Patch Highlights

First off, thank you all for being understanding about our shift to a two-week patch cycle! This has given us a ton of extra breathing room and space to experiment, implement bigger features, and put our focus where it counts.

ANYWAYS... We've got a REAL WHOPPER of a patch today, so we'd like to apologize in advance for delivering so much content. We know it can be overwhelming, but... just do your best. You've got this!

Introducing: The Ripcord!

It's time to unveil our first new powerup since Early Access launch: The RIPCORD!

The Ripcord allows GR-18 to turn his little robot arms into rocket engines for a short time, after which he has to touch his feet to the ground (or an enemy's face) to replenish fuel. This will allow GR-18 to reach far higher places than were originally possible -- in some cases, up to 5 times the height!

On the way down after touching the sky, GR-18 can use the Ripcord's Helicopter Mode to slowly descend, while still maintaining full control over horizontal movement. This allows you to kill your fall speed and weave between enemies like a pro, or glide across long gaps that would otherwise be impossible.

We're excited to see all the wacky levels our community creates using this powerful new item!

Introducing: The Tempswitch!

Levelhead is becoming known for its robust and ridiculously flexible Switch/Receiver system, and with the set of switches we already have, our players have managed to create all kinds of ludicrous contraptions, including pinball machines, 3-in-1 arcade games, music boxes, and replicas of existing games of all kinds. BUT THAT'S NOT ENOUGH! We have more ideas for switches, and this patch, we've brought one of those new switch ideas to life. Introducing, the TEMPSWITCH!

The Tempswitch is the most versatile switch we have added to the game. At its most basic usage, it simply flips for a short duration, and then flips back. For an obvious use case, you can use it to create a temporary batch of Jems that the player has to collect before the time is up.

But that's not all there is to it! The Tempswitch has multiple behaviors, so you can have it be reusable for a more forgiving experience, locking so it can only be used once, or even have it explode when it expires, blowing up brittle rocks, bricks, and enemies, and launching the player and other items!

BUT WAIT. THERE'S MORE! The Tempswitch is the first switch in Levelhead that is both a sender and receiver. This means that, aside from just using the Tempswitch as a pressure plate, you can also trigger the Tempswitch via other switches in completely different locations in your level, of different styles.

Our hope going forward is to expand this concept even further, allowing numerous other switches in the game to be both senders and receivers. It allows for a huge amount of flexibility in building interesting triggers, events, and contraptions!

Introducing: Rockets!

This patch also introduces a new type of projectile: Rockets! Rockets don't home in on the player like Homing Missiles do -- they just fly straight, and fast. They're also non-lethal. Instead of killing the player, they explode like a bomb, destroying breakable blocks, damaging enemies, throwing items, and flinging GR-18 across the level.

We'd tell you to be careful with these, but we know you won't. So... just try not to get killed too many times.

To unlock the Ripcord, Rockets, and the Tempswitch, we've added 11 (!) new levels to the end of the campaign. Have fun!

Introducing: The Tower Trial!

A new daily competition has opened up in the halls of the Tower! The Tower Trial is a daily batch of six player-made levels that our robots pull from the tower using the power of algorithms, science, and good old-fashioned elbow grease. You must -- and I cannot stress this enough -- routinely grease your robot's elbows.

Score Hunters and Speed Runners then compete to get the top scores and top times on beating all six levels in a row.

The response from our players on the beta branch has been super positive, and the Tower Trial will only get better over time as we adjust our algorithms to make sure we're only serving up the highest quality, piping hot, spiciest player-made levels.

Now, you might be saying, "Hey! I'm not a speed runner! There's no way I can get onto that leaderboard!" Well, don't worry! Our magic robots also choose a "Trophy Time" for every day's trial, which should provide a good (but reasonable) challenge for the average player to strive for.

The Tower Trial also has a fun edge for level builders, as well, since when you publish a level, there's a chance that level will end up in the Tower Trial, accumulating a big burst of plays and being forever enshrined in the Tower Trial's archives for future players to come back to. Levels that have been part of a Tower Trial will be permanently emblazoned with the golden Tower Trial icon, signifying just how cool they are.

And best of all, every Tower Trial is made permanently available. So if you miss a day's trial, you can always just go back and do it later!

Quality of Life

Aside from all the new features above, here are some of the highlights we've added to make the game just a little bit smoother, better, and more convenient!

  • We've overhauled how Background Tile placement works in your levels, so you can go crazy with it and not fear accidentally destroying parts of your level.
  • Tons of bug fixes, including fixes for inconsistencies while moving on paths.
  • You can capture screenshots using Steam's screenshot system!
  • You can now lock pressure plates!
  • A bunch of new words in the Name Combobulator!
  • You can make big arrows!
  • Some items can now go on paths that couldn't before!
  • New icons and animations for the Sign!
  • Overhauled scoring for in-game actions such as collecting Jems and defeating Enemies, to make score hunting feel more different from speed running. Get out there and claim those crowns!


There's a lot more in the notes below, so if you're really into it, go take a look! Thanks for playing, and we'll see you for the next patch in two weeks!

v0.7.2 Patchnotes (since 0.6.3)

See the full patchnotes.

New Features

New Item

  • Introducing the RIPCORD powerup! The Ripcord allows you to fly by turning your arms into rocket engines for a short duration, and you can also slow your descent by sprouting a helicopter rotor from the top of your head.
  • Introducing the TEMPSWITCH! This is a versatile switch that sends a signal for a limited amount of time before flipping back to its original state. The Tempswitch normally functions as a pressure plate, but you can also tell it to listen to other switches, making it the first switch in Levelhead that can both send and receive signals. Tempswitches also have three different behaviors: Reusable (can be activated repeatedly), locking (can only be activated once), and exploding (can only be activated once, and then explodes like a bomb when its time runs out).

New Projectile

  • "Rockets" are now available as projectile types for Lookannons and Cannons. "Rocket" style projectiles explode like bombs upon impact, launching items, destroying bricks and brittle rock, harming enemies, and flinging GR-18 across the universe.


  • The campaign has 11 new levels to introduce and unlock the Ripcord, Rocket, and Tempswitch.


  • You can now capture screenshots by pressing F12 or "Print Screen." These screenshots will be automatically uploaded to your Steam profile. They will also be saved locally to your game's save directory in a subfolder called "Screenshots." (thanks to @jr527m)


  • Updated translation for the settings menu, daily


  • Began prototyping the Asteroid Tunnels biome (in development).


  • Prize blocks can now have Receiving Channels on them, so they can respond to switches. Prize blocks that are on switches cannot be invisible.
  • You can now merge Arrow Holograms up to 2x2 or 3x3 sizes.

Tower Trial

  • A new daily competition section has opened up in the Tower! It's called the "Tower Trial." Every day, six levels are pulled from the tower and turned into a playlist. Competitors in the Tower Trial compete for score and time across all six levels back to back. In this mode, the timer continues running across deaths (except when restarting the very first level of the Trial), and your total time is the amount of time it took you to clear the entire trial. The Tower Trial also has a "Time Trophy" available for anyone who clears the entire trial in less than the displayed time. This feature is still a work in progress, so please give us feedback!


  • When playing levels as part of a playlist, there is a new interface that shows each of the level orbs in sequence.



  • Updated "Grand Theft Grotto" level to have more space during the Popjaw fight.
  • Increased the space ship's maximum speed on the campaign navigation screen.
  • Updated the ship's particle system on the campaign navigation screen to be more contiguous, and gave it a subtle sound effect while moving.
  • Campaign instruction cards can now be attached to switches, so we can show them only when they are relevant, and not before.
  • Bumper Ascent's final bumper room has had its bumpers shifted to be symmetrical. MILDLY INFURIATING, NO MORE! (thanks to @d29oze)
  • Thorn Cloud Delivery's first spring has been more thoroughly enclosed so players don't fixate on jumping off it via forgiveness mechanics. (thanks to @ucjumj)
  • The Heist now has a checkpoint and some updated decor (thanks to @h42985)
  • Clockswitch Tower's second bug piece is now attached to a saw path. (thanks to @pkmng8)
  • If you slip the portalfire on Pressure Puzzle you'll be able to escape the confines of the room you were previously trapped in. (thanks to @kc8n1q)
  • Temple of karma's third checkpoint no longer soft-locks you if you too skillfully killed a gentle blopfush (thanks to @3w0c8j)
  • Go Go Rumble's autoscrolling section now forces you to touch the checkpoint prior to the scroll beginning. (thanks to @bmy2wb)
  • GR-18 in the Machine's coins will no longer disappear if you don't get them the moment you clear the second room. (thanks to @itozuu, @ya0lqh)
  • The campaign overlay in the top-right corner now shows how many badges you have yet to unlock and how many levels you have left to beat, so the 100% number is now fully described by what you see there.


  • Added words to the name combobulator: Rampage, Destruction, Destroy, Smash (thanks to @rmk4os)
  • When you click a path node with a tool such as "Add Node" or "Insert Node", you no longer have to click the path once to select the path, and once again to begin dragging the node. Instead, the path will be selected, and it will begin dragging the node, both in the same click. (thanks to @g5w3g0)
  • You can now control the volume of boomboxes.
  • Sliders now respond to your mouse on a 1:1 basis, instead of a 1:2 basis. The previous slider sensitivity is no longer necessary, now that we have the ability to enter numbers directly via the editor Numpad.
  • You can now make Blopfush, Swoopadoops, and Whizblades be "Stationary" as a movement style. Previously, the only way to do this was to put them onto an inactive path. This should save quite a bit of tedium! (thanks to @pkmng8)
  • Added words to the name combobulator: Lab, Theft, Steal
  • Added words to the name combobulator: Fury, Furious
  • You can now place Flippy Longswitches on paths.
  • You can now place Lockswitches on paths.
  • You can now place Spike Traps on paths.
  • Added words to the name combobulator: Rocket, Missile.
  • Added "Jets" and "Propeller" instruction cards for usage in the campaign, for teaching how to use the Ripcord powerup (Developer only).
  • Added "Jump" and "Grab" icons to the sign. (thanks to @77wdm5)
  • Added three different beam styles with different colors to the Sweep Laser (in development). These beam styles currently don't do anything, but they will affect the world differently in a later patch.
  • Added a new suite of icons to signs, including powerup references and specific enemy images.
  • Updated the visuals of the Tempswitch (Still in development) to convey whether it is resuable, locking, or exploding.
  • The Backdrop and Enclosure items no longer delete terrain when you place them. This should make it easier to wildly wave your hand around as you place backdrops without worrying about accidentally exploding some part of your level.
  • If you have the Backdrop or Enclosure item selected and you click on that same item type in your level, you will enter "Delete Mode" for that item type. While in Delete Mode, you can delete Backdrops or Enclosures without fear of deleting the thing sitting on top of it. Note that if you enter "Delete Mode" with the Enclosure item selected, this will only delete Enclosures, while Backdrops will be unaffected (and vice versa). (thanks to @jzpvey)
  • Added words to the Name Combobulator: Room, Awesome, Mist, Paradox, Lurk, Rail, Crypt, Tomb, Abandoned, Forgotten, Ancient. (thanks to @77wdm5, @sc4796, @3719xx, @0gfsfk)
  • Item properties that have decimals will now always display to the hundredths place, so you know that they aren't stuck as whole numbers.
  • Signs can now be placed on paths. (thanks to @2x7lcg)
  • Added words to the name combobulator: Second, Interval, Moment, Marathon, Minute, Skyscraper


  • Added hover sound effects to the social links on the main menu.
  • Implemented new music and sound effects for the Tower Trial.


  • Optimized the new path physics, so they should stop making unnecessary calculations when using path objects that can't be stood on (like Jems).
  • Updated the texture page entries of the game for a small improvement in frame rates.

Tower Trial

  • Fixed text overflow problems on the Tower Trial's "Top Times" and "Top Scores" headers in non-English languages, and added the Ribbon and Shoe icons to those headers.
  • Added cooler visual and audio effects to earning the Time Trophy in the Tower Trial.
  • You can now view and compete in tower trials from previous days.
  • Updated the Tower Trial description to be more clear about how scoring and times work.
  • The Tower on the main menu has been updated to have the Tower Trial icon displayed where the "LH" used to be. This icon will flash slightly if there is a new Trial available. It will darken once you have beaten the day's trial, and it will be an aqua-blue color if you have earned the Time Trophy for the day.


  • Updated the animations of the Ripcord to make GR-18 lean in-air to make it feel more reponsive.
  • Signs now snap open and shut when they change switch states.
  • Updated the visuals of the Prize Block so it has only two colors instead of three, so it clashes less with other things' colors.


  • Updated the phrasing on the Tower Trial to reduce confusion about whether it is time-limited. (thanks to @rmyh5h)
  • Updated the confirmation dialogue when publishing a level to no longer state that you can never make changes to the level. (thanks to @cpk3kz)
  • There is now a Refresh button on your bookmarks page, which will allow you to force-update your Bookmarks list. (thanks to @cs9krq)
  • Updated the in-game playlist UI to be smaller, so it doesn't crowd out the rest of the UI on full-bodied mode.
  • You can now paste with a gamepad on the Lookup page by pressing "Y" (on Xbox controller, or equivalent on other controllers).
  • When playing a playlist in-game, there is now an indicator at the top-center of the screen that shows your position in the current playlist.
  • Player-made levels that have been selected for the Tower Trial will now display the Tower Trial badge on them.


  • Purge gates now remove all powerups, including armor and temporary buffs such as the Dbot.
  • Rebalanced score values of jems, enemies and dunking the package to be roughly triple what they used to be. This should make the strategies for score hunting quite different from the strategies for speed running, which should make score hunting more interesting. This change is retroactive across all previous levels, so get ready to steal some crowns!
  • Updated the Tempswitch (in development) to have better audio cues, to only countdown when not being activated, and to have cleaner item properties.
  • Rocket projectiles (in development) now explode on contact with enemies.
  • Slightly reduced the cooldown on re-entering portals you just came from, to make it easier to pop back in.
  • "Rocket" style projectiles now explode like bombs.
  • Physics tweaks to the propeller and jet of the Ripcord powerup, to make it smoother to recover from falls, and to allow you to use your copter or jet after being launched out of a Blaster.


  • Implemented the second draft of the Asteroid Tunnels background concept (in development).


  • When you have "Players Share Powerups" set to "Yes", picking up an armor plate, Dbot, or Lectroshield will now apply that pickup to all players. (thanks to @p685gq)



  • Level attempts should now be properly recorded on level stats when the player dies after a checkpoint. This fix will result in a fairly strong rebalancing of difficulty rankings of levels over time, and levels with checkpoints will start seeing a lot more attempts visible on their stats over time.
  • Fixed an issue with parsing failed stat sending requests to Rumpus.
  • The stats of the levels in your recent graduates list in the Marketing Department should now be kept up-to-date more reliably. Previously, a level would graduate to the Tower, but its stats in your Recent Graduates list would be stuck at whatever they were when you saw it last. (thanks to @ref0kg)
  • Fixed an issue with handling stat sending errors that would cause a crash.
  • You cannot play a level if the level reverter is currently running.


  • Toned down the volume slightly on explosions, punching enemies, and lock switches.
  • Updated the Level Publish jingle to be tied to sound volume instead of music volume, so you don't end up with a wildly flailing level orb in a quiet, unsettling void.
  • Slightly reduced the volume on successive rocket and bomb explosions that overlap each other.


  • The white path movement indicator in the Editor should no longer get stuck in place when you cycle past the "Stop" option for its ending behavior. (thanks to @3719xx)
  • Items that can be attached to paths are now version-specific, so they don't break with older levels. Spike Traps, Flippy Longswitches, and Lockswitches on levels made before prior to patch 0.6.10 will not attach to paths in those levels, since that feature didn't exist at that time.
  • Updated the Jukebox to default to "Disaster Manager" music instead of "Death Executive", since "Death Executive" is not unlocked until later in the campaign. (thanks to @cgm03g)


  • Fixed an issue where Swoopadoops and Blopfush that emerged from prize blocks would travel through terrain before popping out the other side, and then they would teleport back to their starting location. Now, they just stay at their starting location. Non-flying enemies still move through terrain when emerging from prize blocks, as intended. This change does not affect Swoopadoops and Blopfush on levels published before this version. (thanks to @26kmgd)
  • Fixed an issue with Swoopadoops that emerged from prize blocks starting in weird places. Now, they always emerge right out of the prize block.
  • You will no longer cause Dense Fog to break through walls by hitting the walls super fast. (thanks to @rmyh5h)
  • When you strike multiple Prize Blocks or Brittle Rocks at the same time (with your head or the package), all of the blocks you struck will react, instead of just one.
  • Sky Wigglers (fans) now have a cap for how fast they will accelerate an object.
  • Fixed an issue with items on Switch-controlled paths not being properly restored via checkpoint respawns. (thanks to @3719xx)
  • Slightly extended the cooldown on re-entering the same blaster. Players on low-end machines were getting sucked back into the same blaster they launched from. (thanks to @7n4fnm)
  • Updated physics of spinning platforms to use the new velocity inheritance model, to eliminate random player flings.
  • Refined the physics of platforms moving on paths, so that spikes in frame rates won't blast the player sideways like a missile when they land on a platform or jump off of one.
  • Platforms moving on paths should now move more smoothly and not have any jittering to them.
  • You can no longer fire your Ripcord jets while inside a blaster.
  • Levels published prior to version 0.6.5 will continue to have the less predictable jump height for GR18 that was fixed in version 0.6.5. All levels published in version 0.6.5 or later will have the more consistent jump height.
  • Fixed an issue where Blopfush or Swoopadoops that respawned from checkpoints after coming out of a prize block would no longer be at the correct location.
  • Fixed an issue where bomb and enemy generators wouldn't explode if they were restored from a checkpoint and then ran out of respawns.
  • Enemy generators on paths will now spawn Swoopadoops and Blopfush at the correct location, and the spawned enemies will not be attached to the path. (thanks to @cgm03g)
  • Updated jump timers to remove inconsistencies where, at a full 60 FPS, random jumps would put you just enough pixels higher that you could barely clear one more tile. These random extra-tile jumps should no longer be possible.

Tower Trial

  • If you report a level during the Tower Trial, you will exit that tower trial.
  • If you attempt to play a Tower Trial that has a level in it that you have reported for a code of conduct violation, you will be met with a message stating that you cannot play this Trial.
  • If you have reported a level in the Tower Trial, you can no longer play the Tower Trial for that day.
  • Fixed some issues with displaying page change buttons at the bottom of the Tower Trial. (thanks to @rmyh5h)


  • Fixed an issue with long hovertext popups where they would temporarily display two lines of text and then go back to displaying one line of text. Now each hovertext toolip should consistently display the same number of lines of text no matter where it is at in its bouncy animation.
  • Fixed an issue with display of level names in the Infostream when you report the level.
  • Fixed text overflow in full-bodied UI mode in non-English languages in the headers of the profile page.
  • Fixed text overflow on the Tower Trial and Daily Build buttons in non-English languages.
  • When you change the size of the UI, the buttons in the top-left corner of the game weren't changing size to match until you left and returned to the level. Now they do. (thanks to @4tlntf)
  • Fixed an issue where your Stolen Crowns list wasn't purging levels that you had retaken your crowns on.
  • Fixed some issues with the Tower Trial interface sticking around after it is finished.
  • When you aren't subscribed to anyone or have nobody on your buddy list, you will get messages explaining these facts when looking at those lists in your profile, rather than the cryptic "no results found" message, or nothing at all.
  • If you weren't subscribed to any creators, then your Feed in your profile would load up whatever tab's content you were last looking at, instead of showing you nothing (like it should). This has been fixed.


  • Fixed the text overflow issues for Chinese in the settings menu.

File Management

  • Fixed some issues with handling of buffers. Should notice no change generally, but might fix some platform-specific bugs.


  • Badge counts on the new campaign interface were showing an incorrect number of badges. This has been fixed! (thanks to @kdkswt)
  • Your campaign progress percentage will now update in real-time when you unlock a badge.


  • Added a failsafe to keep from publishing levels with unfinished content onto the beta server.


  • Updated icon of Prize Block to reflect the new color scheme.


  • Fixed a capitalization issue on the confirmation window for reverting levels.