Patch Highlights

Hello, Levelheads! Prepare your jackets for a BIG PATCH. This patch is largely focused around a new editor tool, a smidgeon of bug fixes, and quality of life updates. Let's get right into it!


The BIG ONE for patch 0.65 is MULTISELECT. This gives you the ability to select rather large chunks of items or backgrounds in the Editor, and then do stuff with them!

We wanted to make sure the Multiselect tool was as flexible as possible. To that end, you can select non-contiguous spaces. You can select any shape you want, and you can cut chunks out of the selection you've made!

Oh, and it works in multiplayer, too.

Once you have something selected, you can delete it...

Move it somewhere else...

Or even copy and paste it!

Or, if you want to get really weird, you can use multiselected backgrounds to punch holes in environment tiles. Why? I don't know! Make an abstract maze or something!

Note: This gif is not sped up.

Multiselect has been on our board as a desired feature since day 1, and we've always looked at it as a feature that's required before we fully launch Levelhead into 1.0. We knew that it was going to take weeks of refactoring in the Editor, UX testing, interface updates, and optimizations to make it possible, so it always kind of slipped down the list of to-dos. But we finally took the time to get it done, and I think you will agree, it was worth the work.

Editor quality of life!

We've also added some nice little quality of life features to the editor. For advanced users, we added an optional Grid Ruler that you can now enable in the Editor settings. This ruler lets you see the grid coordinates of any position in the level, so never again will you have to ask: "Is this the middle of the level?" Oh, and you can use it to measure stuff!

We've also done a full rebuild of the Path Editor system back-end. With the way the Path Editor was previously constructed, it was its own thing, which meant that editing paths and items had to be done separately. Well, I'm happy to say that after the rebuild, that is no longer the case!

Now, you can grab a path node and have the item that's locked to the node come with it! Oooooh!

Now that the Path Editor has been rebuilt, it should be far easier to make updates to it in the future... which is nice.


The Marketing Department has been a big success in terms of giving players a powerful mechanism to ensure that they get their levels played. People play levels to earn Exposure Bucks, which they can then use to boost their own levels up the charts (until they graduate). It creates a pretty cool and straightforward "market of play," which has worked out fantastically.

Now, we want to see what more we can do with this system. For starters, we're going to remove the Exposure Bucks cap. Before now, you could only accumulate 10,000 exposure bucks at a time, which represents roughly 3 hours of playing other people's levels, give or take. Our original thinking was that we wanted to push people to spend their exposure bucks and not hoard them, and having a cap means you have to put those exposure bucks into something before you can get any more.

However, getting to the front page of the Marketing Department may demand 20,000 or 30,000 exposure bucks (at the moment). Having a cap of 10,000 means that, even if you "save up" and dunk them all into your level when you first publish it, your next move is to now go back into the marketing department and play a bunch more. In other words, you can't "batch" your activities very well, because of the cap. What if you want to play levels Monday through Friday after work, and use your weekends for building? The cap prevents you from doing that effectively.

So we're removing the cap. Now you can save up as many exposure bucks as you want! This lets you publish your level with the amount of exposure bucks you would like it to have, right out of the gate. However, we are still keeping the maximum per-tip amount at 10,000 (for now), because we feel this is a nice break point for tip decisions, and it will also save players from accidentally spending a jillion exposure bucks all at once.

Lifting the cap also introduces some new, interesting questions. Questions like, "What if you could get exposure bucks in other ways?" For example, what if, when your level graduated, you got a little kickback of Exposure Bucks to put toward your next level? What if you got a little pile of exposure bucks for completing the day's Tower Trial?

When we had the cap in place, we couldn't consider these kinds of features, because if someone was capped out, we just couldn't give them any more exposure bucks. Now, we have the option to look into these other methods. SO WE JUST MIGHT!

Patch Cycle Updates

Let's talk about PROJECT MANAGEMENT!

Over the past 8 months we've experimented with a variety of patching schedules. Weekly, bi-weekly, tri-weekly, and... penta-weekly? We've learned a lot from each of these timetables, and each one has its pros and cons. Going forward, though, we don't want to use ANY of these. At least, not consistently. Because the answer to the question, "How long does it take to develop a patch?" Can only be answered by a followup question: "What's in the patch?"

Some features need 4 weeks of development, while others need 4 hours. We've found that setting a specific timeline on our patching schedule is a bit weird, and forces us to change our development priorities just to "get something out" by a specific deadline.

When we were on a weekly schedule, we would routinely start work on a big feature for a day or two, then drop it to "cram in" some stuff on Monday and Tuesday, so we would have something to deliver on Wednesday. Then, we'd pick up the big feature for another day or two, and drop it again. This "pick up and drop" approach makes it take much longer to get a feature done, makes it more likely the feature will get abandoned, and makes it more likely that we end up with errors.

On the other hand, a one-week patch cycle is perfect if all we want to do is introduce a couple lightweight features, quality of life improvements, bug fixes, or visual updates.

So, going forward, we're going to be doing things a little more... ad-hoc. Our development priorities right now are to finalize the feature set of the game that we want to have before launch, in an order that makes sense. Some of those features might take some time, while others are quite small.

So instead of setting a specific, repeating patch cycle, we will be treating Wednesdays as potential patch days every week, but we'll only release a patch on a given week if it makes sense to do so, given the state of the game that week. If a feature needs another week, we'll give it another week. Having said that, our goal is to get patches out as frequently as possible, provided they have been tested and are stable.

If we don't have a patch to deploy in a given week, we'll instead post a developer blog that talks about what we're working on, and give a sense of how long that might take, so you won't be in the dark!

So... when is the next patch? It might be next Wednesday! Or it might not. Either way, you'll hear from us in a week!

What's next?

Our priorities right now are reorienting toward finalizing the game's features to get ready for the 1.0 patch. With that, we have an actual roadmap of the things that need to happen to get us there! Here it is, as we know it.

  1. Finalize console-specific features and technical requirements.
  2. Finish final features and content of the campaign (which will be revealed at 1.0)
  3. Build an in-game UI to look at your Rumpus Perks (achievements).
  4. Update our moderation tools to prepare for the large volume of players post-launch.
  5. Review and finalize the new player experience.
  6. Update the mobile version of Levelhead to ensure the experience is top quality and matches player expectations.
  7. Add a CREDITS PAGE!
  8. Launch? (Question mark because some other things might still have to come first).

Those are just the game features, but as you might imagine, there are also a lot of business things to do behind the scenes. We're pretty pumped to be able to count the remaining features on TWO HANDS, though each of these things is pretty big, so the timeline is still up in the air. We'll have more progress reports as time passes.

Want to see the TINIEST DETAILS of today's patch notes? CHECK IT OUT BELOW!

v0.65.3 Patchnotes (since 0.61.1)

See the full patchnotes.

New Features


  • When you drag a path node inside the Path Editor, an item locked onto the path node will be dragged with it.
  • You can now turn on a Grid Ruler in the settings menu for the Editor. (thanks to TimConceivable, Spekio)
  • A new Multi-Select tool has been added to the editor! Click the Multi-Select button on the Editor sidebar to enter Multi-Select mode. In this mode, you can click and drag a selection area around items and backdrops to select them. Empty spaces cannot be Multi-Selected. You can also click-drag on an existing Multiselected Region to deselect those grid spaces. You may select any shape or pattern you like, and selections do not have to be contiguous. Press the "Back" (escape or 'B') button to deselect your Multiselected Region.
  • Deleting any item inside a Multiselected Region will delete all Multiselected items and backdrops at once. Using the Delete tool outside the Multiselected area will deselect your selection.
  • Dragging any item in your Multiselected Region will drag all items that are multiselected. The items will remain selected when you are finished dragging them. If you begin dragging an item outside your Multiselected Region, it will become deselected.
  • Using the Eye Dropper tool on a Multiselected Region will copy all of the selected items in their current configuration and allow you to repeatedly paste them anywhere you want.
  • You can multiselect parts of "breakable" items such as large enemies. When you delete, copy, or drag these selected areas, the item will be broken apart into smaller components.
  • The Paint Bucket tool respects the boundary lines drawn by all players' Multi-Select boxes. If you paint bucket outside a Multiselected Region, the paint bucket will not fill inside the lines. Conversely, if you paint bucket inside your Multiselected Region, the paint bucket will not fill outside the lines.
  • Multiple players cannot Multiselect the same grid spaces simultaneously. Selecting over another player's Multiselected Region will deselect it from the other player and select it for yourself.
  • A new Grab tool has been added to the editor! With this tool selected, anything you click on will begin to be dragged around. This includes backdrops and Enclosures, which were previously non-draggable.
  • Boomboxes can now be given a "Repeat Count", which will dictate how many times they will play their repeated note. When a Boombox is deactivated, its repeat count will be reset. So for example, a Boombox with a "Repeat Count" of 3 will play 3 notes every time it is activated. (thanks to Spekio)


  • You will now send a "Like" notification when liking someone's level.



  • Updated the visuals for the paths between locked levels in the Training map.
  • Dune Doom Dream has an additional checkpoint, and its Trigblaster now swings instead of spins.
  • GR-18 the Comet has had many of its Blasters updated to use swings instead of spins to reduce wait time between actions.
  • The Main Path has been updated properly to include the new VEND-R unlocks.
  • The level "Crypt of the Watcher" has been added after Swoopadoop Gulch.


  • The "Save" button is now gold in color, instead of gray.
  • When dragging a path node, you will only grab the item on the path node if you are using the "Grab" tool.
  • When you hit the maximum Multiselect size, the edge of the Multiselect box changes color so you know you've hit the bounds.
  • BUDD-Es (checkpoints) are now reusable by default when placed in the Editor. They can still be set to non-reusable. (thanks to Draconic Captain)
  • If you deselect a portion of a non-breakable, large object, the entire object will now be deselected.
  • When in Path Edit mode, the tooltip is no longer shoved against the top border of the screen.
  • Added to the name combobulator: Ultimate (thanks to PureKnickers)
  • Added to the name combobulator: Form, Harbinger, Calamity, Catastrophe, As, Bring, Ring, Name, Graduate, Graduation, Encoded, Inferno, Itself, Avatar, Mansion, Flower, Blossom, Finish, Torque, Lizard, Free (thanks to TheViralMelon)
  • Added to the name combobulator: Summer, Winter (thanks to Spekio)
  • Added to the name combobulator: So
  • Added to the name combobulator: Gibberish (thanks to TalkGibberish)
  • Added to the name combobulator: Quadruple, Single, Alone, Never (thanks to Jangoelbow Doopalank)
  • Added to the name combobulator: Again (thanks to Retro Banana Man NL)
  • Added to the name combobulator: Spot, Difference (thanks to Reallyzarble)
  • Added to the name combobulator: Pentagon, Hexagon, Octagon (thanks to The_Emerald_DL)
  • Tightened up the margins of the box that surrounds non-contiguous Multiselect locations.
  • To make more room on the left sidebar for tools in Full-Bodied UI Mode, the Undo, Save, and Ghosts button have been moved to the bottom-right section of the editor.
  • The properties window has been moved up slightly so it no longer overlaps with the editor's borders, and it has been given an outline to help pull it out from the background and the rest of the UI.
  • When you are dragging a path node, the spinning rings no longer appear on the other nodes on that path, helping to indicate that you are just dragging that node.
  • Multiselected backgrounds and enclosures now draw at full opacity, helping to indicate that they will override the location where they are placed.
  • Dramatically sped up the way the game processes drawing large numbers of items being pasted or dragged via multiselect.
  • If you select a non-contiguous batch of grid spaces using Multiselect, a box will be drawn around your entire selection. This will save you in those scenarios where you forgot you had something selected way off screen and then start selecting something new, since now you will have an indicator that your selection is larger than you might have intended.
  • F,or safety (to prevent massive hitching) the Multiselect tool now has a maximum selection size of 1000 grid spaces. Once you have surpassed the maximum, you can no longer Multiselect any more spaces until you deselect enough to get back below the cap.
  • Reverted the concept of "multiselect placing overrides everything." Now, when you are multi-placing a batch of items, backgrounds will only replace backgrounds and environment tiles, and items will only replace items. This will allow you to paste items with no background onto a background-filled area without removing the backgrounds underneath.
  • Pressing the "Grab" button while you already have the Grab tool selected will switch back to item placement mode.
  • Pressing the "Multi-Select" button while you already have Multi-Select active will deselect your current selections switch back to item placement mode.
  • Multiple players can now multiselect the same grid spaces.
  • Optimized drag-selecting of Multiselect, so that if you are past the maximum selection area and are moving the mouse around, it won't continue to recompute what you have selected.
  • Optimized how the editor handles drawing your paste or drag multiselections.
  • Further refactored and optimized how item scalepops are handled. There should be no direct changes in function, although large numbers of items merging together should be slightly faster.


  • Only Player 1 can use the "Tip" buttons on the interface when playing in co-op. Presumably, you don't want your random neighbor or friend dunking your hard-earned exposure bucks into something. Those are YOUR exposure bucks!
  • Updated the language for delisting a level to explicitly state that your followers will still see the level in their feeds. (thanks to eedefeed)
  • There is now a confirmation message when you click the "Restart Playlist" or "Restart Tower Trial" button in the pause menu.
  • Added "Browser Bookmarks" notification filter, so when we start sending you a notification about bookmarking a level through the Web Browser, you can find it more easily!
  • Your Exposure Bucks display will now display the full number, regardless of how high the number is, instead of an abbreviated number (like "10k").
  • When saving and quitting, you will now see a message that says "Saving and quitting" or "Saving, syncing, and quitting," depending on whether you are loggged in or not.
  • The "Quit Level" button now says "Save & Quit Level" if you are editing a level. (thanks to Destragon)
  • When you quit a playlist from the scoreboard, you will now get a confirmation window to verify that you want to quit the playlist.
  • Renamed "Multiplayer Cursor Trails" to just "Cursor Trails" in the Settings menu.


  • Notifications now use version filtering. You won't see notifications coming from players on a higher minor version than you (the middle patch number) -- until you get updated to their version.
  • When you save and exit from the main menu, the game now syncs your save file, profile, and everything else, so that you can be sure everything is where it should be if you changed devices.
  • Notifications now last for 30 days, down from 90.
  • Notifications are now use a shorter data format and don't require the sending of aliases, since aliases are looked up by the receiving user at display time. This should result in no noticeable change for the end user, but will lighten the server load of notifications.

Marketing Department

  • Your Exposure Bucks wallet no longer has a cap.


  • Rebound orbs will now block Dense Fog and Hardlights from becoming solid. (thanks to Crushyjim Gittaboop)
  • Bombs and similar explosions now destroy Dense Fog, because it's more fun that way. Dense fog destroyed by explosions will still return at its normal speed.


  • Optimized how the game processes rendering the selection box on large numbers of Multiselected objects at once.
  • Restricted the Multiselect tool's draggable area to 20x20 (400 grid spaces).



  • Deleting a multiselected chunk of solids will now check the surrounding items for whether they need to be deleted, due to losing their solid base.
  • If you clicked an empty square with Multiselect, your "Non-Contiguous Bounding Box" would vanish. This has been fixed.
  • In multiplayer, if you deleted a Multiselected area that was overlapping with another players' Multiselected area, that player wouldn't have that section deselected (even though there was nothing left in it). This has been fixed.
  • If you are clicking and dragging stuff around, you can no longer open the pause menu in the Editor until you have released the cursor. (thanks to Jangoelbow Doopalank)
  • Entering the Level Details screen will exit paste mode. (thanks to TalkGibberish)
  • When dragging Eyeswitches, Baddie Eyeswitches, and Package Cams, they wouldn't draw the correct image if they were in "Locking" mode. Now they do!
  • Dragging Fallthrough ledges (of all kinds) will now draw the correct image.
  • Dragging or multiselecting items that have been rotated or flipped somehow should now properly display their visuals in the drag or paste display.
  • When changing beat-based properties of Boomboxes, the Boombox will now play its sounds.
  • Boomboxes that you are currently editing will now respect the "Repeat Count" property, so you can hear them play their note for the correct number of repeats.
  • Deleting a path will no longer auto-select the next path.
  • Using "Undo" to restore a path, or deleting a path, will no longer change the tool you are using unless your current tool is invalid (like if you have "insert node" but no paths exist).
  • Fixed an issue with path nodes being inserted, after the recent rebuild of the path editor.
  • If you have multiple players active and eyedrop an item, the editor category would change on the right sidebar, but the items at the top wouldn't display. Re-clicking the sidebar button would also not change the category, because it thought the category was already selected. This has now been fixed -- if you eyedrop an item in multiplayer, the category does not change, and the side buttons are left in their current state. (thanks to cprice)
  • When you hit "Undo", your currently selected path would flash white for a frame. It no longer does this.
  • If you dragged a Waitswitch that was set to something other than Reusable, it would show the wrong image while being dragged. Now it shows the right image!
  • If you dragged a Tempswitch that was set to something other than Reusable, it would show the wrong image while being dragged. Now it shows the right image! However, it currently is too big while being dragged. We're working on that.
  • If you use the middle mouse button to navigate with the camera in the Editor, it will now decouple the camera from any targets it is trying to move to. This will save you from the scenario where the camera seems determined to go look at a thing you are editing the properties for. (thanks to Destragon)
  • Pressing the Multiselect hotkey or button will now clear your Paste clipboard.
  • The ruler should no longer draw while full-screen windows are open, such as the Feedback window.
  • The ruler's measurement display will now display aligned with your cursor's grid position.
  • Burny Whirlers now really show the correct cursor image for Wildfire when Eyedroppered.
  • When multi-placing under a door, goal, checkpoint, etc, the item would sometimes be destroyed when it shouldn't be, and would sometimes be preserved when it shouldn't be. Now, it should work as expected.
  • Multi-placing an environemnt tile on top of a background and then using Undo would cause the background to fail to be restored. This has been fixed.
  • The Multiselect will now turn red when you have hit the max selected grid spaces, not when you are 1 above the max.
  • When drag-placing or pasting an item that required solids, the solids wouldn't be spawned around it. Now they are!
  • Sometimes the edges wouldn't be drawn on your currently-selecting Multiselect drag area. Now they should always be drawn.
  • Eyedroppered Burny Whirlers should now draw the correct image next to the cursor. (thanks to TheViralMelon)
  • Arrow Holograms being dragged should now draw their correct color. (thanks to Robotics5)
  • If you used multiselect to select a singular item and then dragged or pasted it, the newly-placed item would not be selected. Now it is!
  • The "Back" button wouldn't always deselect your multi-selection, depending on a few edge cases. Now it does!
  • Deselecting a selection by pressing "B" or Escape wasn't properly taking an Undo snapshot, so if you deselected something, you couldn't undo the deselection. Now you can!
  • Clicking on a single grid space wasn't multi-selecting it. Now it does!
  • A few Editor tooltips, such as the Ripcord, said "GR18" instead of "GR-18". This has been fixed.
  • The error message that pops up if you have no GR-18 in your level will now say "Place a GR-18" instead of "Place a Start Position."
  • When spawning in Cheese Mode, GR-18's starting point will now be bounded inside the level area.
  • When placing multiselected objects, everything is now properly cleared before placing your selection, so you don't end up placing an item onto a background where there wasn't a background in the initial multiselect.
  • When placing a multiselected backdrop onto a scalepopped item, the scalepopped item would be fully deleted. Now it is broken apart, and only the parts that intersect with the backdrop will be deleted.
  • Changing to the Path Editor will now cancel your Multiselection.
  • Fixed an issue where pasting or dragging a multi-selected area would not clear items from the destination if you were only dragging a background. Now, when you paste or drag a multiselected area, it will fully replace the location you are placing it in.
  • Unique items weren't properly being stored in the Undo system. Now they are!
  • Reworked how the editor calculates the visuals of environment tiles, which has fixed a few bugs such as invisible tiles when placing a goal or checkpoint inside an enclosure. This should also result in less hitching when placing large quantities of environment tiles, such as when dragging the Environment Column tool or using the Paint Bucket.
  • Boomboxes wouldn't play repeat beats in the editor if they had a start delay. Now they do!
  • Japanese and Korean particles would get "Forgotten" by the Name Combobulator between renames. This has been fixed.


  • Fixed a visual issue on the Playlist View screen that drew the path nodes as HUGE AND BRIGHT. (thanks to Crushnoil Varkzapee)
  • Cromblers killed by the Lectroshield would always draw the Enraged crombler sprite. They should now draw the correct sprite as they soar away into the abyss. (thanks to TheViralMelon)


  • In the Name Combobulator, when using the Right joystick, controllers will now only scroll the word list that they are hovering over.
  • There were some small dead spots on the Level Size buttons in the Level Creation menu, that could prevent you from clicking those buttons. These dead spots have been killed.
  • Only Player 1 can now interact with confirmation windows.
  • If players other than player 1 press "Start" while a confirmation window is up, they will not have their controller disconnected.
  • The checkmark on the Tag Selection page is now aligned with the checkmark on the preceding Level Details page.
  • The Notifications "flashy icon" will now be properly reset when changing accounts -- even changing to the Guest account.
  • On the Notifications page, number amounts for tips no longer show up as links, since they aren't links.
  • Player offscreen icons should no longer be displayed during the Level Details screen when publishing a level. (thanks to TheViralMelon)
  • When you quit the Tower Trial from inside the playlist view, the confirmation message should now state that you are quitting the Tower Trial and not just a generic playlist.
  • The Rumpus spinner in the top-right corner is no longer visible on the initial game loading screen, since there is already a giant Rumpus spinner in the middle of that screen and it was redundant.
  • "Bookmarks" was not properly capitalized in some popups. This has been fixed.
  • Updated the messaging in the Workshop to say "Currently syncing cloud levels" instead of "Downloading levels," to make it more clear.
  • Updated the confirmation window when quitting the Tower Trial to specifically mention that you are quitting a Tower Trial, and not just a generic playlist.
  • You should no longer see icons in the icon list that are currently unavailable due to being locked behind in-development sections of the Training.


  • If the game saved a file, the file got deleted, and then that same identical file was written again, the file would fail to write, due to the game thinking it had already written that file. This has been fixed.


  • Some levels had been built around the fact that Baddie Eyeswitches weren't working properly in previous versions. The Baddie Eyeswitch fix has been made backwards compatible with those levels. (thanks to TalkGibberish)
  • If you haven't bounded the camera on the level borders, the camera will now move a full screen width beyond the horizontal bounds of the level before stopping. Previously, the camera would keep going forever for no reason. (thanks to TalkGibberish)
  • BUDD-Es can now be activated even while offscreen, as long as there is not a camera anchor active. (thanks to msmiley)
  • Normal fireballs being shot from cannons will once again dissipate when they strike enemies or Cromblers. (thanks to Spekio)
  • Updated depth sorting in the Tree of Maarla so Robo Factories and Bomb Beamers don't go between tiles.
  • Fixed depth sorting issues with Jack Droppers and their Jacks. Things should not squeeze between the dropper and the jack it is holding.
  • The Tiptow will now properly trigger Dense Fog, Prize Blocks, and similar, while wall sliding, even if you aren't pressing the direction to "push" against the wall.
  • Fixed an issue where Baddie Eyeswitches weren't properly counting the number of enemies when set to require multiple enemies. (thanks to TalkGibberish, TimConceivable)
  • If you set off an explosion near a physics object that is on a path that has moved inside solid ground, the physics object would previously get knocked off the path but be stuck in the ground. Now, it will stay on the path if it has no way out.


  • The pause screen will now stop Crombler whooshy roaring sounds.
  • When changing the musical properties of Boomboxes, the properties window should no longer play its "Click" sound at the same time as the boombox is playing a preview sound. (thanks to msmiley)
  • When clicking between different boomboxes, the Editor's music would return to normal volume for a frame and then go back down. This has been fixed -- the music should stay quiet while you are clicking between different Boomboxes to edit.


  • Fixed an issue that could cause claiming a guest save to fail when logging in for the first time.
  • You can no longer click the "Change My Name" button in the settings page if you have no internet connection.
  • The "Random" option in the Tower should now actually give you random levels, even on first boot-up. (thanks to Crushnoil Varkzapee)


  • You should no longer be able to pinch-zoom while performing a multiselect.


  • If you create a level in a non-English language, in some places it would display its name as "Unnamed Level" in English. This has been fixed.
  • If you revert or clone a level, the new workshop level will keep its language instead of converting to your current language.
  • The confirmations for deleting a level and uploading/downloading cloud levels would display the level's name in your current language, instead of the level's language. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed some issues with level names being displayed differently in the workshop, loading screen, and editor depending on your language changes. Level names should now always be consistently displayed across all interfaces.


  • The Android swipe-menu should no longer go away instantaneously.


  • Fixed some backwards-compatibility issues that would cause outdated versions of the game to crash if they loaded a Daily Build page that contained items that don't exist in their version of the game.


  • Kick Jump Grotto now uses level boundaries for the camera, and the camera now detects player position after the sawblade kickjump. (thanks to Johnny0798)