Happy Patch Day!

It's been three weeks since the last patch, and OH DANG have we got a whopper. This patch brings a huge pile of UI, UX, accessibility, and polish updates. Let's get in there!

Keybinds For DAYS!

Keybinds. We have them. We have A LOT of them. We have so many that it started to cause problems, so we rebuilt the entire keybinding interface and the underlying code infrastructure. You know what that means? It means you can now rebind just about anything you want.

And you can even rebind your CONTROLLER buttons! REJOICE!

We're going to be doing some more work on the default Controller keybinds to make things work better in the editor and in multiplayer, so stay tuned for that in a not-too-distant patch. But whatever happens, you'll generally be able to rebind stuff to whatever you want anyways!

Colorblind Accessibility!

Colors! Some of us can see all of them, but some of us can only see... some of them. Since color can be used to convey a bunch of things in Levelhead, especially in puzzle levels, our colorblind friends have had an increasingly difficult time as we've added more color-heavy features.

We wanted to remedy that, so we added a Colorblind Assistance setting. This setting attaches icons to the major colors in the game, so you can easily distinguish colored Rifts, Arrows, and Hardlights. And we've baked those icons into Keys and their associated items, too.

If you have colorblindness and are having issues with other aspects of the game, please let us know via the feedbag, and we'll try to come up with a solution!

UX Ensmoothening!

Time to UNBUCKLE YOUR SHOES, because this is going to be an incredibly smooth ride. We've updated several of the game's interfaces to be more obvious, intuitive, and take you where you need to go. OBSERVE!

Search Result Tips

If you did a search in Levelhead and there were no results, we used to just have an unhelpful message that said, "No results found." This applied even on lists like your own "Following" list, your Favorites, etc...

Now, if you have no results in one of these lists, we'll assume it's because you haven't engaged with that part of the game yet, so we provide you with a helpful link to show you where to go to get started on that thing. For example, if you aren't following anyone and you look at your "Following" list, we point you toward the Creator browser so you can find people to follow.

So smooth!

No More Manual Downloads!

Instead of needing to click "Download" on a level before you play it, you can now just... play it. As a result, all level cards will just have a "Play" button. WOW! But don't worry! If you do want to pre-download levels before you go on a long plane ride, for example, you can just turn on "Download Mode" in the settings!

Login Flow-verhaul!

Our previous login method was a bit too involved, and as a result, a significant proportion of our players never logged in. It's not because they didn't want to, it's just that we never really made it obvious how, where, or why to do it. So, to get more of our players involved in the community, we've rebuilt the game's login flow.

If you boot up the game and you haven't logged in, now you get the login page right away! We also updated the visuals of the Login page to be more "Levelhead-y" instead of Rumpus themed, because there was an extra layer of confusion. "What is Rumpus? Why am I logging into it?" So, overall, this new process should get far more people to log in, and those people should be a lot less confused.

Also, when you first log in, you now pick your alias and your avatar. Say goodbye to the swarms of new players stuck using the Generic Employee avatar!

Tower Improvements

We're continuing to tweak the Tower's algorithms to make sure there is a nice variety of content in the Featured list and not just a huge number of five-star levels. Right now, things are swinging around a bit while we work to find that "Sweet Spot," but it's getting closer all the time! The result is that the Tower's "Featured" list is starting to generate a decent amount of play. Since the Tower is increasingly being viewed as where you go for "Good Levels", We wanted to make sure it gets even more attention, so we've updated the Tower to just place you directly on the Featured page as soon as you enter.

From this page, you can go to the Tower Trial or play a Random playlist. Oh, and speaking of Random Playlists...

Play Whatever You Want... Randomly!

Our original thinking with the Random Playlist was to make it truly random, and only allow you to bracket levels by difficulty. But after some further iteration, we realized it would be more interesting if you could pick whatever filters you wanted, and generate a random playlist out of that!

Now, when you click the Random Playlist button, you'll get a random playlist that matches whatever your filters are in the Tower. Want a playlist of just "Short" levels tagged as "beginner-friendly"? Or perhaps a playlist of "Troll" levels? Now you've got it!

GR-18 Visual Updates!

We have four colors of GR-18 available for multiplayer, so we thought, why don't we let people just pick one of those colors as their main GR-18 color? In the game's settings, you can now make your GR-18's face Blue, Fuchsia, Gold, or Green!

Plus, GR-18 has some new animations for throwing things downward, and there's even a new flipping animation while sprinting!

Mobile Enslickening!

We're continuing to iterate on the mobile controls and features to make sure the game is ready for a solid beta test in the coming... time. Many of these features also require separate tutorial steps or mobile-specific instructions, so it has been a bit of an undertaking. But it's coming along!

We'll have more news about the mobile version soon, as well as information on how to get involved in being a beta tester for it!


I gotta get out of here! Want to know more? Read the full patch notes below, or just come into our community Discord and say hi!

See you next Wednesday!

0.76.21 Patchnotes (since 0.72.1)

See the full patchnotes.

New Features


  • You can now minimize the Properties window.
  • There is now a Magnifying Glass button displayed on the bottom row of the Editor. Pressing this button will toggle the Editor's zoom level. By default, this button is bound to Shift and Right Joystick Click. You may also still use the Middle Mouse Wheel to change your zoom level.
  • The Path Editor now has a full suite of hotkeys.


  • There are now tips on the level loading screens. If you're on a powerful PC, it might be time to brush up on your speed reading.
  • Various interfaces have been updated such that if you get no results (like no notifications, no play history, etc), you will be directed to what you should do to populate that list. For example, if you look at your followers list but aren't following anyone, there will be a button you can click to go to the Creator Browser to find people to follow!


  • Updated the new user flow so that if you haven't unlocked the workshop (beaten the first two levels in Training and watched the Workshop presentation), then you bypass the main menu from the Login page and instead go straight to Training. If you exit out of training but haven't unlocked the Workshop, you bypass the main menu and go straight to the Login page. The Main Menu was overwhelming for new users, and until you had unlocked the workshop, the only things you could do on the main Menu were to log in or go to Training. So it made little sense to have people go through the Main Menu at this early stage.


  • Updated the default behavior of community levels to just always show the 'Play' button, even if you haven't downloaded them. This allows you todownload the level and play it in one go, instead of requiring you to press 'Download' and then 'Play.'
  • If you have an active internet connection but Rumpus takes more than 10 seconds to retrieve a web result, you will get an on-screen popup notifying you that the server may be experiencing difficulties. If you wait more than 20 seconds for a response, we will assume Rumpus is down. At this point, you will be pulled out of online-only interfaces such as the Marketing Department or your Profile, and you will be returned to the Main Menu. From this point forward, every 20 seconds, the game will attempt to reestablish a connection with Rumpus until the connection is restored, at which point you will get a popup message notifying you that Rumpus is once again available.


  • Added a 'Download Mode' setting, which allows you to bring back the old way of downloading levels before playing them. You can use this setting to download a batch of levels if you are going to be going offline for a while.
  • Added a Colorblind Assistance setting, which will draw icons on Hardlights that correspond with their colors. Over time, as we find other aspects of gameplay that may cause issues for people with colorblindness, we will attach those extra features to this setting as well.
  • Added a "Master Volume" slider. It controls... uhhh.. the master volume. (thanks to popcar2)


  • Added a camera controller joystick to the Mobile version of of the game. This also removes the "Two-Finger Pinch" and "Two-Finger Swipe" control methods that were previously used to zoom and pan in the editor. The core issue with those methods was that they were too accident-prone; when attempting to pan or zoom, it was easy to tap with one finger instead of two, causing you to place an item you didn't want to place. The camera joystick is much safer!


  • There is now a setting that allows you to choose your standard GR-18 face color.



  • Added larger versions of the colorblind icons on the scalepopped Arrow Holograms.
  • Upgraded the visual potency of the icons on Rifts for Colorblind Assistance.
  • Armor plates now have an actual custom visual effect that orbits you, instead of just the exact image of the armor plate.
  • GR-18 now has a new "Punching Down" animation for throwing the package downward, and a new mid-air cartwheel flip animation that will randomly play upon jumping while sprinting.
  • GR-18 will now do a flip after running out of fuel with the Ripcord.
  • Mid-sized vacrats have had their contrast increased.
  • Deactivated Regret Gates no longer have a yellow glow, to make them easier to distinguish from activated ones.


  • The Properties Maximize button now makes the same sound as the Properties Window expanding.


  • Whole seconds will now be displayed with decimals on level cards. For example, "5s" would now be "5.00s". This is to create visual consistency, since most times have decimals.
  • Confirmation windows can now just have one button.
  • The Tower Trial "Play" button now looks like a normal playlist button, for consistency.
  • When you Like or Favorite a level from within a user's profile, you will see their Likes or Favorites Generated change in real time. Note that the actual value is being calculated on the server separately, so really this is just imaginary, and the number won't actually be "stuck" on the profile until the Server updates it and you re-download their profile information, which is on a few minute cooldown. But it feels responsive, so that's nice!
  • When playing on mobile, if you have Eyedroppered something, a little Paste icon will appear next to the Eyedropper.
  • The Training overworld map now has a link to the Settings page. If you go to the Settings page from the Training overworld, the "Back" button in the Settings page will take you back there.
  • You can no longer like or favorite a level that you haven't played.
  • Fully updated the visuals of the Login pages to be Levelhead themed instead of Rumpus themed, with Rumpus information along the bottom as a side note.
  • Removed the opening message about Early Access, because... WHO NEEDS IT?


  • When going to the Settings menu from the Training overworld, the music will now remain the same as it is on the Overworld.
  • Thorncloud Delivery now includes mobile tutorial overlay for package jump.
  • Package Jump Temple now includes mobile tutorial overlay for package jump.
  • Hide and Sneak now includes mobile tutorial overlay for power-up buttons.
  • Too Hot Too Bad has had a single fireball removed, because.
  • Be Sneaky, GR-18!'s camera is no longer stuck zoomed-out after ceiling-climbing.
  • Grammar and punctuation on all presentations has been tweaked to be UP TO CODE.
  • Overall flow of the campaign has been modified somewhat.
  • When you change to "Inspect" mode in the Training overworld, the background darkened overlay fades in, instead of just instantly appearing.


  • Added to the Name Combobulator: Rise, Smile, Practice, Grab, Burn, Master, Pray, Work, Ruin, Scavenge, Excavate, Return, Lock, Hermit, Journey, Dungeon, Target, Levelhead, Horizon, Event, Velocity, Curse, Barrage, View, Object, Spell, Season, Rhapsody, Waltz, Prelude, Progress, Ruins, Bridge, Stairway, Spirit, Ghost, Ghoul, Bizarre, Supreme, Smiley, Exponential, Disgruntled, Lazy, Unique, Cursed, Scarlet, Perfect, Mystic, Missing, Fantastic, Unidentified, Hopeless, Subterranean, Violet, Wily, Eastern, Western, Northern, Southern, Far, Distant, Below (thanks to WaddlesTNT, Jangoelbow Doopalank, Spekio, Crushyjim Gittaboop, PureKnickers, TheViralMelon)
  • The order of items in the Editor has been updated so that none of the first items in a row have variant dropdowns. This should make it easier to navigate with a controller using the Dpad.
  • Clicking the "Delete" tool while it is active will deactivate it, switching back to the most recent item you were placing.
  • Tapping the Eyedropper tool while you already have the Eyedropper tool selected (but you haven't eyedroppered anything yet) will switch back to the item you had selected before.
  • Undo is BACK ON THE MENU! The left menu, that is. It just feels better over there.
  • The Zoom magnifying glass button in the Editor now cycles through three zoom levels, to make it function the same as the mouse wheel. This brings Editor Zoom into parity on all platforms.
  • The Editor camera will now pan if you drag stuff at the edges of the view.


  • Rifts and Arrow Holograms now include colorblind options: They will draw an icon associated with their color when colorblind mode is active.
  • Added unique shapes to Item Purge Gate particles and Powerup Purge Gate particles, so colorblind players are able to more easily distinguish the two types of purge gates. The hybrid purge gates show both types of particles.
  • Updated Keys, Key Gates, Key Chests, and Key Switches to now have unique icons that correspond with their colors. (thanks to Spekio)


  • Updated the Editor and Gameplay so that the interface dynamically changes depending on whether you are using a controller or the touchscreen.
  • Updated the camera area of the Editor so that the zoom button uses the same visual style as the camera joystick.
  • If the game loses focus during gameplay on mobile devices, a pause screen should now appear.
  • When returning from a paused state, the game will now ensure that Power Saving Mode is disabled.
  • When on a device with Rounded Corners, the overview in the top-right corner of the Training map should no longer be hidden by the corners or the notch.
  • In the Editor, the joystick for controlling the camera no longer resizes when you touch it, and it is slightly larger by default.
  • When creating a new level on Mobile, the level camera boundaries default to "Off," because having the camera bounded can can sometimes get weird when you have virtual controls on-screen. Mobile users still have the option to toggle this in the Level Details page, as normal.
  • The Retry button is now slightly farther from the pause button, so you don't hit it on accident.
  • The device's power saving mode is now set to "Off" when the game is running.
  • Copy + Paste with Multiselect is now fully functional on mobile. Once you copy a Multiselected area with the Eye Dropper, you enter Paste Mode. You can tap and hold anywhere iun the level to summon the image of the thing you are pasting, and when you release, it will be pasted there.
  • Increased the size of the "Glow" on the mobile controls, so you can see it beyond the edges of your thumbs more easily.
  • The on-screen controls fade by 50% when GR-18 walks underneath their area.
  • When you are carrying an item on mobile, the "Grapple" icon will change to a "Kick" icon on the touch controls.


  • Updated texture page assignments to improve performance.
  • Each presentation now has its own unique texture group, and is unloaded from VRAM when it is finished playing. This should allow for better performance on mobile devices when watching presentations, and should prevent iOS devices from crashing.
  • Further optimized the game to no longer process unnecessary inputs.


  • Your current game version is now stored in your save file, so we can use it for compatibility issues that might arise later.


  • If your key bindings had to be reset due to a game update, you will get a confirmation message alerting you that this is the case when you first load.
  • The input management system has been fully rebuilt to allow for rebinding of Controller keys. This rebuild has also made it possible to add a suite of hotkeys to the Path Editor, plus some additional rebindable keys. In addition, the new input system is now more optimized and, despite having more inputs, processes far fewer inputs at any one given time. Due to the nature of Joy-Cons changing shape and configuration, you will currently not be able to rebind Controller keys on the Nintendo Switch.


  • The Tower's "Passthrough" page is now gone. Instead, clicking the Tower will directly take you to the Featured page of the Tower. Buttons for "Tower Trial" and "Random Playlist" have been added to the bottom-right corner of the Tower page.
  • Now, only the "Back" button ("B" or "Escape") will exit out of the level publish animation.
  • If a player had been playing a guest account and then logged in to Rumpus for the first time, we would previously ask them if they wanted to claim the guest save with their Rumpus account. This would often result in the player not reading the prompt, or reading it and becoming confused, then pressing 'No,' and then being dismayed that their progress was 'missing'. So now, guest saves will claim automatically when logging in on a Rumpus account that has no Levelhead data.
  • When you first log in, you will not choose your avatar after choosing your name. This should keep people from accidentally wandering around with the Generic Employee avatar, because who wants THAT?


  • The "Random Playlist" button will now generate a random playlist based on the filters you have set up in the Tower.
  • Level-based notifications now include the level's sharecode as a tag. This will allow us to purge notifications about a level if that level gets delisted or reverted.
  • Added "Touch" internal tag to levels built & beaten using touch controls, in case we want to filter by that later.


  • Removed some old, unused words from the Localization system.


  • If you are holding the powerup button while you are acquiring that powerup, the powerup will now trigger the instant the animation finishes. (thanks to eedefeed)

New Player Experience

  • By default, switches and receivers no longer auto-assign their IDs. Turns out that's confusing to some people. But the setting still exists, so you can turn it on if you want it!



  • Window position and controller keybinds were not being properly saved and restored with the new settings system. Now they are!
  • Some of the game's, like audio, graphics, and language, have been converted to global settings, which means they are shared across users on the same device. These settings were not being saved/loaded properly. Now they are!
  • If you changed a global setting, like "Music Enabled", and then quickly exited the game, that setting would not be immediately saved. Now, it will be!
  • When the Graphical Effects Setting is set to "Off," Rifts will no longer make particle lines.


  • If an item went inside an enclosure and then went out of bounds, it would stay invisible as though it was still inside the enclosure. This has been fixed. (thanks to Crushnoil Varkzapee)
  • Using the right mouse button to trigger a powerup during the Powerup Acquisition Animation should now properly trigger the powerup when the animation concludes.
  • Cromblers would sometimes be able to shoot slightly past their maximum distance, based on frame rate variance. Now, they will always stop at a max of 20 grid spaces without overshooting.
  • GR-18 could sit down and start doing the idle whistle while being pushed against a ceiling by a Sky Wiggler. This has been fixed.
  • Tucked in the detection of Dense Fog regeneration by 1 pixel, so it will no longer be blocked by things that are next to it and shouldn't be blocking it.
  • If you are carrying another player and they you get crushed by a door, you will both die. (thanks to Intuition?!)
  • If you were carrying someone while ceiling climbing and they jumped off your back while you were grabbing a one-tile-tall ceiling, they would jump though the ceiling. This has been fixed. (thanks to eedefeed)
  • If you are on a non-16:9 aspect ratio with a camera anchor active and GR-18 dies, the black bars on the sides of the screen won't retract while GR-18 is dead.
  • The new fps smoothing around 60fps was causing the game to run at turbo speed in some weird scenarios, like if someone was watching Youtube in the background. This was because the FPS adjustment only accounted for frame rates faster than 55fps, but didn't account for frame rates that might be much higher than 60fps. Now, the fps smoothing only occurs if your game is running between 55 and 65 fps, forcing it to a fixed 60fps. Once you are outside that range, normal delta time rules apply. (thanks to DNin)
  • Fixed an issue with the camera not resetting to the proper position when you respawn after death in Cheese Mode. (thanks to The_Emerald_DL)


  • Invisible Prize Blocks are now easier to see in the Editor. (thanks to TalkGibberish)
  • Using multi-select to place backdrops over terrain will no longer allow you to create hovering Goals, BUDD-Es, or anything else!
  • When you hit "Undo" in Path Edit mode, the hotkey displays would flash for a frame. This will no longer occur.
  • The Name Combobulator should no longer attach a leading space if your level name starts with a number.
  • If you eyedroppered an item with a Prize inside of it on Mobile, you would sometimes not get the "Paste" icon next to the eyedropper tool. This should no longer be the case.
  • When you change the UI scale, the Editor's UI should now rebuild to adhere to the scale change.
  • Dragging a Tempswitch should no longer draw it hugely.
  • Using "Undo" in the Path Editor would always set your tool to "New Path." Now it leaves your tool alone! Unless there are no more paths, in which case it does indeed change to "New Path."
  • You can once again press "Tab" to toggle back and forth between the Path Editor and the normal editor.
  • Fallthrough ledges should now properly change their visuals when you change biomes. (thanks to TalkGibberish)
  • The camera will now auto-pan in the Editor when you are resizing the level and dragging near the edges of the view.
  • The Name Combobulator's words should now scroll properly on Mobile.
  • The Camera Joystick on Mobile would persist when you went into the Level Details page. Now it properly vanishes.
  • The game should no longer crash if you change tools while you are holding the cursor to place or drag an item. (thanks to Spekio)


  • If you went to the last page of a search and there are no results, you will just see a "No results found" message instead of a message saying that no results exist.
  • When you attempt to clone a level from your profile, your profile disappeared in the background while the confirmation window was up. This should no longer be the case. (thanks to WaddlesTNT)
  • Fixed a text overlap issue in the Recent Graduates list.
  • The "Pause game when minimized" should now only occur on mobile platforms, and it should also no longer pause during the final scoreboard.
  • The cursor should no longer appear during the Training presentations, and clicking with the mouse should now allow you to skip the presentations.
  • There should no longer be a double-click effect when clicking on the Random Playlist button or the Tower Trial button.
  • You should now be able to properly rebind the "B" key on your controller, even in the pause menu.
  • Abbreviated several keybind names so they don't overflow off their button displays.
  • You should be unable to click through the Check mark on the Tags page and accidentally click the Tower Trial button.
  • The Random Playlist button should no longer flash.
  • When a confirmation window exists on the Training overworld, the other UI buttons should no longer work.
  • Going into the Tower's tags interface should now despawn the new Tower Trial and Random Playlist buttons.
  • If you bind "Play", "Stop", or "Mute" to something in the Key Bindings page, you will now see that key's name displayed properly.
  • Fixed some extra space around the progress bar in the Training UI.
  • The score was pushed against the right side of the screen, when it shouldn't have been. This has been fixed!
  • Fixed capitalization on the hover tooltip of "Take Level Screenshot".
  • The hover tooltip on the Training Lookaround button was in the wrong place. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue with settings being non-clickable in the pause menu on some platforms.
  • Keyboard hotkeys in the new Key Binds interface should now always be horizontally aligned with one another.
  • In the in-game settings page, the height of the Settings changers was incorrect, cramping the description text underneath. This has been fixed.
  • If you looked at someone else's profile but they had no content there, it would say things like, "You haven't shipped any levels!" When really, it should say that they haven't shipped any levels. This has been fixed.
  • Added several missing button displays to the key binding page, including Caps, Tilde, and a bunch of buttons you definitely shouldn't bind, like "Volume Up."
  • Rebinding keys in the pause menu no longer causes wild scrolling.
  • The default key bind for Editor Zoom was "Left Shift," when really it should have just been "Shift." So now it is just regular Shift.
  • The new "Let's Go!" button that now appears when you have no search results would appear on top of the Icon Picker in the Profile page. This should no longer be the case.
  • If you clicked and held too long on the "Menu" button in the editor, the click wouldn't register. This has been fixed. (thanks to TimConceivable)
  • Hitting "Escape" while on the confirmation menu in the Credits page will no longer spawn another confirmation menu.
  • Training Presentations no longer have a 1 pixel sliver of light visible above them.
  • Cleaned up the text for the Bookmarks page to be less redundant.
  • On the Playlist Summary screen, if you got a top score, your top time was shown in gold, and vice versa. The visuals were switched. They are now fixed! (thanks to DNin)
  • It is now possible to rebind the "B" button on a controller in the Gameplay section of the controls.
  • Buttons that have Keyboard shortcuts but no Controller shortcuts will now only show their Keyboard shortcuts if you are in Controller mode.
  • The loading bar should no longer move backwards temporarily when loading a new user profile on consoles.
  • When there is a confirmation window up in the Workshop, you will no longer accidentally click a level's title through the confirmation buttons.
  • Daily Build search results will no longer include levels that have more players than you currently have connected. (thanks to Destragon)
  • The Exposure Bucks "Tip Amount" button wouldn't show in the Marketing Department until after you had entered a level. This has now been fixed.
  • When you are dragging a level around in the Workshop, other level names won't highlight.
  • If you played a Tower level, then went back into the Marketing Department, your "Tip Amount" button would no longer be visible until you played a Marketing Department level. This has been fixed.


  • The Tower Trial management system has been made more robust. You should no longer see empty Tower Trial pages.
  • Our URI-encoding function could crash if given an empty string. It handles this more gracefully now, making our web functions less likely to cause crashes.
  • "All Time" and "Past Month" filters were showing the same levels. This has been fixed!
  • Because you cannot favorite your own levels, any of your own levels that you see in the wild will now be removed from your favorites list in the event that you happened to favorite them in the past.
  • When Rumpus login fails, the user will stay in the login menu.
  • When logging out of Rumpus, the user will be put back at the login menu.
  • If your Rumpus credentials expire, you will now correctly be fully logged out, and logging back in will re-sync your data properly.
  • If you have no user Credentials upon boot-up, Rumpus will require you to log in, so you aren't trapped in a broken state.
  • If your Rumpus credentials expire while you are playing, for example if you use the "Remote Logout" feature on our web site, you will be sent back to the login menu the next time you hit the main menu.
  • Fixed an issue where losing your Rumpus credentials may trap you forever. Now it just takes you to the Login page.


  • Improved the visuals of colorblind icons on Rifts and Hardlights to make them stand out more.
  • The selection reticle once again has a smoothe expansion animation when inspecting an item.


  • Pressure Point's initial door puzzle has been fixed so that it isn't redundant and weird.
  • Several of the Training presentations have had typos and grammatical errors fixed.
  • Presentations should no longer have any stray white dots on them for real this time (see: Graduation presentation).
  • The Zipper presentation should now have proper parentheses.
  • The word "Courage" should no longer move a few pixels during the Zipper presentation.
  • The instructions card for teaching the Package Jump will now show "Jump" as the first button to press, followed by down and then grab.
  • The presentations should no longer have any white dots off to the side.
  • If you were holding the mouse button while pressing the Training Lookaround button to enter Lookaround mode, the camera would go to an unexpected place. This should no longer occur.
  • If you warp to a Presentation node, the hologram will now appear behind the node.
  • Fixed some more input issues on the VEND-R page. You should now be able to click all of the boxes to open them, and click again to dismiss the whole page.
  • Presentation nodes will now always depth-sort in front of non-presentation nodes.
  • You can no longer play a Training presentation while nodes are being unlocked on the map.
  • Fixed inputs for panning the Training lookaround camera.
  • You can no longer move the ship on the Training overworld while a presentation is playing. (thanks to Przemek32767)


  • Fixed a potential crash in the Tower when filtering levels.
  • Fixed an edge case crash when filtering levels in the Tower.
  • Fixed a crash in the Key Rebinder page.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur on iOS when Rumpus was sending stringset changes.


  • Fixed the calculation of some character limits for localized text.
  • Added the "¿" character to the punctuation list for the Name Combobulator.


  • Now detects Rumpsu outage and correctly prompt the user with network error message.
  • Now uses the same path as xbox to ensure syncing.
  • Resolved the first time login hang when no user is singed in on the console companion app.


  • You can no longer rebind the Pause button.
  • You should now be able to rebind the keys of a Playstation controller.

Nintendo Switch

  • When using a Single Joy-Con, the Stick Click button no longer has an "L" on it.
  • The Paste Path Properties button in the Editor should no longer display a false hotkey in Single Joy-Con Mode.
  • The Path Editor should now toggle using the Joystick Click function in Single Joy-Con Mode.
  • The First and Last page buttons in the Tower Trial are no longer bound to buttons in Single Joy-Con Mode.
  • The Undo button in the Editor should always have a button bound to it on the Switch, even in Single Joy-Con mode.
  • In Single Joy-Con Mode, the Paint Bucket shared a button mapping with panning the editor. This is no longer the case, as the Paint Bucket no longer has a button bound to it in Single Joy-Con mode.
  • When in Single Joycon mode, the "First Page" button when browsing levels should no longer be bound to a Controller hotkey.
  • When using a Single Joycon, the joystick click was bound to both Editor Zoom and Toggle Path Mode. Now, it is just set to Toggle Path Mode.
  • When using a Single Joycon, the Paint Bucket shared a hotkey with Cheese Mode. Now, the hotkey will only be associated with the Paint Bucket when in Single Joycon mode.


  • The glowy grid overlay no longer shows around your cursor on mobile, because you don't have a persistent cursor and it was weird.
  • Sometimes, with a touchscreen, it would be possible to have one thumb get read by the input on the opposite side of the screen, resulting in inputs being pressed or held that you didn't intend. This should no longer be the case.
  • If you were using the Camera Joystick and then started placing or deleting things in your level at the same time, it would spawn a line from the joystick to that location. This should no longer occur.
  • Removed some settings from Mobile that are not applicable to those devices.


  • Resetting Training progress will now also reset your "Watched Opening Presentation" state.


  • If you are on the User selector menu of the Rumpus login page and you click the "Quit Game" button and then hit "Escape" to cancel the confirmation window, it would spawn another confirmation window. This will no longer occur.
  • On Desktop, you will no longer remain trapped in an infinite loop between the login menu and the Training view if you haven't unlocked the workshop. You can now exit the game directly from the Rumpus login menu if you haven't unlocked the Workshop yet.
  • You can now press "A" (or similar) on your controller to open the items inside a VEND-R bot.
  • You can now skip a Training presentation by pressing "A" on the controller.


  • Buttons with hotkeys should no longer register if you are on Windows and the window does not have focus.


  • In Single Joy-Con mode, the editor's new Dpad buttons (in the Path Editor) should no longer be tied to joystick movements.


  • Fixed an issue with downloads on iOS that would cause them to become corrupted.


  • UWP and Xbox should now properly sync your Workshop levels between those platforms during the initial load, instead of as you enter the workshop.


  • Fixed an uninitialized variable that was preventing the game from going through the YoYoCompiler.