Patch Highlights

It's been a BOMBASTIC week here at Bscotch HQ! We have some big features cooking, but we still managed to squeeze in one or two teeny tiny changes into the game this week. Nothing major. You know... no big deal. Our focus for this patch was to give players more control over the general mood of their levels, and to take care of some higher-leverage things that we've been wanting to take care of for a long time. Let's dive in!

Introducing The Jukebox!

Have you ever thought, "Oh dang, it'd be great if I could make the music in my level get really intense during a boss fight!" Or, "I wish I could make this part of my level more relaxed"? Well, now you can, with the power of the JUKEBOX! Just drop this little buddy in your level, and activate it at any time using a switch for a dramatic mood shift!

You can have as many Jukeboxes in your level as you want. We've also made two new songs available through the Jukebox: "Disaster Manager" and "Death Executive". These songs are pretty intense, so... use them sparingly. Or just go crazy. It's your level, you can do what you want!

Weather the Storm!

Along with the ability to control the music in your level, we wanted to give you more control over the visuals of your level as well. So this week, we are releasing the weather options for the Tree of Maarla biome (Rain) and the Aquadunes biome (Snow).

Between this and the Jukebox, we're pumped to see a FLOOD of new levels with cool and interesting vibes!

Unpublish Your Levels!

YEP. You didn't misread that. It's a thing.

ALL RIGHT. This one will take some explaining. Our number one player request since the Early Access launch has been the ability to unpublish or delete levels that you have published. We pushed back against this, because we are planning out some features that will essentially cease to function if we can't count on levels... you know... existing.

For example, one feature we're hoping to implement down the road is something called "Playlists." The idea is to allow players to compile levels together into playlists, and share those playlists with each other. However, if you made a playlist, and then half the levels in your playlist just vanished (because their creators unpublished them), then the Playlist feature is essentially broken.

However, we realized that we could solve this problem by taking advantage of the fact that levels spend the first part of their lives in the Marketing Department. If we allow you to unpublish a level only if it's in the Marketing Department, then we can integrate all of these future features -- features that rely on your level being permanent -- into the Tower. So, another way to think of it is, the Marketing Department is a pretty volatile place, where levels are popping in and out, while the Tower is a permanent archive.

A fair warning, though: If you Revert a level back to the Workshop and then republish it, it is effectively a brand-new level.

Celebrate Your Graduates!

It's graduation week! And you know what that means. It means it's time to do a BETTER JOB of celebrating your levels when they graduate to the tower! Or at least, saying something about it.

Now, in the "My Levels" tab of the Marketing Department, you can see a list of your five most recent levels that have graduated to the Tower. You can even copy their share codes from there, in case you want to pass them around to your buddies!


We've got a whole bunch of other great improvements this week, all in the patch notes below! Oh, and be sure to read the part about Cromblers. That's going to be... something.

v0.6.2 In The Mood Patchnotes (since 0.5.4)

See the full patchnotes.

New Features


  • You can now revert your Marketing Department levels back to the Workshop, by visiting the "My Levels" tab. Any level reverted to the Workshop will be unpublished. All of its Exposure Bucks will lost, its stats and records will be lost, and its Lookup Code will cease to function. Effectively, the next time you publish it, it is a new level. Alternatively, you can just delete the level once it has been reverted into your Workshop, using the normal Workshop level deletion method. Once a level graduates to the Tower, it can no longer be reverted.

New Item

  • Introducing the JUKEBOX! You can use it to change the music in the middle of a level. Jukeboxes are invisible during gameplay (like camera anchors), and they require being activated by a switch.



  • Campaign levels with Bumpers have been updated to fit with the new Bumper physics a little better.
  • New Badge "Hyper Reactive" in the forest region. This badge contains the Jukebox, the song "Disaster Manager" (for the Jukebox), and the Proximity Switch, which has been moved up from later in the campaign.
  • New Badge "Downpour" in the forest region. This badge contains rain.
  • New badge "Leadership Training" is now available after achieving 100% on Nope Cart. This badge contains the song "Death Executive" for the Jukebox.
  • The badge "True Grit" has been renamed "Wind Chill," which gives the Snowstorm weather effect for Aquadunes levels.
  • "Sandstorm" weather is now available after beating Dune Doom Dream.
  • Firefall is now an Aquadunes-biome level.
  • The Jukebox system for changing music mid-level has been integrated into more campaign levels, including Mad Vacrat Nest, Be Sneaky, Swoopadoop Gulch, The Way is Through, A Quick Delivery, Pow Pow Magic, and That's an Incredible Gr-18.


  • Updated physics of wall jumping and bumpers to be more responsive to your control inputs, so you don't "drift" in midair when you don't want to.
  • Bumpers now knock targets away in 8 directions (45 degree increments) instead of down to the single degree. This should make Bumpers more predictable and easier to play with.
  • Cromblers now trigger pressure plates. (thanks to QuantumAnomaly)
  • Pressure plates have had their detection width increased slightly, so they should detect blocks and objects toward their edges more easily.


  • Added new words to the Name Combobulator: Sky, Space, Star, Hear, Arcade, Game, Listen, Deep, Change, Spend, Buy, Sell, Win, Lose, Forget, Trigger, Boom, Plateau, Island, Cavern, Cliff, Rain, Storm, Thunder, Blizzard, Blues, Play, Little, Bail
  • Added the verb "Stop" to the name combobulator.
  • Sproings can now be placed inside Brittle Rock, Prize Blocks, Enemies, and Hard Clay. (thanks to QuantumAnomaly)
  • Cromblers can now be given a Receiving Channel, so they can listen to switches. (thanks to QuantumAnomaly)
  • Cromblers can now have their cooldown customized in their properties.
  • The minimum cooldown on Cannons and Lookannons has been reduced to 0.5 seconds, down from 1 second.


  • Logging in to Rumpus clears all previous timestamps for web operations, so you should be able to sync data more reliably after a login.
  • Your Stolen Crowns now come in more reliably from the web, so you will be notified in-game fairly quickly after someone steals one of your crowns. Under the previous system, many stolen crowns were falling through the cracks. This change is not reverse-compatible, so you may end up seeing some different levels in your stolen crowns list than were there before, while others may be missing. Don't be alarmed! We're just cinching things up.
  • Created a notifications checker system that will be able to more reliably pull down stolen crowns, and will know when levels you have made have graduated to the tower.


  • The Daily Build level list now shows all of the most recently-published Daily Build levels, instead of only the levels published that match today's build.
  • There is no longer a limit on how many levels you can have in your workshop.


  • When you hover over a Rumpus lookup code on a player's profile page, it now changes color to indicate that you can click on it.
  • Added a section to the "My Levels" part of the Marketing Department, to list your most recently-graduated levels that have been moved the tower.
  • The number of coins in a level is now displayed in the top-right corner of the screen, even on player-made levels. (thanks to OneOfThreeNames)



  • Fixed an issue where if you pressed jump right after coming off of a wall slide, your wall jump would send you straight up instead of off the wall.
  • When you are hanging on a ceiling but going super fast (like after being shot out of a Blaster), it should now be much easier to get your speed under control. (thanks to Cammymoop Mowvary)
  • You can now acquire coins and other pickups while inside a Blaster. (thanks to Egietje)
  • Gently placing an object down on the ground will now put that object at your center, instead of weirdly off to the side.
  • If a guided missile cannon was attached to a switch and was active right at the start of a level, the first missile would always shoot to the right. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed some issues with collision detection of invisible Prize Blocks.
  • The package will now trigger invisible prize blocks when it hits them from the correct angle.
  • If you grab a Flingo after being fired out of a Blaster, you will regain control of your character.
  • When Cromblers attached to switches start in an "On" state at the beginning of a level, they should no longer have a weird smear frame on their eyeball while the level is starting.


  • Fixed an issue where the marketing department would continue to flash to notify you that you have a new graduated level, even if you've already seen the level.
  • Choosing tags no longer resets your sorting and filtering dropdown menu selections in the Tower.
  • Fixed the display of the Joystick Deadzone setting to always show percentages.
  • Fixed an issue where the name of a recent level graduate could overlap with the plays counter.
  • Fixed an issue where the marketing department would keep telling you that you had a recently-graduated level, even though you've already seen it.
  • You can now skip the Made with Game Maker splash screen with a controller by pressing Start.


  • Updated cooldown for notifications checking to 3 minutes.
  • Made level reversion more robust and less prone to errors.
  • Made the level publisher system more robust, to avoid problems with uploading stages and catch more failure cases.
  • When you go to change your name, the game will load in your Levelhead alias instead of your Rumpus alias as the default.
  • Made the save syncer more reliable in the event that you have to log back in after your credentials expire.


  • Fixed some issues with entering numbers outside of bounds on the item properties Numpad. You can now enter whatever you want, but in the properties window it will be bounded by the min and the max.


  • You now have to move the mouse 2 pixels or more to switch from Gamepad mode to Mouse mode, instead of 1 pixel. Some users have misbehaving mice that wiggle by a pixel every now and then, and this was pulling them out of Controller mode.


  • Fixed an issue with loading of files containing non-ASCII characters, that would result in odd results being shown in search results from time to time.