Memorandum: Bureau of Shipping Quarterly Earnings Call

To: Shareholders


It's been a bang-up quarter for us at the Bureau of Shipping. We fully unveiled our innovative Levelhead division, and our new army of semi-intelligent GR-18s have been faithfully delivering packages across the galaxy for months now. But we know that as a Shareholder of the Bureau of Shipping's stocks, you don't care about all that. You care about just one thing - how we at the Bureau are going to make you even more money.

We hear you loud and clear - the Bureau of Shipping will be bringing home the space-bacon this next quarter by finding a new void in the market. Over the last quarter we've had teams of expert unpaid interns working 'round the clock to find and exploit those voids, and today I'm happy to announce that our efforts have finally paid off.

In fact, not only did we find a void, we found The Void! Hats off to Wilbur Galgodop, the unpaid Intern who inadvertently opened this Void while misfiring a DIRP into the heart of a dying sun, thus creating a rift in space-time that apparently connects our dimension to some sort of shadow realm, full of enraged phantom ghost demons. Rest in peace, Wilbur.

Now, this is a big break for us here at the Bureau. Harnessing the power of a shadow realm full of phantom ghost demons is exactly the kind of ingenuity our morally-flexible shareholders expect of us. Let's take a look at some of the new Void-Enabled technologies we have coming down the pipe.

New Powerup: Shade

Exposing GR-18's to Void Energy has proven most profitable - GR-18 can now create a Rune of Teleportation, which it can use to reappear at any location within throwing distance.

Harnessing Void Energy did have the unfortunate side effect of causing GR-18 to go blind and grow some horns, but the little robo seems to be getting by without too much trouble. Just look at him go but don't you dare look under that mask.

New Enemies!

It's a good thing GR-18 can teleport now, too, because that's going to come in handy when dealing with all of these new Void Demons that have popped up all over the Levelhead division!

The Peanut

Sometimes the Void condenses into a sentient cloud that adheres to surfaces and marches around, trying to bring slow, sticky death to us all.

We found that if you take that cloud and drop it into a Package, it serves as a cheap alternative to traditional packing peanuts! The only problem is that our customers weren't able to tell what direction the Peanut was going to travel once it escaped into their homes, making it difficult to avoid. So we slapped a mask on what is probably its "front". Good luck, customers!

Oh, and Peanuts also come in a variety of flavors, such as Blueberry, Thornberry, and Dynamite!


Since opening the Void Rift, we've spent a lot of time dodging Void Demons that absolutely will not stop talking about their esoteric hobbies and interests. And since The Void has very different concepts of space-time, these Jibberjabbers have big issues with personal space -- they're real close-talkers. This becomes especially problematic since their mouths are full of razor-sharp teeth.

Once a Jibberjabber begins trying to engage you in conversation, there are very few ways to escape, other than to continuously dodge it, or to boop it on the head to send it back to the Void.


To protect our assets from the constant onslaught of Jibberjabbers, our Roboneers have had to develop and deploy new artillery Robos called Canoodles all over our warehouses. We've lent these to the Levelhead division for use in levels, too.

These Canoodles will lob projectiles indiscriminantly and constantly, so GR-18 will have to be on high alert whenever they're around!

The Input Switch

The Void can also tap into channels of energy that were previously untappable, and redirect those energies in new and interesting ways. We were able to use this property of The Void to create a new item called the Input Switch, which will intercept Inputs and redirect them to other items in Levels. What does this mean?

It means our Levelheads can now make Levels that directly respond to button presses! Want a bunch of Jems that only appear when you press "right"? How about platforms that can be toggled on and off by using GR-18's powers? All of these things -- and more -- are now possible with the Input Switch!

The Recycler

One of our favorite Void effects is that normal time doesn't apply to Void Energy. In fact, the horrifying voices that won't stop speaking in our minds claim that time is shaped like a Klein Bottle. We don't know what that means, but what we do know is that we've been able to use Void Energy to create a fancy new Recycler, which resets the cooldowns on GR-18's powerups and abilities!

The T-Bot

Speaking of time, it turns out when you mix Void Energy with Slurb Juice, you get a pretty weird time dilation effect! We're not sure how this helps, but we did it anyway, and packed it into a friendly little Robot that GR-18 can carry around in levels!

While carrying the T-Bot, GR-18 will experience time at half-speed, while moving full-speed itself. GR-18 may also experience vivid hallucinations, witness the future, or see the eye of a celestial deity known as K'zala'bon, but you don't need to worry yourself about that.

Item Beamers

Before we mastered the power of The Void, our Beamers were pretty limited. They were only able to beam certain items into existence, like Bombs or Robos. But because of the energy dense nature of the Void, we've managed to dramatically increase the power of our Beamers, allowing them to beam...well... just about anything!

Now our Levelheads can continuously deploy powerups, keys, batteries, and a ton of other stuff, too, all from beamers!

Stackable Armor

When you infuse an armor plate with Void Energy, not only does it turn a super-cool blue color, but it also starts to violate the laws of physics, like "Two objects can't occupy the same space at the same time"! With these new Stackable Armor Plates, your GR-18 can wear three armor plates simultaneously on top of each other, so that whenever GR-18 takes damage, it can have backup plates!


Turns out one of the best ways to keep demons out of the company fridge is to punch them in the face, so we've modified our Bumper technology to create Punchers, which can send things flying away! They're a little inaccurate because, as it turns out, punching something isn't the most precise way to get it from point A to B. But they still get the job done!

Marketing Updates!

Here at the Bureau, we know the importance of marketing. That's why we have a whole Marketing Department, after all! And one of the biggest parts of marketing is polish. If you want people to play and enjoy your levels, you have to make them look and sound great!

That's why we've added more than 40 new Icons for your levels...

Ten new path visuals, including rope, lights, electrical outlets, and more!

Customizable visuals for a bunch of items, like Spiketrons and Spike Chainers...

And a bunch of new songs, plus the ability to use just about any song from the game in your levels. We want you to be able to make the level of your dreams, and now you can!

But wait! There's More!

This Mega Update isn't just about new features; it's also jampacked with tweaks, improvements, fixes, and optimizations. We're always working to get those extra little boosts to the Levelhead experience, and this update is no exception! If you want to see everything that's coming in Update 1.18, check out the patch notes below!

And, as always, to get more involved in the Levelhead community, pop into the Discord. We'll see you there!

1.18.0-rc.16 Patchnotes (since 1.0.2-rc.16)

See the full patchnotes.

New Features


  • Added an auto-tester for QA purposes that can run through game systems and report on their stability.


  • A new category of enemy is available in the Editor: the Jabber! Jabbers emerged from another dimension when the Bureau was trying to find a void in the market but accidentally found The Void instead. Jabbers are flying enemies that can be attached to paths, and they can patrol in the same way as a Blopfush or Swoopadoop. Once GR-18 comes close enough to a Jabber, the Jabber will become enraged and chase GR-18 forever until it is defeated, deactivated by a switch, or GR-18 enters stealth mode. Jabbers fly in wide, predicatable arcs, so with the right maneuvering, GR-18 can dodge their attacks. If an aggroed Jabber touches another Jabber, that Jabber will also become aggroed. And watch out for the larger Jabbers, also known as Jibbers -- they move slowly, but their spiked heads, larger size, and larger health pools make them much more of a persistent threat! Jibbers and Jabbers cannot be scalepopped.
  • A new category of enemy is available in the Editor: the Peanut! Peanuts are clouds of evil void magic that the Bureau has been using for absorbing impact while shipping packages. Peanuts are a passive enemy that adheres to solid surfaces and can walk along floors, walls, and ceilings. Peanuts have three variants: Normal, Thorny, and Explosive. Thorny Peanuts have spikes in their cloudy bodies. Taking a point of damage will remove their spikes, and a second hit will defeat them. Explosive Peanuts will enter "detonation mode" upon taking damage. While in this mode, they will explode after a short time, or when they take another point of damage. Peanuts cannot be scalepopped.
  • A new item is available in the Editor: The "Shade" Powerup! The Shade powerup utilizes runes to harness magic from the void, allowing GR-18 to warp to a known location. To use the Shade, GR-18's powerup button first summons a Rune. Using the Powerup button a second time will cause GR-18 to appear at the Rune's location, consuming the Rune. The Rune lives for up to four seconds before it expires, and it can be carried on GR-18's back and thrown to new locations. While being carried, the Rune's expiration timer is reset and does not count down. The Rune cannot pass through purge gates of any kind. Unlike the Zipper, GR-18's Shade teleport is not considered "traveling" from point A to B, but is regarded as disappearing at point A and appearing at point B. This means you can Shade Warp across purge gates -- if you can get your Rune there.
  • A new enemy is available in the Editor: the Canoodle! With all these void demons marching around, the Bureau needed some extra firepower to keep its employEes safe. And that's where the Canoodle comes in! The Canoodle patrols an area and then lobs two projectles in an arc -- one forward and one back. Canoodles can be scalepopped, and their projectiles can be set as either "Normal" or "Fire". Their default projectiles fit on GR-18's grappler, so they can be pulled out of the air and thrown back at the Canoodle -- or at other enemies! Just be careful, because the projectile is still dangerous, even after you've thrown it. You might put your eye out!
  • A new item is available in the Editor: The Input Switch! Input Switches read the inputs sent by the player that are used to control GR-18. With the Input Switch, you can read these inputs and attach them to other functions in your level. Want a level where Jems only appear while the player is holding "Right?" How about a level where the player has to rhythmically use their directional keys to play a song? With the Input Switch, you can do all that -- and whatever else you want! Input Switches can be set to Hold, Toggle, Lock, or Exploding modes, and they can be given an optional receiving channel so that they will only listen to inputs under certain conditions.
  • A new item is available in the Editor: The Puncher! Punchers function similarly to Bumpers, except they are given a specific direction in which to punch objects. They will catch objects in a 180 degree cone in front of them, and send them flying in their specified direciton.
  • A new item is available in the editor: the Recycler! The Recycler resets your current powerup cooldowns and limitations. It will refresh your Shrub or Ceiling Hang timer, refill your Ripcord jets, refill your Rebound projectiles, refresh the expiration timer on your Shade Rune, and reset the cooldowns of all of your Powerup abilities. Recyclers are consumed when touched, although they can be infinitely respawned by using a Beamer.
  • Added some new notes to Boomboxes.
  • A new item has been added to the Editor: the TBot! The TBot is a carryable item. While GR-18 is carrying a TBot, the rest of the world will slow down, while the GR-18 carrying the TBot moves at normal speed.
  • Added new icons to the Sign for the new enemies and new powerup.
  • Beamers and Robo Factories can now be given a Sending Channel, which will trigger when they expire after spawning their last item. (thanks to TalkGibberish)
  • Added new color options for Spike Traps, Spike Blocks, and Spike Chainers, to match the color options now available for Spiketrons.
  • You can now recolor Spiketrons as Red, Yellow, Teal, Green, Blue, Purple, Gold, or White.
  • You can now choose the start walking direction of Scrubbs and Oculas.
  • A new "Stackable Armor" item has been added. Stackable Armor works the same as traiditional Armor Plates, but can be stacked up to three. In total, you can have one normal armor plate and three Stackable ones. If you get hit, your normal Armor will be consumed first (so it can be replenished), and Stackable armor will be consumed on the next hit. This reverts an earlier change that made the original Armor Plate stackable.
  • Bomb Beamers are now just "Beamers," and they can spawn a wide range of items and pickups.
  • Added a receiving channel to Input Switches, so they can be told to only listen for an input if they have been switched on.
  • Input Switches can now be set to Lock, Toggle, or Explode when they receive an input.
  • Removed most of the restrictions regarding level music and biomes, and made some songs available for use in levels that were previously only used outside of gameplay.
  • You can now have Lookannons focus on GR-18, the Package, or the nearest enemy.
  • A new item, the Recycler, has been added to the Editor. The Recycler is a consumable item that resets your powerup cooldowns when you acquire it. With the Recycler, you can Waylay punch back to back, stealth for long periods of time, refill your Ripcord jets, reload your Rebound, and zipper with reckless abandon!
  • Ten new path visuals have been added.


  • Added browser links for community links on the main menu.
  • Added browser links for giving feedback.
  • Added an initial room on the Xbox version where you have to press a button on the controller to assign a gamepad to yourself.
  • Updated controller handling for the Xbox, so you can connect or disconnect controllers without needing to turn them off.


  • Added new Icons/Avatars that feature the Tbot.
  • Added 42 new Avatars/Icons.
  • You can now click people's names in the Tower Trial scoreboard to visit their profiles.


  • The player now gets prompted as part of training to let them know that they can change the game speed.


  • Added a new song for players to use in their levels: Slurb n' Save.
  • Added a new song for players to use in their levels: Thermal Paced.
  • Added a new song for players to use in their levels: Perplexitude.
  • Added a new song for players to use in their levels: Clockwork Punchcard.


  • You can now adjust the camera pan speed in the Editor and Campaign Lookaround modes, as well as the cursor speed when using a Controller to navigate menus. (thanks to Xehop Newsyhowl)
  • There is a new setting in the "Data & Safety" section where you can turn off sending notifications to your followers when you publish a level. This is useful for people with a large number of followers who want to publish a level just for testing.
  • There is a new setting that will allow you to auto-purge Levels from your Bookmarks list when you play them.


  • You can now duplicate your levels inside the workshop.


  • Added failure codes to various Rumpus functions to make it easier to discern why someone might be having issues logging in.


  • Now uses the App Bundle format which should optimize the size of the app.
  • You can now sign in using Email or Google Play Game Services on Android.


  • The PC Game Pass (UWP) version of Levelhead can now be toggled into or out of fullscreen mode, and when in Windowed mode, the window can be resized.


  • iOS users can now optionally sign in using email.



  • Added an extra layer of data validation to the level saver in the Editor, so your level's metadata should be less likely to get lost in the event of a malformed file operation. (thanks to SpookyTheSci)
  • Your "Total Playtime" metric, which is used to determine which save is more advanced when syncing with the web, will no longer increment if you have been idle for more than 30 seconds.


  • Imported new localized text for all the new features.


  • Added extra error logging to level publish failures, to make it easier to debug network issues.
  • The "Clone" button is no longer highlighted by default. (thanks to TimConceivable)
  • Changed "Score Hunters" to "Ribbon Hunters" in the Creator Browser for consistency.
  • The Tower Trial's leaderboards now support up to 25 slots.
  • When using a Playstation controller, you will now see L1, L2, R1, and R2 icons displayed where appropriate.


  • Updated Canoodles to always have the same projectile speed, no matter what size they are. The larger Canoodles previously fired in a bigger arc, making them more likely to miss GR-18 when close by and making them less threatening.
  • Added a slight window of forgiveness for hitting a Thorny Peanut immediately after its thorns have reappeared.
  • If you hit yourself with a Canoodle Core, you will now injure yourself.
  • Your Shade Rune will now prevent Hardlights and Dense Fog from reappearing.
  • The Shade's Rune now reveals enclosures.
  • When you tell a Lookannon to lock on to the package or an enemy and have it fire homing missiles, those missiles will also lock onto the specified target type.
  • The Recycler now refreshes the duration of the Shade rune.
  • If you are using the Ripcord, are holding the Jump input, are out of fuel, and then touch a Recycler, your jets will fire without you needing to re-press the button.
  • Updated the Canoodle to make a lot less threatening. It now fires two projectiles, and it no longer lunges at the player. The projectiles can be snatched out of the air with the Grappler and thrown to deal damage to enemies or break other projectiles.
  • You can now stack up to 3 armor plates on GR-18 to absorb hits, instead of only one armor plate at a time. (thanks to TalkGibberish)
  • Added visual effects to the Shade teleport, as well as a rune over GR-18's head when a teleport is available.
  • Spiked Crawlers will now be stunned for longer before re-engaging.
  • Crawlers that were moved upward on a moving platform while against a wall would behave weirdly. This should no longer be the case.
  • Closed rifts now always depth-sort behind open ones. (thanks to TalkGibberish)


  • You will now only get the "Do you want to build another level" prompt in the Training view if you have already completed the Level Building tutorial.
  • If a Tutorial confirmation button has been present for more than 15 seconds, it will begin to pulse to draw attention to itself. This is to resolve many players getting stuck in the tutorial because they don't notice the confirmation button for a given tutorial textbox.
  • Updated the tutorial so that you are no longer forced to visit certain areas on campus. Instead, each area has its own tutorial that is shown when you visit that place voluntarily, and you can leave at any time to go do something else.
  • Updated the Tutorial progress bar to show your progress through that specific section of the tutorial, rather than all Tutorial paths.


  • Updated Canoodle's attack sound.
  • Revised several of the new sound effects, and removed some older, unused sound effects from the game project to free up a bit of RAM.
  • Implemented Editor selection sounds for all of the new items.
  • Implemented sound effects for Jibbers, Jabbers, Punchers, Canoodles, Stackable Armor, and Shade.
  • Added sound effects to the new Peanut enemies.


  • Added some extra verification layers to pulling levels out of the cloud, to ensure that they can't get lost in the web shuffle.
  • When copying the Share Code of a level that is for more than 1 player, the number of players will appear in the copied text. (thanks to Spekio)


  • When an Input Switch requires the use of the Powerup button but you don't have a powerup, the on-screen touch controls will display the same icon in the Powerup slot as is displayed on the Input Switch.


  • Added the "Use Powerup" symbol from the Input Switch as a Sign icon.
  • Canoodles can now be set to shoot Fireballs instead of their normal projectiles. Unlike the normal Canoodle projectiles, Fireballs scale up with the larger Canoodles, and Fireballs cannot be grabbed and thrown back.
  • Reordered the icons for the Sign in the Properties Window, so you will see similarly-themed icons back to back (e.g. all enemies in a row).
  • Moved the Beamer to the end of the Carry items list, to match the Robo Factory being at the end of the Enemies list.
  • Beamers now display a visual of the item they are going to beam while in the Editor.
  • You can now set the direction that a Crawler will attempt to stick to upon first spawn, so you can put it in a tunnel and ensure it sticks to the proper surface.
  • Removed the "Drop Terrain" tool from the Editor, because... who needs it?
  • You can now use the player-specific icons as Sign icons.


  • Improved the visual effects for teleporting using a Popjaw Medallion.
  • Implemented visuals for the new Puncher item (formerly Launcher).
  • Implemented visuals for the Crawler, which has been renamed "Peanut."
  • Added visuals to the Input Switch.
  • The Stackable Armor now uses a single image orbiting GR-18 that has three parts which fill in as you gain stacks.
  • Updated the special effects of the Shade powerup to be cooler.
  • Added actual art to the "Creep" enemies, and renamed them to "Jabbers."
  • Bumpers now have four color variations.


  • Tutorial telemetry is sent on completion of each step, instead of in larger batches, to make it easier to identify problem areas.


  • Package Jump Temple - Portal moved slightly to reduce likelihood of players double-triggering it.
  • Fly, GR-18 - Hover instructions now appear again later in the level in case players don't use the ability in the intro section. (thanks to Crushnoil Varkzapee)
  • Bound and Rebound - the jems hidden by fire in the first section have been removed. (thanks to TheViralMelon)
  • Grand Theft Grotto - the On-Time Delivery has been extended somewhat to be a little less punishing. But only a little. (thanks to TimConceivable)
  • Crypt of the Watcher - Now uses item purge gates instead of hardlights to block off the pressure switch, to prevent softlocks.
  • The Way is Through - a single desert tile has been changed to kronkrete.
  • Dune Doom Dream - should no longer repeatedly murder players at the checkpoint before the barrel if they arrived late.
  • Be Sneaky, GR-18! - now uses a repeating checkpoint pre-Vacrat fight, and includes extra design language for teaching players to walljump around spikes.
  • Meet Scrubb and Ocula and its presentation are now more secretly hidden in the campaign, so as to properly have them feel like a challenging secret and set expectations for their difficulty more appropriately.


  • Updated the particle systems on Canoodle projectiles and Jabbers to be shared, to cut down on CPU processing of unique particle systems.
  • Relay that are visible in the Editor or in Cheese Mode should impact the frame rate substantially less. (thanks to tripleB36)
  • Found several optimizations in the Editor for drawing switch and receiver IDs.
  • Reduced the impact that Boomboxes have on the frame rate when visible.



  • Reverted to use the APK format to prevent launch failure caused by aab format.
  • Updated the loading splash screen box art to not have text, so it won't be cut off on certain device aspect ratios.
  • Fixed a crash when Google Play Games service failed to log in.
  • Some Android devices were sending continuous phantom keyboard inputs to the game, which was causing strange behaviors. The game should now ignore those inputs. (thanks to Procerus13, Oen386)
  • Added the "Back" button to the Main Menu to save and exit the game.


  • You can now enter the Rumpus building on the Main Menu, even if you have no internet connection. This is to allow users to force-logout and log back in if something happened to their credentials.
  • Backslashes should now always be removed when pasting codes into the Search box in the Lookup section.
  • Extremely long player names should no longer overlap the score in the top-right corner when playing a playlist.
  • Fixed typos in the Canoodle's description and in one of the new Avatar names.
  • There is now a "Like" button next to the Favorite buttons at the end of a Playlist or the Tower Trial. (thanks to cprice)
  • The cursor icons for Exploding and Toggling input switches were swapped when copying them.
  • Mobile platforms should now have the dropdown menu to filter Tower levels by number of players. (thanks to Levelheaded)
  • Input Switches should draw their correct color (Hold, Toggle, Explode, Lock) at the cursor when copied.
  • If you had a dropdown menu open in the Tower and then opened the Tags page, the Dropdown menu would be stuck open but not clickable. This has been fixed.
  • When in Rounded Corners mode (for iPhones with notches), the Infostreams on the left side of the screen will now be inset so you can actually read them. (thanks to Pinedot)
  • The text for the "Revert to Workshop" hover tooltip has been shortened to just "Revert" so it doesn't go off-screen.
  • When you enter Delete or Duplication Mode in the Workshop and then hit "Back", it will now correctly cancel that mode.
  • If you disconnect all controllers while the Controller Manager window is up, the window will remain.
  • The "Manage Controllers" button in the settings should now only exist if there are controllers currently in use.
  • The "Manage Controllers" button is no longer below the "Quit Level" button in the pause menu.
  • Fixed an issue where long names in CJK fonts could overlap with the Tower Trial housing UI.
  • In certain cases, users might have seen the splash screen after logging in, even though they had already seen it. This should now be fixed.
  • Fixed a scaling issue with the names in the Tower Trial.


  • You should no longer be killed when using the Shade to teleport into a Package or Throw Block. (thanks to tovida)
  • Hitting a Puncher after being shot out of a Blaster will allow you to regain control of your character.
  • Puncher animations would "pause" after being deactivated, and resume playing when reactivated. Now, they will stop animating when deactivated, and they won't resume their previous animation when reactivated. (thanks to TheViralMelon)
  • Player-thrown Canoodle Cores have been updated to be more consistent with Canoodle-fired cores: They now travel through Cromblers, and they travel through fallthrough platforms.
  • Keycards that are currently inactive due to being switched off will no longer open Key Chests. This change will not affect levels made prior to version 1.18. (thanks to Cabonga Nookrag)
  • Canoodle Cores thrown by GR-18 will now break when they hit hazards, in the same way as Canoodle Cores that are fired by Canoodles do. (thanks to Crushnoil Varkzapee)
  • When reviving a player from a bubble in Multiplayer, the ring pulse should now be correctly colored. (thanks to SpookyTheSci)
  • Enemies that emerge from chests should once again be the correct size. (thanks to Crushyjim Gittaboop)
  • The Puncher animation will no longer trigger on teleporting Popjaws, since they cannot be punched in that state. (thanks to Cabonga Nookrag)
  • In co-op, players who were being carried weren't having their inputs registered by Input Switches. These inputs should now register.
  • Fixed an issue where having the Dbot would allow you to bounce off the head of a Crombler, which was unintended. With the Dbot, you will now once again pass through cromblers, as before. (thanks to Artwip Doomunkee)
  • Fixed an issue in co-op where, if one player was carrying a Shade rune, no other players could create one.
  • Jibbers and Jabbers should now face the correct direction immediately upon being restored from a checkpoint. (thanks to Cabonga Nookrag)
  • Fixed an issue with Beamers and Robo Factories that would cause their "cooldown" to also act as a delay, preventing them from spawning the first item until the time was up. Now, the "Cooldown" property once again acts as a cooldown between spawns, not a delay. (thanks to Spekio)
  • Spike Blocks should no longer cycle through all the colors of the rainbow when loading from a checkpoint. (thanks to Spekio)
  • You can no longer continue using your jets by touching a Recycler while holding space bar after having your Ripcord purged. (thanks to Spekio)
  • Some of GR-18's animations were still in slow motion while carrying a TBot. This should no longer be the case. (thanks to WaddlesTNT)
  • Fixed an issue with Lookannons not properly looking at enemies upon start-up of the level under certain conditions. (thanks to TheViralMelon)
  • Once again fixed the issue with the camera moving slower at lower frame rates.
  • Some Input Switches would be invisible for a frame after restarting at a checkpoint. This has been fixed.
  • Canoodles trapped in 1x1 spaces will no longer have their projectiles instantly hit both walls upon emerging from their cannons.
  • Beamers would repeatedly try to spawn items into solid terrain if they had been moved there on a path. Now, Beamers that find themselves inside solids will wait until they are in an open space before attempting to spawn something.
  • Input Switches should now properly have their states restored at checkpoints.
  • Fixed an issue where you could pause during the exact frame that you beat a level. (thanks to Dippolid Joyglam)
  • Removed the camera lag correction system, because it was causing stuttering. Will need a different approach.
  • Fixed an issue where spawning items from a Beamer hooked up to a Receving Channel could sometimes cause the spawned items to disappear and never reappear. (thanks to Levelheaded)
  • Fixed an issue where the camera would lag behind at lower frame rates, causing player deaths in some cases. (thanks to Spekio)
  • Fixed a physics issue with Spinny Platforms where they could sometimes have items fall through them unexpectedly at the end of a "Stop" path. (thanks to TalkGibberish)
  • Adjusted the detection angle of Punchers to prevent scenarios where things would get trapped against walls by being infinitely punched.
  • Fixed an issue with Peanuts having sometimes jarring movements when going around corners at low frame rates.
  • In some edge cases, a golden key that emerged from an enemy or block could be used to open a blue chest. This should no longer be the case.
  • You should no longer hear the Tbot sound replay when you respawn at a checkpoint while holding it.
  • The Tbot should now properly function with Sky Wigglers.
  • GR-18 is no longer killed by Canoodle Cores when they emerge from a Beamer.
  • Thrown Canoodle Cores should now more reliably kill GR-18.
  • Holding the Tbot will now respect your Game Speed settings.
  • Punchers will no longer punch if they are right up against a solid and aiming into that solid.
  • If an enemy shot upward through GR-18 super fast, the enemy could pass above GR-18 in a single frame, causing GR-18 to think it was being crushed by the enemy, and die. Now, no matter how fast an enemy shoots upward through GR-18, GR-18 will know to deal damage to the enemy.
  • If you teleported a bomb into a solid wall, it would just sit there. Now it explodes.
  • If you are sitting idle while in a Shrub on top of a Beamer that is continuously respawning Recyclers, you will no longer lose your Shrub visuals to have GR-18 go into Idle mode.
  • If your Shade Rune ends up in an impossible location, like inside a door, and you teleport to it, you will now die at the destination.
  • Popjaw Medallions can now be crushed by doors, so you don't end up teleporting into a door.
  • If your Popjaw Medallion ends up somewhere impossible to be, and you teleport into it, you will now die instead of being trapped forever.
  • If a Peanut crawled onto a Toe Slider by going upward through a one-way platform, the Peanut would catch the Toe Slider's movement earlier than Peanuts that didn't go through a one-way platform. This has been fixed.
  • Peanuts should no longer get trapped upside down if they land on a ledge.
  • Hitting your Ripcord jets right before your feet touched the ground would cause the camera to vibrate and your fuel to constantly refill, but you wouldn't actually be jetting. This should now be fixed.
  • Zippering into a Rift while carrying the package will no longer cause you to beat the level if the Rift teleports you across the Goal line. (thanks to eedefeed)
  • Scrubbs and Oculas, when destroyed by doors, will now create a poof animation. (thanks to SpookyTheSci)
  • Under certain scenarios, you could get stuck in the "Rocket" animation of the Ripcord, despite not actually having the powerup be in use. This should no longer be the case.
  • Holding "Up" will now prevent "Down" input switches from triggering, and vice versa.
  • Fixed an issue where enemy droppable items that came from Beamers would double-count against the Beamer's item spawn limit when thrown off the bottom of the level.
  • Peanuts should no longer ignore the push from Toe Sliders.
  • Fixed an issue where Peanuts would attempt to crawl onto a Toe Slider that was moving super fast and then flip upside down.
  • Peanuts should no longer be flung off the end of Toe Sliders.
  • Projectiles now respond to Punchers.
  • Beamers should now restore their items properly after checkpoint respawns.
  • Throwable items that fall to their death after a Beamer spawns them should just regenerate using their normal physics, instead of reappearing as floating items.
  • If a Crawler was falling when it entered a Rift, it will continue to be falling on the other end and not instantly attach itself to something.
  • If a Crawler is hit by something, it will no longer slide infinitely along the ground.
  • Crawlers should no longer get stuck in corners along the bottom of the level.
  • When Crawlers get knocked back by something fast like a Bumper or Launcher, they slide a more appropriate distance along the ground now.
  • Crawlers should no longer levitate above Spinny Platforms upon first spawn.
  • Crawlers move slowly and prefer to stick to things. If a Crawler can't exceed the speed of a Toe Slider, it will give up and instead turn around to move in the same direction as the Toe Slider.
  • You can now jump on spiked enemies (like the Lizumi) while Dbot is active.
  • The Input Switch will no longer listen to inputs from players that are dead.
  • If you remove an object from underneath a Crawler, it will now fall instead of flying away.
  • Crawlers now respond to Sproings, and they no longer respond to Toe Sliders.
  • The Shade's rune should now be properly purged or expelled when going through Purge Gates.
  • The Shade's rune should now respond to Sproings and Sky Wigglers.
  • You can no longer jump through a Launcher that is pointed downward -- it will cancel your jump.
  • When a Launcher flung an enemy, the enemy would still be able to avoid going off cliffs as normal, even if you would expect the Launcher to fling the enemy off. This should no longer be the case.
  • Sproings should now be more responsive if you end up trapped between a Sproing and a Launcher.
  • If you teleport to the Shade's rune while it is sitting on a Rift, you will not enter that rift.
  • The Shade's rune now treats both Item and Powerup purge gates as solid.
  • Ghostly Creeps (in development) were offset down and left while patrolling. This is no longer the case.
  • Lookannons that are focused on the Package or Enemies should now start out pointing at those things.
  • The Shade's Rune now responds to Launchers.
  • The Shade's Rune no longer counts as a player for Eyeswitches.
  • Fixed strange interactions between the new experimental "Launcher" item and certain powerups (Tiptow, Waylay, Ripcord).


  • Jibbers can now be placed in Key Chests, since they are the proper size.
  • When cycling left through Sign icons, it would skip the "Danger" icon. This has been fixed. (thanks to aradarbel10)
  • The Daily Build default item set no longer includes the Environment Column.
  • Spike Blocks should now draw the correct visuals when being dragged. (thanks to TalkGibberish)
  • Two players can no longer drag the same path node at the same time.
  • Fixed a crash that would occur in Editor co-op if one player was dragging a path node while the other player was changing the visuals of the path using the properties window. (thanks to SpookyTheSci)
  • Added "Shade" tag to the tag selector.
  • When in a Daily Build, the Robo Factory will always be available if an enemy is available. The Robo Factory in a Daily Build can only be set to spawn the enemies found in that daily build.
  • Beamers are now available in Daily Builds, if the Daily Build has Beamable items. The beamer can only be set to beam items that are available in the Editor.
  • Fixed an issue where Stackable armor would appear with the traditional Armor visuals for one frame when first placed.
  • Fixed a crash caused by adjusting some sliders in the Editor's Item Properties window.
  • If you used the Grab Hand to move a single object without multiselecting it, then you couldn't drag that item into a Prize Block (or similar). This should now be fixed.
  • Beamers should now properly draw Keycards as gold.
  • If you saved Particles in a level name in Japanese or Korean, the next time you opened the level, it would say that the level name is invalid. This should no longer occur.


  • Fixed an issue that would prevent the Auto-Tester from writing logs to file on UWP.
  • Fixed some issues with the new AutoTester for internal QA.
  • Fixed some issues with the Autotester that prevented it from completing its tests under certain conditions.
  • Fixed an issue with the Autotester where you would lose most of your available in the Tag list after using it.


  • The Autotester should now be able to get through all tests on mobile.


  • Input switches that are tied to a specific player were showing the wrong color if the player had changed their GR-18 color. This should no longer be the case. If you change your GR-18 color while in the editor or in gameplay, player-specific Input Switches won't update their colors until they are respawned.
  • Deactivated green Punchers appeared Fuchsia, and vice versa. This has been fixed.
  • GR-18's walk animation was in slow motion while holding the Tbot, despite actually running at full speed. This has been fixed.
  • Updated the colors of GR-18's cable when using the Shade powerup to match the powerup color scheme.
  • Removed the "Gold" option from the new colors for items, since it was indistinguishable from the "Yellow" color option.
  • Icons shown on top of Beamers were X-flipped. This should no longer be the case.
  • Jibbers and Jabbers now have a "sleeping" frame for when they are phased out by being switched off.
  • Wait Switches would show the wrong sprite for a frame upon respawning. This has been fixed. (thanks to TalkGibberish)
  • When you kill wildfire shot from a cannon, it will no longer show orange before it dies. (thanks to WaddlesTNT)


  • Fixed an issue where the Editor tutorial could sometimes not notice that you had moved the camera.
  • The "Play Series" button should no longer be blocked by the Tutorial steps when you are outside of the Tower.
  • You should no longer see Tower tutorial text while in the Creator browser.
  • The prompt that asks you about changing the game speed will now take you directly to the correct Settings category.


  • Fixed some issues with several interfaces not dynamically adjusting when the window is resized on UWP.
  • Fixed an issue where UWP login could get stuck.
  • Removed non-functional button to take level snapshot.


  • Fixed a crash that would occur on the Login screen.
  • Fixed an issue on Xbox where dragging a path node on top of another path node of the same path, where those are the only two nodes on the path, would cause a crash. (thanks to SirDurtle)
  • Fixed a crash that would occur when viewing a "Like" notification in Spain Spanish. (thanks to ZurdoR)
  • Fixed a rare edge-case crash when navigating quickly into and out of certain Profile interfaces. (thanks to Retro Banana Man NL)


  • Updated Localization test version of the game for the new icons.
  • Added "Spin/Swing" options in the item properties window to the localization system. It will now be translated in the next localization pass.


  • Fixed some typos in the Tutorial and in some Avatars.

Nintendo Switch

  • It should no longer be possible to accidentally connect too many controllers to the Switch version of Levelhead.


  • If you had bookmarked a level and that level later got deleted, you would end up with a permanent, nonexistent level in your bookmarks, which would eventually lead to empty pages in your Bookmarks list. Now, if a level in your Bookmarks is found to not exist, it will be purged from your Bookmarks by the next time you view your Bookmarks list. (thanks to Levelheaded)
  • In some rare cases, players would revert a level and it would not reappear in their workshop. Several layers of failsafes have been added to the level reversion process to ensure that this cannot happen. (thanks to Camshaft)
  • If you placed on a previous day's Tower Trial, you wouldn't see where you placed on the final scoreboard page. Now you will!
  • You can now unlike or unfavorite levels, even if you haven't played them. (thanks to cprice)
  • Updated Tower Trial paging to URI Encode in advance to reduce search bugs on certain platforms.


  • Battle Switches and Jem Switches should no longer explode your speakers if you have large numbers of them triggering simultaneously. (thanks to DNin)


  • Crawlers should no longer activate Baddie Eyeswitches if they are crawling along a wall that the Baddie Eyeswitch's range is flush with.


  • The Controller Manager should not appear during the splash screen or the initial loading screens, even if you are using inputs on the controller.


  • You should no longer see the Controller Manager window pop up on boot-up if you have multiple controllers connected.


  • Multiplayer controller will not show up during boot now.


  • You will no longer see the "Manage Controllers" button in the pause menu or settings menu unless you have a controller currently active. (thanks to Levelheaded)


  • The workshop now has a failsafe to check for levels that have somehow gotten detached from your workshop data and imports them back into the workshop.


  • iOS users on iOS versions 12 or lower can now sign in using email, but not sign in with Apple, as it is not supported.