Happy Patch Day!

Hey, Levelheads! Welcome to patch 0.61: Boombox Revolution! This patch, we put a lot of time into cross-platform bug fixes and features to inch ourselves closer to the full launch, and we put a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals into the game's UI. Plus, we have some fun new Boombox surprises. Let's jump in!

UI Updates

This patch we set out to do a repass on most of the game's UIs in some form or another. Many of the UIs were unfinished, or they weren't cohesive with the other UIs in the game. Some UIs took a bit more work than others. The Settings page, for example, has been completely rebuilt!

You will also notice small changes all over the place, from the confirmation windows that pop up, to the downloads page, and everything in between. After this patch, we're feeling a lot better with how the game's UIs have shaped up!

Icons Galore

We added Icons to the game several months back, and we gave players the ability to use these icons both as personal avatars and on their levels. However, we felt that the original implementation of the Icons system wasn't quite where it needed to be. There weren't enough icons, and the system wasn't integrated with the rest of the game effectively. So this patch, we blew the icons system out of the water. For starters, we added over 100 new icons!

We also made many of the new icons unlockable, either through achievements or through the game's Training campaign. Yep, that's right -- Training unlocks are BACK! But they're all cosmetic, so... it's cooler this time. More on that later!

To drive home the power of the Icons, and to make your levels more easily distinguishable from one another, we updated the Workshop cards to prominently feature the icon for your level.

And we added a small version of the icon to the Editor's bottom bar!

Overall, this suite of updates has taken the icons system from a sidenote, to a much more robust and center-stage feature.

On-Time Delivery Bonuses

One thing the campaign (now called Training) has been missing all this time is replayability for speedrunners. Over the past couple weeks, we went through all the campaign levels and established On-Time Delivery Targets. These are benchmark times that, if you beat them, you get awarded with the On-Time Delivery completion for that level. If you want to know whether you still have to earn the On-Time Delivery for a level, just look for the little green clock!

After going back through and trying to beat all the On-Time Delivery benchmarks, I can safely say that this is a nice breath of fresh air for the Training aspect of the game. Some of the levels have pretty tight times, while others require you to find some kind of shortcut. All in all, we think our players will have a lot of fun with it!


When we first created the Bureau of Shipping Training program, players unlocked items that they could then use in the editor. Those items were stored in odd-looking objects that we called "Requisition Centers." However, the game had no public lore about what these things were, and our players had a hard time talking about them, since nobody knew what they were called.

In this patch, these problems came front-and-center when we added the Icons into the Training as unlockables. Because suddenly, the Training map was once again covered with these weird, confusing unlockers! So for this patch, we blew up those old Requisition Centers and replaced them with something that has a bit more character: VEND-R bots!

For starters, these little guys have their name written right on their face, so it should be a lot easier to know what the heck they're called. As we approach 1.0, we'll have some lore tidbits in the game that will explain more about what these things are and why they're out there. But... one problem at a time!

Boombox Party

Every now and then we have to take a step back and reimagine how an item works. In this patch, we decided to take a second swing at Boomboxes. Boomboxes are the little stereo-looking items that you can have play custom notes. We posted a little preview of some of the changes that would be coming to Boomboxes last week, and now those changes -- and more -- have arrived!

We've expanded the pitch range of boomboxes so you can recreate your favorite songs more easily. We then gave them note durations, repeat beats, beats-per-minute, and start delays. But perhaps most importantly, we've added percussion! Yep, that's right -- you can now deliver SICK BEATS to the players of your levels!

Oh, and just for kicks, boomboxes now vibrate when they're playing a note, so you can more easily tell where the sound is coming from.

We think Boomboxes still have room for improvement, but this patch has elevated Boomboxes so far above where they were before, we expect that we'll be seeing these cool gadgets getting a lot more use going forward.

It's the Little Things

Aside from all the above, we managed to pack a ton of little quality-of-life updates into this patch. For example, we added a menu to the Editor, so you don't have to start playing the game to change your settings -- and so you don't accidentally exit the level by pressing "B" on your controller.

We also made it possible to manage your bookmarks from inside the game, so you can mark a level that you want to play later, without needing to favorite it or doing some other weird workaround.

Plus, that means you can now un-bookmark levels from inside the game, too! So once you've played a level, you can get it out of your Bookmarks list if you're the kind of person who likes to keep things tidy.

We even added some new settings, like a checkbox that lets you tell the game to not spawn the default level template. Many experienced level builders prefer to start with a blank canvas, which means the first thing they have to do when building a new level is to delete the default template. Well, not anymore!

What's next?

There's a lot more in this patch than what I've listed above, so if you want to really get your hands in there, just read the patch notes!

Our next patch is slated for January 22. We're still working toward our set of 1.0 features, so some of our time will be going into console and mobile features and fixes, but we also aim to have Multi-Select added to the editor for the next patch. We'll also be working on some updated moderation tools, and some improved social features such as the ability to "Dislike" a level -- we'll have more on that later!

We'll be out of the office from December 25 through January 1 (one week) for holiday break, and then we'll be back in action! So you can Expect the first Dev Blog of the next patch to drop January 8.

0.61.1 Patchnotes (since 0.44.0)

See the full patchnotes.

New Features


  • Notifications now attach a Client Version when sent, so that later, we can ensure that we only show you notifications that you can actually interact with (by version).
  • You can now toggle bookmarks on level cards. (thanks to TimConceivable)


  • Now always query the most up-to-date gamertag of the creator in the profile viewer.
  • Added the Gamertag display to the user profile.


  • The Name Combobulator can now support particles in Korean and Japanese. (thanks to Spekio)
  • The Editor now summons a menu when you hit the "Back" button instead of immediately dumping you into the Workshop. In the menu, you can change settings, resume editing, or quit the level.
  • Boomboxes now have a Percussion track in addition to Melody and bass.
  • Boomboxes now have the ability to wait for any number of beats before they begin playing.
  • Boomboxes have had an additional octave added to the upper range for the Bass instrument. (thanks to Spekio)
  • Added a setting to disable the default starting template when you make a new level.
  • Boomboxes have had their properties updated. The "Hold" toggle property has been removed. Instead, Boomboxes now have three new properties: "Beats Per Minute", "Note Beats", and "Repeat Beats". So now, for example, you can make 16th notes by just setting the Note Beats to 0.25, at whatever BPM you want, without needing to do a bunch of math to convert BMP to seconds. And with the Repeat Beats property, you can have a Boombox play a note repeatedly on an interval on its own, without the need of a Clockswitch. (thanks to Spekio)


  • Internal QA testers can now force the game's frame rate to test frame-rate specific problems.


  • There is now a setting to increase or decrease the number of audio channels. Reducing this will cause fewer sounds to be able to play at once, which can increase performance.


  • There is now a setting to disable the cursor trails in Multiplayer. (thanks to cprice)
  • Your Workshop UI now displays levels' icons on their cards.
  • You can now invert the Y-axis of your joystick in the settings menu.


  • The Bureau's Training Program now allows you to unlock new Icons for your levels or your avatar.


  • Hooked up a suite of the new avatars to achievements.


  • Implemented a new round of achievements that are tied to the campaign, plus two new achievements that fill in the gaps for graduating levels to the Tower.


  • Most campaign levels now feature "On-Time Delivery" challenges, which are elite times to attempt. On-Time Delivery counts toward your 100% campaign progress. They are conveyed in-game in the same way as Shoes are conveyed in player-made levels.
  • When zoomed out in the campaign, you will now see glowy indicators near levels for which you still need the Jems, Bugs, GR-17, or On-Time Delivery.
  • The Campaign Overworld interface will now show your best times and best scores on levels that you have cleared.


  • Rumpus now has the capability to retrieve integrations information, so we can use it to display Xbox gamertags.



  • That's a New Crisis has music instead of the ambient track.
  • Sting Like a Bee now has a wall of fire off-screen to prevent the player from soft-locking themselves by dropping all bombs out of view.
  • Added a vignette to the Training overworld.
  • You can now see the On-Time Delivery time on the scoreboard, regardless of whether you earned it on a particular run. (thanks to TimConceivable)
  • Mad Vacrat Nest has an additional checkpoint, and Sky Wigglers.
  • Deliver the Package GR-18 has one less jingle in it, and some fancy clouds.
  • Popjaw Food's boss fight has appropriately rad music.
  • Ice Therapy's Lizumi fight now has appropriately rad music.
  • Updated the visuals for the unlock centers in the Training map. They are now VEND-R bots. Lore will come later.
  • Moved the requisition centers around to make the view improved when in inspection state, and added the Sleepy Vacrat to the first unlock station, now called Sticker Pack instead of Weird Dog.


  • Boombox "Note Beats" can now be set up to 16 beats. However, the note audio files are only a certain length, so it is possible to set the note beats for longer than the note actually can play. In this scenario, the note fades out. (thanks to Spekio)
  • Boomboxes now go up an additional octave for the Melody instrument. (thanks to Spekio)
  • You can now see what enemy is going to emerge from a generator without needing to click into the generator.
  • You can now use the "Elite" tag in conjunction with difficulty tags. This means it's now possible to make a level tagged with "Beginner-Friendly" and "Elite". Use with care. (thanks to Rompylol Quietguy)
  • You can now use the "Start" (or equivalent) button on your controller to summon the menu in the Editor.
  • The Sign now has icons for GR-18 and the Goal. (thanks to Rompylol Quietguy)
  • Added visuals for the Percussion version of Boomboxes.
  • Boomboxes can now be rendered invisible if they are attached to a switch.
  • The volume of the Editor's music is now suppressed while you are editing Boomboxes.
  • Increased the number of "Repeat Beats" for a Boombox up to 1000.
  • If you delete the last Weatherbox in a level, the level's weather setting will be set to "Off" in the Level Details page.
  • Added to the name combobulator: Most, More, Absolute (thanks to Rompylol Quietguy)
  • Added to the name combobulator: Less, Least
  • Added to the name combobulator: Hub (thanks to Jangoelbow Doopalank)
  • Added the Lead Block to the Daily Build defaults. (thanks to Brainmop Wippabumble)
  • Your level's icon is now shown next to the level name in the Editor.
  • You can no longer publish a level if it drops below 30fps for more than 1 second, up from the previous minimum of 15fps. 15 fps will create terrible experiences for players, so we want to avoid having published levels running that poorly wherever possible.


  • Found some optimizations with enemy generators -- they will no longer render when offscreen.
  • Modified the Enclosure assignment system to use less nesting, to prevent crashes on certain platforms.
  • Optimized the spawning of Enclosures, so they should no longer cause low-end CPUs to crash when spawning into a level containing thousands of Enclosures. (thanks to Gearwip Toppybeep)
  • Found some substantial optimizations for processing the visibility of Enclosures. When you are standing inside Enclosures, they should impact the frame rate much less.
  • Ran optimization on texture pages to reduce texture page swaps.
  • Optimized several aspects of paths in levels and in the editor. They should impact the frame rate less under certain scenarios.
  • Implemented some front-loaded file saving optimization for platforms that have limitations on disk write speeds.
  • Rumpus no longer attempts to send stats if you are setting a stat to something that has already been set to that same value.
  • Updated the texture pre-fetching stage during the level loading screen to pre-fetch the Asteroid Tunnels textures if loading into an Asteroid Tunnels level.
  • The settings page was running really slowly, especially in CJK languages. Now it runs fastly.


  • You can now bookmark and unbookmark your own levels from within the game.
  • Telemetry data will no longer trigger a save, to cut down on file write operations. Instead, telemetry will just be saved alongside the rest of the data, but will never trigger the save itself.
  • The Rumpus menu in-game will now show your Levelhead alias instead of your Rumpus alias.
  • Rumpus now only writes metadata to disk for items you have downloaded, rather than for all items you have seen in searches (such as levels or player profiles). This will result in far fewer file writes, and far less data being written to disk. chore: Updated the Nintendo Switch file write limit to 14.
  • Rebuilt the caching system for published levels to dramatically cut down on file storage and saves.
  • Fully rebuilt how follows, favorites, and likes caching are handled from the ground up. They are now part of a coherent, standardized system that is now expandable and should be far more reliable.
  • Created text checking system to comply with certain moderation standards.
  • Created text checking system to comply with certain moderation standards.
  • Rumpus now has all of its global data condensed into one file (down from 7 unique files), to reduce write frequencies and reduce the probability of data loss.
  • Rumpus now differentiates between timestamps that only need to be held in RAM during a particular gaming session, and timestamps that need to be written to disk and preserved between sessions. This should result in fewer file writes, and it should make it so that when you reboot the game, most of your web functions (like syncing and searches) will be refreshed instead of pulling from old caches.


  • Boomboxes now shake more when they play notes, and if they are holding a note continuously, they will shake the whole time.
  • When you enter a Rift, are fired from a Blaster, or respawn a player, other players won't bounce off your head for a moment.
  • Item purge gates will now also purge players off of each others' backs. (thanks to cprice)


  • Updated the icon for the new "Menu" button the editor.
  • A level's file structure is now validated before it is loaded, instead of at the end of the loading process. This should make it less likely for the load to crash or give incorrect failure messages if a level has become corrupted or been tampered with.
  • The screen is now more obscured when the Editor Snapshot tool is doing its work, to protect those who have light sensitivity issues. (thanks to TalkGibberish)
  • If you are the top scorer or top speeder on a level, your score or time will now appear in gold on the Playlist Summary page.
  • Updated the UI on the Playlist Viewer screen, so each level has a little housing for its name and information.
  • The background of the Downloads page is no longer space.
  • Added "Paste" hover text to the Paste button on the Search page. chore: Updated the package.json to build for iOS and to not use licensing.
  • Updated the backdrop of the Unlock screen in the campaign to be cool and not bad.
  • Updated the visuals of the Cheese Mode menu to more closely match the new button stylings.
  • The main icon at the top of the Icon Picker now bounces when you choose a new one.
  • If you try to select an Icon that is locked, you will get a popup that tells you why it is locked.
  • Updated the in-game button stylings to match the game's updated interfaces.
  • The Icon Picker can now scroll, to accommodate the roughly 100 new avatars.
  • Updated the visuals of the settings page to look like they were created on purpose.
  • The settings page now has a patterned background instead of space.
  • The Search UI now has either the Workshop background or the People background, depending on whether you are searching for creators or levels. chore: Began setting up like 80 new avatars.
  • The Rumpus email login keyboard now features a dedicated ".com" button, and the "@" symbol is permanently shown next to the space bar.


  • The Settings page has been rebuilt to have categories, instead of requiring players to scroll for 200 years to find something.


  • Deliver the Package GR-18! now has an easier spike jump section.
  • Temple Gauntlet now has boss music and a few additional coins, and fewer enemies in its fiery key section.
  • Fire Fall's bug placements have been updated with background tiles for better visibility, and it has an additional checkpoint (thanks to TimConceivable)
  • Brittle Rock Discovery's collectibles have been unbound from one another, so completing each is a purposeful event and doesn't happen all at once.
  • Temple of Karma, Hover Stop, Boom Boom Pop are now asteroid tunnel levels.
  • Slide Madly has been updated aesthetically and to not suck so much.
  • Throw Rage's aesthetics have been updated, switch sections made more fun, jingle jangles added, and repeatable checkpoints added.
  • Leap Through Time has undergone aesthetic updates and small tweaks to make it more enjoyable.
  • Pow Pow Magic's battle room uses a different switch structure and a jingle box now. Also the level is somewhat prettier.
  • Ride and Roar's final path no longer begins by going backward.
  • The Way is Through's aesthetics have been lightly updated.
  • Jungle on Fire has been updated to have less random death, swinging fire chainers, and more clearly delineated purpose for each lockswitch.
  • Battery Gauntlet's aesthetics have been updated and its spike chain section switched to swinging style.
  • Kronkrete Legend's aesthetics have been updated and its spike chain section switched to swinging style.
  • Popjaw Food has been overhauled to be actually fun. chore: What an Adventure, GR-18! has been added to the dev-only side of the campaign as placeholder for stringloc.
  • If you are moving for more than 1 second with a joystick or WASD in the Campaign Inspect Mode, the camera's movespeed will increase so you can cover large distances faster.

Nintendo Switch

  • The "Save" button is no longer spawned in the Editor on Nintendo Switch. The Editor will still auto-save at regular intervals, and when you exit the Editor, which should cover all of your saving needs!


  • The Bumper is now darker when turned off, so you can differentiate it from an active Bumper more easily.
  • Updated the visuals for the level orbs in the campaign.


  • Updated touchscreen controls to be an 8-directional D-Pad instead of the joystick.


  • Changing your language will no longer change a level's name in your workshop. To change a level's language, you must change your language and then go into the Name Combobulator. If you go into the Name Combobulator with a language different from the level's previous language, the level name will be reset, and you will need to choose a new name in the new language.


  • Removed all code and functions for managing the Demo version of the game, since it was super outdated.


  • Implemented several new avatars.


  • The Wiki Exporter now exports the Icons that are available for levels.


  • Rumpus aliases can now be subject to moderation ON THE FLY, depending on the user's device.


  • All of your user-specific Rumpus data is now collapsed into a single file, instead of being spread out across five different files. This will cut down on how frequently data is written to disk while also improving data reliability.
  • Previously, the player's save data was split across five different files which were all saved uniquely any time something changed related to that file. However, this was causing potential data loss, and was dramatically increasing the rate at which files were being written to disk. Now, this data is all packed into one file, which couples all the data together to reduce data loss, and it reduces the rate of writing files to disk. This change is fully backwards compatible, but older versions of the game will not be forwards compatible with it. So if you switch to this version of the game, you are locked in!



  • Fixed a crash caused by an incorrect argument in a script when uploading levels to the cloud.
  • If you liked or favorited the same thing rapidly back to back numerous times, you could end up causing a crash in the web functions that were trying to sync. This has been fixed.


  • If you exit out of the level details page without hitting the Checkmark, your Name and Tags will still be preserved, since they have their own confirmation checkmarks.
  • The sprites for Swoopadoops and Flapjacks now display their proper frame on Robo Factories.
  • Renamed the names of Boombox notes to actually match their true octaves. (thanks to Spekio)
  • The new batch of Boombox bass notes were off by a half-step. This has been fixed. (thanks to Spekio)
  • If you open a level that has no GR-18, the camera will no longer start centered on the bottom-left corner of the level. Instead, the camera will start inset a little ways, so most of the screen is editable level space.
  • Enemy sprites on Robo Factories are now facing left, to match their editor icons.
  • The image of a circular-moving fireball will now orient itself properly in the Editor when the rotational speed is set to 0.
  • Fixed some issues with the name combobulator introduced by the Korean & Japanese particles, including a crash.
  • Fireballs in the "Circular" rotation style should now always point in the correct direction when being edited.
  • When playing a level in Cheese Mode, you can now see Secret Eyes and ZOOM-Rs.
  • Fireballs set to the "Circular" movement style should now display themselves oriented in the proper direction in the Editor when being inspected. (thanks to WaddlesTNT)
  • You should no longer be able to place items while the screenshotter is whipping the camera all over the level.
  • The Cheese Mode Switch Override visuals are now correct.
  • Updated the Daily Build Rules so that the Throwable Block no longer has Pressure Switches as a listed dependency, since Pressure Switches are in the Daily Build by default.
  • The Name Combobulator now uses a blacklist system instead of a whitelist system for which key presses count as valid. This should allow all languages to use the type-to-search feature. (thanks to Spekio)


  • Fixed a depths-sorting issue with generators moving through Asteroid terrain on paths.


  • If a robo factory is on a path and spawns an enemy into an area the enemy can't fit inside, the enemy will now die. (thanks to TimConceivable)
  • Waitswitches that were permanently active would get slightly out of sync over time, due to rounding of excess time on frames. This should no longer be the case.
  • Fixed some timing code that may have been causing different behaviors on first level load versus level reload.
  • Fixed an issue where Cromblers wouldn't attack if they became active during a time-freeze, such as when GR-18 goes through a Rift. (thanks to TalkGibberish)
  • If a cannon shoots a projectile into a Bumper, the projectile will now always be able to collide with its source cannon, instead of going through the cannon. (thanks to Rompylol Quietguy)
  • If you began collecting a Jem and flew so fast the Jem went outside the view, the Jem would stop following you. This has been fixed. (thanks to SchuhBaum)
  • Fixed some issues with springs and Waitswitches not properly respecting time stopping.
  • Fixed some timing issues with cannons that are restored from checkpoints and are attached to switches.
  • Fixed an issue where two players could load into a Tower Trial level at first.
  • Fixed some checkpoint restore issues with Boomboxes.
  • Boomboxes should now play their first note if attached to a switch and already active when the level starts.
  • Hardlights that are off-screen will now update their visuals, so you won't see them weirdly do an animation transition as they re-enter the view. (thanks to Spekio)
  • A second player will no longer be spawned during an active Tower Trial session.
  • Coyote Jump timers are now properly affected by slow-motion. Previously, there would be some jumps that could become impossible with Slurb Juice active that would be possible without Slurb Juice, since the Coyote jump timer was moving in real-time at all times. (thanks to Rompylol Quietguy)
  • Sawblades were sometimes depth-sorting in front of certain Tree of Maarla tiles while depth-sorting behind other tiles from the same tile set. This led to odd scenarios were the sawblades looked like they were passing through cracks between the tiles. This has been fixed. (thanks to cprice)
  • Dead player bubbles should no longer be able to be accelerated while the game is paused, such as during the final scoreboard. (thanks to Rompylol Quietguy)
  • Punching a hazard with the Waylay while equipped with an Armor Plate will now cancel the punch. Previously, you would continue punching, allowing you to go through some hazards. This change only applies to levels made in this version or higher.
  • The player should no longer be purged via Purge Gates while sliding down to the Goal after beating a level. (thanks to Rompylol Quietguy)
  • If you had a Powerup on your grappler when you touched a checkpoint, the checkpoint state stored will just consume the powerup and apply it, so you don't have to rewatch the powerup animation every time you respawn. In other words, you will respawn with the powerup already applied.
  • It should no longer be possible for a powerup to disappear because you touched a checkpoint in the same frame as the powerup acquisition animation began playing. (thanks to Voolid Jumphoppie)
  • Kicking a Popjaw Medallion offscreen will now update proximity sensors and camera positions using the same logic as when GR-18 teleports through a Rift. This should prevent scenarios where GR-18 is killed by a camera anchor that didn't deactivate properly due to GR-18's teleport. (thanks to Rompylol Quietguy)
  • Throwable items that are inactive (turned off via switch) will no longer go through Rifts. (thanks to Rompylol Quietguy)
  • Fixed an issue where a path with only a flyblock on it would not move.
  • Spinny platforms that were on the end of a "stopped" path would still give GR-18 inherited momentum. This is no longer the case. (thanks to TalkGibberish)
  • Fixed a 1-pixel collision issue where you could use your Ripcord propeller while standing with your toe only 1 pixel on the edge of a block.


  • Refactored some of the code involved in cloning and delisting levels, and managing cloud saves, to reduce the likelihood of syncing errors.


  • Updated the visuals of displaying the unlockables on VEND-Rs in the Training overworld while in Lookaround mode. The unlockables are now higher and slightly closer together.
  • Updated the visuals on the button in Training to have the face of the VEND-R bot.
  • Updated the hovertext on the button to open the VEND-R to say "Open" instead of "Play."
  • Go Go Rumble's brick room will no longer kill the player if they enter it before killing the boss Swoopadoop.
  • When opening items at a VEND-R in the Training overworld, the Escape (or B) buttons will no longer exit until you have opened everything.
  • Using WASD or the joystick in the "Inspect Mode" should no longer go uncomfortably fast.
  • There was a bug with displaying whether you had earned the On-Time Delivery on a level. In most cases, this would mean showing you had earned it even if you hadn't. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes show Overworld paths as not passable even if they were.
  • Too Hot Too Bad's fire-chain bug piece has been moved to not be obscured by the UI.


  • If you re-took the top score or time on a level, the gameplay interface wouldn't update to reflect it on your next run. Now it does!
  • You can no longer simultaneously load a level from the playlist screen and open the "Exit Playlist" confirmation window.
  • Your own Creator Card no longer has a "Follow" button on it.
  • The Main Menu will no longer spawn the buttons on the screen in your dorm room until you have unlocked the workshop. Previously they were spawned but invisible, and you would see a message on-screen when you clicked them, even though you couldn't see them.
  • Fixed some localization and text overflow problems on the Key Rebinding page.
  • Fixed an issue with the "More" button having a small jitter when first spawned on a level card.
  • Shoes and Ribbons on a user's profile could go negative, in specific scenarios. This should no longer be the case.
  • Jem and Battle gates and switches now will show a "!" if their remaining Jems or Enemies are 100 or higher, to prevent the text from overflowing. (thanks to Rompylol Quietguy)
  • The Tower Trial browser now displays the 'RT' and 'LT' buttons at the bottom when using a controller.
  • There is now a half-second cooldown on the "Retry" button when you restart a level, so you don't accidentally respawn twice when you hit the hotkey on the scoreboard to play a level again.
  • If you were hovering over a button on the Training overworld screen and then changed to a Controller, the hover tooltips would persist even though your cursor no longer existed. This has been fixed.
  • When you loaded a list of User cards (such as by viewing your followers), buttons would flash in the top-left corner of the screen for one frame before attaching themselves to the cards. This has been fixed.
  • When you deleted a level in the Workshop, the UI would flash a level card in the top-left corner for a frame. This has been fixed.
  • When the game window hides the cursor, it will now only take control of the cursor's position during gameplay. In all other scenarios, you can freely move the cursor, even if it is not visible.
  • Changed the Well-Paced tag description to refer to "Training" instead of "Campaign." (thanks to Rompylol Quietguy)
  • Sometimes the cursor would move at inconsistent speeds on the Tower selection screen. This has been fixed.
  • Long level names in CJK languages should no longer overlap with the playlist housing.
  • You will no longer see the "Your Rumpus Credentials Have Expired" popup message, since you now get a prompt when you hit the main menu to log back in.
  • The Window Mover tool from the Settings and Pause menu is now hidden if you are using a gamepad.
  • The Properties Window in the Editor will now be hidden while you are taking a Level Snapshot.
  • The Playlist viewer should now properly display Level Orbs in their associated biomes.
  • You can once again see the little Window Mover object in the settings page.
  • When clicking an achievement-locked icon, you would get amessage about having not unlocked it, even if you had. This has been fixed.
  • The Cheese Mode Switch Override icons were being slightly overlapped by the neighboring menu items. This should no longer be the case.
  • The Xbox Gamertag will no longer show up on non-Xbox platforms.
  • When you change languages in the Settings page, the settings UI elements will adjust their sizes to the new language.
  • "Tip" buttons no longer vanish toward the top of the screen.
  • Fixed some text on two of the new Icons.
  • You should now definitely not get a double confirmation dialogue on the main menu if you get logged out and change languages at the same time and then open the game.
  • The Icon Picker was leaving behind some residual data structures in memory that are now being cleaned up properly.
  • The Cheese Mode Switch Overrides system now allows you to set switch channels to the different receiver styles, such as "Any Active" or "All Inactive", etc... chore: Added the Cheese Mode Switch Override stuff to the localization system.


  • When changing Rumpus accounts, the music would always restart. Now it will only restart if you have different numbers of audio channels set between those two accounts.
  • The Playlist Summary page should now play the Lobby music, instead of nothing.
  • When using the Zipper or pausing the game while Slurb Juice is active, the music will now continue to play slower and not temporarily go back to normal. (thanks to msmiley)
  • Tempswitches that are muted should no longer play their "turn off" sound at the end of their timer.
  • Boomboxes no longer make sounds when you have died, or while the level is saving.
  • When you changed the number of audio channels, the music would die. Now, the music should just restart.
  • Music positions are now reset when you load into a level, including the positions for Jukebox songs. (thanks to sundiszno)
  • If lots of identical positional sounds are played simultaneously (like if you put down a bunch of Clockswitches), the sounds would sometimes stop playing as you got farther away from the first instances spawned. This should now be fixed.
  • GR-18 should no longer play looping sound effects (like wall sliding) during the pause menu.
  • Jingleboxes have had their sound priorities increased, so they will always play over other sounds in a level if you have a large number of sounds being played at once. (thanks to TimConceivable)


  • Removed some old files that were causing the game to be unable to compile in YYC.


  • Fixed some art artifacts on the Boombox and the VEND-R's blink sprite in the Training overworld.

Daily Build

  • Updated the Daily Build rules so keys are always paired with something to open, and vice versa. (thanks to TimConceivable)
  • Squished Scrubbs and Oculas are no longer included in the Daily Build. (thanks to WaddlesTNT)
  • Flyblocks and Long Flyblocks are now in the Daily Build defaults, since you can already summon a Flyblock by placing a path anyways.


  • If you are in the middle of logging in to Rumpus and your internet disconnects, you will be kicked out of the Rumpus login menu.
  • "Easiest" and "Hardest" sorting in the Tower now once again use the Clear Rate as their sorting mechanism, making it consistent with the levels' Diamonds displays.
  • Under certain circumstances, you may have been able to send +1 "Players" count to your own levels. This should no longer be the case.
  • You can no longer exit out of the workshop while syncing a level into or out of the cloud.
  • In some cases, you would be unable to load into previously-downloaded levels while offline. This should now be fixed.
  • Fully rebuilt the game's user profile management system. This will result in far less data being written to disk, fewer web requests, and more responsive UIs.
  • If you play someone's level through Notifications, their "Follow" status wasn't being updated. Now it is! (thanks to Rompylol Quietguy)
  • If you go offline while sitting on an interface that would normally require an internet connection to access, you will now be taken out of that interface and brought back to the main menu.


  • Fixed line spacing in CJK fonts, which was leading to text overflow in some interfaces such as the Rumpus account linking page.
  • Fixed an issue with CJK fonts not being properly displayed in Rumpus login interface.
  • The language of a level should now be properly set to your current language when the level is first created.
  • If you ship a language with a CJK level name but your current language is not CJK, the level's name wouldn't display in the popup message. This has been fixed.
  • The Level Publishing screen should now display your level's name in the correct font for the level's name, regardless of your current language settings.
  • If you set your level name to a CJK language and then switch to a non-CJK language, the level's name should now still render in the Level Details page.
  • If you change languages and then revert, clone, or delist a level, the confirmation dialogues would sometimes be unable to display the level's name. This has been fixed.
  • Extremely long (in terms of pixel width) names in CJK characters will now be truncated on workshop cards, so they don't have to be shrunk down to a speck of dust.
  • Added addditional French character. chore: Re-enabled rumpus tester.
  • Japanese level names no longer have spaces. (thanks to Spekio)


  • FPS counter will not display 0 after tabbing in and out of the game.
  • FPS counter will not display 0 after tabbing in and out of the game.
  • Gamepad inputs will not be interpreted as keyboard inputs anymore.
  • Gamepad inputs will not be interpreted as keyboard inputs anymore.


  • Fixed an issue where downloading level fails because of content compression during http transmission.
  • Xbox Gamertags are now displayed in a font that can support CJK characters.
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent internal staff from being able to switch from beta to dev server on Xbox.


  • Fixed some issues with the drawing of certain paths in the Training overworld.
  • Slide Madly no longer triggers its blizzard indoors.
  • The unlock centers in the Campaign now properly show the icon that is being unlocked when in Inspect mode.
  • You would always start the campaign at the first level on every boot-up. Now, your previous campaign location will be properly restored between game sessions.
  • After you open a campaign unlock, your Inspect button would go away and not come back until you re-entered the Campaign overworld. This has been fixed.
  • The ship should no longer get stuck on nodes in the campaign. (thanks to TimConceivable)
  • You can no longer move your ship on the Campaign Overworld if you are currently loading into a level.

Nintendo Switch

  • Updated the file manager object to only commit Switch data to disk when asynchronous write operations are finished.
  • Keyboard hotkeys should no longer be displayed in touchscreen mode on the Nintendo Switch. chore: Changed "ignore campaign locks" text.
  • Fixed an issue with attempting to read files with asterisks in their names on Nintendo Switch.

File Writing

  • Fixed an issue where the game could write the same file to disk repeatedly if asked to, even if the file hadn't changed.
  • Fixed some issues with file writing cooldowns that would cause them to write more frequently to disk than intended.


  • The Playlist viewer page will now kick you out of that interface if you are offline and haven't downloaded all of the levels in the playlist.


  • The Rumpus Perk Manager can now send more than 32 perks (achievements) to Rumpus in one go. This will allow us to add more achievements to the game.
  • Improved data cleanup for old string sets (likes, favorites, etc) so we aren't writing empty data structures to disk.


  • Steam achievements that were granted accidentally due to a bug in the earlier days will now be revoked, unless earned properly.


  • Fixed a setting change with the game's frame rate. Minor issue.


  • Updated the game's sleep margin so that it will no longer stutter when running on certain laptops.


  • Cut out some unnecessary save operations when Rumpus is purging old stuff from the cache.
  • The user switching screen will now clear out all old Rumpus data in RAM, in the event that the new user's data is mounted to a different location in the device.