During our long time in “Apple review purgatory,” we’ve done some reflecting on the current build of Quadropus Rampage and have decided to continue the delay of Quadropus Rampage for iOS of our own accord. 

We've found a few major stability issues for the android build which are also present in the iOS build, causing occasional crashes. These issues are largely out of our control and are buried somewhere in our engine (Game Maker Studio), but we have opened a saucy line of communication with YoYoGames and are actively working on fixing the crashes in the coming days.

QR has quite a solid rating on android (4.7/5), but given its instability we feel we would not be putting our best foot forward to introduce the game to another platform before we get it sorted out. We're a little more comfortable having QR on android because we can patch it in ~30 minutes, rather than the 4-10 days on iTunes, and our loving players can continue giving us feedback that we can quickly integrate into the game. Plus, it’s already published on Android, so... Shit.

We don’t have a specific timetable set down on when we’re going to be able to punt this squishy red sea creature out the Apple door, but we’ll be posting an update here at 4:00pm CST tomorrow (6/7/2013). Hopefully we'll have more information by then!

In the meantime, we’ll keep Towelfight 2 free on iOS until QR hits the app store. AS PROMISED. Yes, that’s right. Savor it.


  • We’re delaying the iOS launch until we get some engine-sourced bugs DESTROYED.
  • Our Android users are lovely people who are putting up with our crashing bugfest quite splendidly.
  • If an Android QR player and an iOS QR player meet on the street in some distant utopian future, the iOS user should say “Hey, thanks for making this game better for the first time I booted it up, even though I hate you for having it way earlier.” And then they should high-five and bro-fist pound.
  • Towelfight 2 is still free on iOS!

TTLDRWTLSIDRI (“The tl:dr was too long so I didn’t read it”)