for one frame before updating itself. It should no longer do this.
  • If you eyedropped or dragged a Purge Gate, it would always draw as blue. Now, it draws in the appropriate color to match its style.
  • Pressing the "B" (back) button on a controller while on the Rumpus login method screen will no longer exit straight to the main menu; it will now take you back to the user management screen.
  • The cursor is no longer shown on the loading screen.
  • When you eyedropper a GR-18 that has Rebound as its default powerup, the correct image of GR-18 with Rebound will show up on your cursor.
  • Added controller button displays to the buttons on the login page on Rumpus -- specifically the "Submit" button on the email page, but this change should automatically propagate to other Rumpus buttons that would display gamepad keys.
  • If you reverted a level back into your Workshop and had one or zero levels remaining in the "My Levels" section of the Marketing Department, the Playlist button would persist on that screen. It now goes away.
  • The login keyboard in Rumpus now displays actual Controller button visuals, instead of just text.


  • Fixed an issue with "Likes" on levels not being cached properly in some cases, causing them to disappear.
  • If you exited the game instead of choosing an alias for yourself, the game would show a weird screen the next time you booted it up, with the opening Bureau of Shipping presentation but missing the backdrop. This has been fixed. (thanks to WaddlesTNT)
  • Submitting feedback about the Training program should now properly tag it as "Training" instead of "Campaign."
  • Clearing your web cache via the Settings menu will now clear your HTTP cookies as well.
  • Notifications should now more reliably display player names, so if a player changes their name, the change should retroactively apply across past notifications.
  • The handling of unfollows, unlikes, and unfavorites should now be more reliable and should no longer result in "ghost" effects (such as someone showing as 'following' even if you recently unfollowed them). This was purely a caching problem, so your unfollows/unfavorites/unlikes were going to the server, but the game client wasn't always displaying these properly.
  • The game will no longer send zero-progress Perk data to the server. What a waste of bandwidth!
  • If you were looking at a specific category in the Notifications menu past page 3 and then return to the first page using the "First Page" button, you would get no results. This has been fixed! (thanks to WaddlesTNT)
  • Fixed an issue where, if a cloud level you downloaded couldn't be validated (due to corruption), the rest of your cloud levels would get all weird and show up in the normal workshop area instead of the cloud area, even though they were still cloud saved. The cloud level management system has been refactored, and this issue shouldn't happen anymore.
  • Fixed an issue where if you played a level through the Notifications page and had not previously downloaded it, the creator's name and the scoreboard wouldn't appear in the level's interfaces.
  • If you have reported a level in a series and hit the "Play SerieS" button, the reported level(s) will be skipped. This doesn't apply to the Tower Trial, however -- if you have reported a level in the Tower Trial, you cannot play that trial.
  • Fixed a few small issues with version checking for compatibility of levels under the new system.


  • The dropdowns in the Name Combobulator should once again respond to controllers.


  • Pressing the "B" button on a controller (or Escape on the keyboard) will now properly close out of the Campaign Unlock screen.
  • With the Bug Reporting window open in the Campaign, you could still play levels and warp around. Now you can't!
  • You should now definitely not be able to warp in the Training map whilst already flying between nodes.
  • Fixed a visual issue with campaign paths, where they would show up as white and glowy under certain scenarios even if they weren't passable. This was most prominently seen after beating "Kick Jump Grotto."
  • You can no longer Warp in the campaign if your ship is already traveling somewhere. Your ship must be stopped to initiate a warp!
  • You can no longer see level names in the Campaign Inspect Mode if those levels are currently invisible to you.


  • The music is now reduced quite a bit more during Jinglebox jingles. (thanks to TheViralMelon)
  • Fixed an issue caused by the new music dampening feature of Jingleboxes that would cause the music on the Finalize Level Details page to be inaudible.
  • Jinglebox jingles are now cut short if you respawn, exit the level, or transition from editing to gameplay. This will prevent their sounds from spilling over where they shouldn't be.


  • If you deleted a background behind a level element larger than 1x1, the "Delete Clouds" would show up in the shape of the larger object, instead of just on the singular background tile. This has been fixed. (thanks to TheViralMelon)
  • You can no longer delete level elements while hovering over buttons or other interface elements in the Editor.
  • The predictive typing feature in the Name Combobulator will now listen to symbols and numbers. (thanks to msmiley)
  • The "Move Word" button in the Name Combobulator now has a highlighted visual frame.
  • The right-most word in the Name Combobulator won't spawn a "Right" arrow, since you can't move that word to the right.
  • The new "Move Word" buttons should properly despawn when the Name Combobulator despawns.
  • Automatic Switch ID assignment now works with the optional switch IDs associated with Key Chests and Key Gates.
  • The new optional switch IDs associated with Key Chests and Key Gates will now properly be greyed out in the properties window if there is no receiver associated with that switch ID.
  • Jingleboxes now dampen the Editor music while they are being edited, so you can hear their jingles better.
  • When using hyphens in the Name Combobulator, they now join numbers together without spaces, so you can make names like "World 1-1".
  • Fixed a crash that would occur if you dragged an item outside the level's boundaries.
  • Fixed a missed "Undo" recording that would occur if you dragged an item on top of another item and then undid the drag.
  • Toggling the "Ghosts" button in the Editor should now properly save that preference to disk, so it should be preserved between play sessions.
  • Updated some aspects of level saving to catch possible edge cases in saving item properties.
  • If you changed something in the Level Details page, then reopened and exited out of the Level Details page, you would end up with weird effects where the background wouldn't match the tiles in your level (during that session). This has been fixed. (thanks to Wompylid Fanlow)
  • Context-aware tiles at the bottom row of the Editor would sometimes show visuals as though they were "deeper" than they really were. This has been fixed.
  • In the Name Combobulator, if you started scrolling and then moved your cursor off of a word, the word slot could land partway between words and wouldn't resolve itself until you put your cursor back on it. It should now always snap to the nearest word. (thanks to Crushyjim Gittaboop)
  • When dragging GR-18 in the Editor, the proper sprite is now drawn based on GR-18's starting powerup.
  • "Toggle" style pressure plates weren't properly displaying their starting or pressed states in the Editor under certain conditions. Now they should!
  • Cromblers no longer visually X-flip when you drag them around in the Editor. This change should prevent the game from being literally unplayable.
  • When dragging Cannons and Lookannons, they wouldn't draw their proper sprite in the Editor according to their selected projectile. Now they do!
  • You can no longer Undo, Save, or change item properties while a level is being resized.
  • Fixed issues caused by dragging Scalepopped items onto other Scalepopped items of the same type. Previously, either one of the items would disappear, or in the worst case, the game would crash (as with portals). Now, dragging an enlarged item onto another enlarged item of the same type should properly break apart and re-form all the appropriate items. To see this in action, you can drag a 3x3 Hardlight so that it partially overlaps another 3x3 Hardlight.
  • Fireballs now properly dim themselves when turned "off" in the editor, so you can better tell how they are responding to switches and what their start state will be. (thanks to Spekio)
  • When being dragged, Rifts should now draw themselves in the proper color.
  • "Portal ID" is now called "Rift ID" in the properties window of a Rift.


  • Fixed color of the activated BUDD-E's face to match the arrow on its chest.
  • Fixed an issue where paths that were pointing to the left were being drawn with their shading upside down.
  • The "Swirl" effects from powerup pickups now depth-sort in front of most things in the level, so they no longer reveal secret areas. (thanks to PureKnickers)
  • Fireballs now properly orient themselves when moving on a path. If they stop moving on the path, their flames go upward. (thanks to Spekio)
  • When you changed a pressure plate's style, it would move by 1 pixel. Now it doesn't.
  • Toggling the "Objectives" button in the Editor should no longer move the icon by 1 pixel. (thanks to msmiley)

Nintendo Switch

  • You can now scroll the Rumpus User Manager page on the Nintendo Switch with a single Joycon.
  • The Switch should now handle the case where 5 or more controllers are connected -- it should ignore controllers after the first four.
  • Fixed some depth sorting issues on the Rumpus Login page on Nintendo Switch.
  • You can now scroll in the Name Combobulator while using a single Joycon.
  • Fixed display issues when using a Single Joycon where instruction panels in the campaign would show Dpad controls even though you don't have a dpad in this mode.
  • Fixed some issues with using a Single Joycon while navigating in the editor, where certain things would trigger from using the Joystick, like opening item variants.


  • In some rare cases, due to a floating point precision issue, saving a level would cause specific sets of item properties to be reset to their defaults. This should no longer occur. (thanks to TalkGibberish)


  • Updated management of settings to ensure consistency between the settings page and the settings in the pause menu.


  • Fixed an issue in the training map where the ship would sometimes juke back to your previous location upon arriving at a Level Orb.


  • Fixed a typo in the Waylay Nap avatar description.


  • Fixed some issues on the Playlist viewer screen that was causing the game to consume far more CPU resources than necessary at that time.