It's time for our new, weekly update on what's going on in the studio! That's right, from here on every Monday we're letting the freaky flag of our NEWS BRIEFS fly!

If you don't like news, think about these like Studio Patch Notes. CHANGE! SO EXCITING!


The Crashlands Quality of Life Patch (click for patchnotes) is in Beta and should be hitting all storefronts on April 14th. Read it over, as it's got ALL KINDS of goodies. Except for multiplayer, so SHADDAP!

BscotchID hits 200,000 users

Our cross-game reward system and cloudsaving infrastructure, BscotchID, crossed a major milestone. Now we can spam email 200k people at once! SO MUCH POWAAAAA!


We've got a fun idea we're prototyping for our next title, which we're referring to as Codename Brunch from here on out. It has nothing to do with breakfast food. OR DOES IT?!

Creator Creation

Adam is cranking away at the Creator patch, getting the web back-end reworked for use by the masses.

Apparel? Aww yeah.

We're working with a local screen-printing shop to get a storefront up and running with the classic "Butterscotch Shenanigans" tees as well as a brand spankin' new, completely ridiculous Crashlands design. Orders will only be open for 2 weeks, so keep those eyes PEELED.

Documentary gets a kick in the PANTS

The documentary crew Forever an Astronaut followed the Crashlands story from October of last year through launch and have been working double time to turn all that footage into a feature film. And now it's on KICKSTARTER! If things like Indie Game the Movie or behind-the-scenes documentaries are your thang, check it out and pre-order it via the Kickstarter.

Note: We're not making this movie, haven't funded it (except with our pre-orders via kickstarter), nor do we make anything off of its creation. The Astronauts were moved by the story and have followed it and put their own blood, sweat, and tears into this amazing project. It just so happens to be our story they're telling!