HEY, GANG! First off, here is EPISODE 5 of the Butterscotch Podcast! If this is what you came for, look no further, because SHUT UP AND GIVE IT A LISTEN! And then maybe discuss it on the forums.

Stayin' Regular

Over the past couple months, our blog content has taken a beating, in that we haven't been posting as much as we'd like. This is mostly due to outside issues taking us away from work, but we've decided we want to try to do a better job of keeping you all informed about what we're up to.

So we're adopting an actual schedule for our blog posts and podcasts!

  • Every other Monday (Starting June 15th): Blog post by Sam
  • The other every other Monday (Starting June 8): Blog post by Adam
  • Every other Friday (Starting June 5th): Blog post by Seth
  • Every Wednesday at Noon: Coffee with Butterscotch podcast

Each of us has different interests and specialties as part of the development process, so by our dividing the blog posts across all three of us, you'll be able to get different perspectives on all kinds of things as we each write our respective blog posts. For example, Sam's next post will be a timelapse on art creation, Adam is working up a post about some things we learned regarding the behavior of pirates, and I'm working up a post on how to get started in the games industry.

In addition, we really enjoy doing the podcasts, but we feel like they were suffering from being a bit too long, and from being too inconsistent in scheduling. So we're going to try an experiment, in which every Wednesday morning we'll do a Coffee with Butterscotch episode. And we'll try to keep them more to the point -- about 30 minutes maximum.

In each episode we'll talk about anything interesting happening in our lives and with our studio, as well as general discussion about how development is going on whatever we're working on. We'll also talk about games we've been playing, game development stuff, and any big news in the games industry. And, of course, we'll be taking questions from YOU GUYS! Which brings us to...

Ask us Anything!

When we first started doing the podcast, we realized that our system of obtaining questions from our fans, players, and readers was stupidly cumbersome and hard to manage. We'd roam around Twitter, Facebook, and our forums trying to compile people's questions so we could answer them on the podcast. It ended up taking a hell of a lot of time. AND WE DON'T HAVE THAT KIND OF TIME. This is AMERICA, dammit!

To solve this problem, Adam developed a ridiculously awesome question system over at https://forums.bscotch.net/podcast/. If you're logged into our forums with your BscotchID, you can use that page to ask us questions. And you can upvote other people's questions to push your favorites to the top. In each episode's podcast, we'll be taking the top few questions and discussing them at length.

So if you want to get your question onto the podcast, get on over there and start asking and voting!