Patch Highlights

It's been a busy week! Sam ran off gallivanting in San Diego, leaving the rest of us to fend for ourselves while he basked in the gray skies and luscious rainstorms. Without his guidance, we had to just make up a bunch of stuff and hope for the best. Is this how you game dev?

Shock and Ooh

This week we're introducing the LECTROSHIELD as a new workshop item! When you touch it, lightning surges through your body, and any enemies you touch -- even bosses -- are instantly sent to a farm upstate. It's really far away. You know what? Don't even worry about that part.

Make Enemies, Not Friends!

Now, we wouldn't be so stingy as to give you a new Lectroshield without giving you a seemingly endless number of enemies to use it on. The time was right, so alongside the Lectroshield, we're introducing the ROBO FACTORY! It's a spawner that can summon different types and sizes of enemies. It can even be hooked up to switches and paths!

We're a little uncomfortable pondering what kinds of horrifying contraptions people are going to make with these, so we just won't!


We have a TON of optimizations for the editor this week. In our tests, we saw extremely large and complex levels go from 15 frames per second in the editor to over 200 frames per second. Building giant levels has never been easier! Just kidding, it's just as hard as it ever was. But now it's smooth!

This is fine. Frame-rate wise. Morally, it is not fine.

Mad Props

See the thing is, we got this Item Properties window. You can use it to tweak all kinds of stuff. Want to point a blaster somewhere? How about setting a portal color? We got you! At least, we had you. Right up until your fingers went numb from clicking a billion arrows a billion times.

When you've got numb fingers, you need numb solutions! Introducing the NUMB PAD!

Now you can click on the numbers for certain properties to summon a Numpad, and type exactly the value you want. Aside from being much faster to use, this also makes it possible to set values that were previously unreachable. For example, you can now tell a blaster to spin at 3 degrees per second, where previously, you could only change it in 90 degree increments.

We also squeezed in some extra quality of life features to the properties window, including visual dividers so you can better parse what you're looking at, and Receiver/Sender numbers that gray out when they aren't connected to anything. IT'S MAGICAL!


That's all we've got this week! OH WAIT... No it's not. Patch notes below!

v0.5.4 Patchnotes (since 0.4.2)

See the full patchnotes.

New Features

New Item

  • You can now use the "Robo Factory" in the workshop once you unlock it in the campaign. The Robo Factory is an enemy generator object that can continue respawning enemies, and can be attached to switches and paths.
  • You can now use the "Lectroshield" in the workshop once you unlock it in the campaign. The Lectroshield is a temporary powerup that causes you to become electrified. While electrified, you are impervious to damage from direct contact with enemies, and any enemy you touch is instantly blasted into oblivion with powerful lightning bolts.


  • New levels have been added to the campaign to unlock the Lectroshield and the Robo Factory.


  • Added a new setting where you can change the deadzone of your controller's joystick. By default it is 20% (which is what it was), but you can now set it between 10% and 80%. (thanks to Morrison)


  • You can now manually edit the values of some item properties. Available properties have a button next to their number. Clicking the button will pop open a numpad, which you can use your controller or mouse to click, or you can type numbers using your keyboard. This is the first iteration of this feature, so it is subject to change quite a lot (functionally and visually), but we wanted to get it into people's hands early to get feedback. This will also allow you to give values to some item properties that were previously not possible. For example, you can now tell a blaster to rotate at 13 degrees per second, where previously you could only change it in 90 degree/second intervals.



  • The tower no longer has "Past Day" filters, but instead has "Past Week", "Past Month", and "All Time". It defaults to "Past Month."
  • The Tower now defaults to sorting levels by "Newest" instead of "Most Played." Having a Most Played list is great for finding good content, but bad for finding fresh content. Sorting by "Most Played" is still an option in the dropdown.
  • Added new sort options to the Tower: Least Played, Most Played, Easiest, Hardest, and Spicy. What are Spicy levels? They are levels that have a lot of spice.
  • Updated the "Claim guest save" prompt to have it better explain how claiming a save works. (thanks to rednos)
  • Updated the Level Creation interface to better match the Workshop interface.


  • Newly-published levels will store their size and weather in their metadata, for future uses.
  • Added logging to failed login attempts. Logs will be output to a text file for easier debugging.
  • Updated the daily build checker to have a 10-minute cooldown, so it doesn't check too frequently.


  • Added faded divider lines between rows in the Item Properties window, to more easily connect properties to values at a glance.
  • When you enter values into the Properties Window numpad, it will now auto-update the item's property value in real time, instead of requiring you to press "OK". if you enter values outside the min or the max, the value will shake and will not be accepted.
  • When assigning Sending/Receiving Channels in the Item Properties window, the channel ID will be greyed out if there is no current connection in that channel.
  • Added color-coding to the "Any/All Active/Inactive" text in the item properties window, to make it easier to parse.
  • Renamed "Switch ID" to "Sending Channel" and "Receiver ID" to "Receiving Channel" to make it more clear what is happening.
  • Removed the numpad spawning buttons that were in between the arrows. Instead, you can just click on the number to summon the numpad (where applicable). The buttons everywhere were messing with horizontal alignment, making it hard to visually parse values.
  • When you place a portal, it now takes on the color of the highest-ID portal, as well as auto-incrementing the ID.
  • The Editor will now remember your zoom state between plays. (thanks to Choyawp Cehappy)
  • Added words to the Name Combobulator: Shop, Market, Awe, Thrilling, Operation, Almost, Barely, Methodical, Revenge, Thaw
  • Added the ampersand ("&") symbol to the puncuation list in the Name Combobulator. (thanks to QuantumAnomaly)
  • Added "Choice" tag to the editor, for levels that feature some kind of meaningful decision the player must make. (thanks to ThePatchWorkHoax)
  • Renamed "Container Block" to "Prize Block", because... it's destiny. (thanks to RetrophileTV)
  • Massively optimized numerous items in the editor. Levels that contain large numbers of these items will see frame rate boosts in the editor by 5x-15x. Items optimized: Spike Trap, Trigblaster, Blaster, Powered Gate, Camera Anchor, Whizblade, Battle Switch, Burny Whirler, Spike Chainer, Boombox, Package Cam, Purge Gate, Sky Wiggler, Charge Switch, Clockswitch, Flippy Longswitch, Jem Gate, Flingo, Jem Switch, Blopfush, Lookannon, Bumper, Swoopadoop, Eye Switch, Spinny Platform, Crombler, Cannon, Balloog, and Regret Gate.
  • Updated how the editor handles wall-mounted items, to behave in a far more optimzed fashion. You should see the editor's performance improved on levels with a large number of Spike Traps, Levers, Lockswitches, Clockswitches, and Battery Switches.
  • The Editor numpad now allows you to input "-" as the first character to type out a negative, instead of just having "-" invert the currently displayed number.
  • Some visual improvements to the placement of buttons in the properties window with the new Numpad.
  • Expanded the width of the properties window a bit on Full-Bodied UI mode, to give the text more breathing room.


  • Pow Pow Magic's arrows are now better placed to guide the player's first charge-jumps.
  • Dang Sky Wiggler's final jump has been reworked to be less punishing.



  • The Editor now is instantly zoomed to the correct level when you exit play mode, instead of starting zoomed in and then zooming out.
  • The enemy generator was allowing players to spawn enemies they hadn't unlocked yet in the campaign. This has been fixed!
  • The numpad now goes away when the properties window goes away, such as when you open the Level Details page.
  • Boombox sharps no longer move position in the item properties window when you change instruments.
  • When you have a numpad open but click a modifier for a different property on the same item, the numpad will no longer get confused and update the wrong property.


  • Turned off the gamepad rumble from Blasters, since they are currently the only thing in the game that uses rumble. Rumble will be added back in later!
  • It should now seriously be impossible to get stuck in the space between two closed doors that are adjacent to each other. This will now lead to GR18's death, for real this time.
  • Enemy drops should now properly restore at checkpoints, instead of always turning into Blopsacks when you pick them up after a checkpoint respawn. (thanks to Retro Banana Man NL)
  • Lizumis will now only bounce violently off a wall if they have their spikes out.
  • Extended the cooldown on re-entering the same blaster by 1 frame. In some cases, players were re-entering the blaster they were fired from right as they exited it, trapping them... forever.
  • Fixed an issue where collision masks of Rifts were larger than apprpriate, and offset to the side somewhat.
  • Fixed an issue with throw blocks now being 1 pixel too tall.


  • Fixed YET ANOTHER issue with retrieving page 2 and beyond of stored lists in your profile!
  • Pages 2 and beyond in your Favorites and Bookmarks lists should now properly display their contents. (thanks to Popdonk Baggycool, Zivix)
  • The searcher should more accurately restore your bookmarks list when you return to it after playing a level inside it.
  • The Daily Build updater should now stay up-to-date more reliably with the day's build. It shouldn't ever be more than a half-hour out of sync. (thanks to Reallyzamma Etkayuppa)
  • Fixed an issue where, in rare cases, Rumpus would think an old file is up-to-date when it isn't, and then not download. (thanks to Retro Banana Man NL)


  • Removed the 1px gap that sometimes appears when GR18 is standing on top of a package.


  • The Armor in "That's a New Crisis" should now appear at the correct time.


  • You will no longer see multiple columns of levels in the Marketing Department if you are using an ultrawide monitor. (thanks to ROUS)


  • It is no longer possible to publish levels on the public server that contain work-in-progress items.


  • Fixed a problem with saving/loading of the player save file that was causing the Beaten Levels list to load improperly, which was making save syncs not function.