After Quadropus' launch we decided that our web presence was a bit SHAKY in its appeal and usefulness. This site stood almost exclusively as a blog, with little in the way of navigability to other stuff that might be helpful.

Let us take a journey through the new layout and where you can find SUPER SWEET BUTTERSCOTCHY GOODNESS.


The games section includes all the commercially launched games we've made, including their average user rating, genre, trailer, description, links to their purchaseable versions, and whatever accolades we acquired from producing them. If you're new to Butterscotch this is a great place to start, as you can see all of our stuff in one go!

At the bottom of the list you'll find links to our Game Jam games,  those that we made in under 48 hours, including the original Towelfight!

We'll be adding a discounted Butterscotch Bundle shortly, so stay tuned! Quadropus and Towelfight will be coming to PC and Mac!


We're opening up a store in the next few weeks, once we get the test shipment of tee shirts delivered and tested for quality. You can see the Pocket-Sized Bella t-shirt on the Merch page. PREP YOUR BODY!


We do a lot of writing and wanted to have a single place where people could go to see all the information and lessons we've learned from our time surviving as indies. It's an ideal spot for those getting into the industry as well as those who want to get more info on how we do what we do, and the complications that come from it. There are video presentations, several podcast interviews, written interviews, and** industry articles** written by us.


We put out a newsletter every few weeks to keep people in the loop with what we're up to and to gather feedback. It's simply the best way to be in the know and will net you some exclusives before everyone on facebook and twitter gets hold of them. News will also hold all the headline-breaching moments about our studio in the real world.


Same as the old one, though we've updated the sidebar with fancy icons that link to all our content all over the interwebs.

We hope you enjoy it!