This is the weekly Levelhead community spotlight, wherein we highlight a few of the incredible things the community has been up to JUST THIS WEEK and highlight some levels the devs found inspiring.

RetrophileTV starts a speedrunners guild


Levelhead's discord is home to a growing speedrunners community - but how does a speedrunners group get bigger... FASTER?! By offering well-structured challenge, of course! RetrophileTV@d29oze has created a daily speedrunners challenge for all those interested in growing their shoe collection. Check out the spreadsheet and compare your times with other runners in the discord - you can catch up on any of the previous challenges at any time.

Popdonk Baggycool and Quantum_x_Anomaly build a shoppe


Popdonk Baggycool @6rad6u created the first "shoppe" in Levelhead, wherein players trade golden keys for items. Not to be outdone, Quantum_x_Anomaly @ya0lqh is now creating a more granular shoppe system that uses batteries. You can check out this incredible idea in Popdonk's currently available level, "Golden Key Get Thing Easily?" 038ss10

Jhall teaches you SKILLZ


Every time we release a new item into the game, the community instantly finds some way to use it that only an elite player would ever discover. These moves, "tech" as they're called, are extremely difficult to master. But now, thanks to Jhall @4nf0vx, there's a level that teaches you these techniques! From the creator - "The Hero Lesson Temple... Ten rooms, ten challenging elements and elite techniques to master and train with. Learn the basics of elite Levelhead play and start wrecking those 4 and 5 star levels in no time!" Grab it with this code: q27fzbt

And a few highlights from the devs

Here are a handful of creations that we found especially compelling this week. Check them out next time you take Levelhead for a spin!

Bmiclock's (@smqp4f) "The Steel Forest Factory", for it's sense of story and metroidvania vibes. c0tkc0s

Block's (@n0bhv6) "Musical Clock Switch", for turning Levelhead into a rhythm platformer. f840x02

Rominoob's (@046c70) "Funky Funky Jackpot", for building a pinball machine inside Levelhead 5bhr9qz