Hey, Levelheads! This is just a very brief announcement, but I wanted to make sure we are communicating what is happening with the studio.

Why wasn't there a patch yesterday?

The next patch, v0.12, contains a HUGE number of full replacements of the web tech that underpins many of the game systems, which means testing them is going to be a bit more finicky. We wanted to give ourselves a little more time to ensure everything is working, so we will be releasing this week's patch tomorrow, August 16th.

After that, we'll be resuming the normal patching schedule. So patch v0.13 will hit on August 28th!

Can I get patch content early?

You sure can! We have instructions in our Discord server on how to get into the beta branch on Steam, where patch content is delivered to players a few days early. Bear in mind that the beta branch is for testing and not just for having early content, so the stuff that lands on that branch might not always be stable. Enter at your own risk!

That's all!

I'd like to thank our community for being understanding and giving us the space to shuffle things around a bit as needed. And for those of you who were panic-stricken, bolting upright in bed in a cold sweat because no patch hit yesterday: Sorry for our lack of communication about the scheduling shift! We'll keep an eye toward being more communicative in the future when these kinds of things happen.