Release Dates:

  • Android - 6/17/2013
  • iOS - TBA

New Feature: Game Modes

  • There are now three additional game modes available to players (aside from the story mode), selectable at the start of each new dive. Each game mode has its own leaderboard. The new game modes appear once you have gotten to 200 meters.

  • Manic Mode: Enemies and projectiles are A LOT faster. Also, they are all special enemies. All their craziness has driven the heartfish away, and orbs no longer heal you.

  • Insane Mode: You will die from the first damage you take. ENJOY!

  • 500m Sprint: A timed run to the finish line! Literally. There’s a finish line.

New Feature: Pets

  • Do you like having Bingo follow you around, slapping things in the face? Why not give him a buddy to hang with? You can now unlock pets and choose one to follow you at any given time. Note: Bingo doesn’t count as a pet -- you always get Bingo.

  • Pets are unlockable with orbs or doubloons. They are:

  • Bukkit: A walrus who launches exploding buckets at enemies. The buckets do moderate damage and knock enemies back.

  • Nat: A nautilus who will seek out and intercept eel projectiles. He also eats slug goo off the ground.

  • Cy: A liberated laser orb, Cy will heal back some of your health after you take damage.

Balance Changes

  • Special enemies now have more HP and hit slightly harder.


  • On top of the three new leaderboards for the new game modes, there is a new leaderboard called “Aquatic Defenders” that tracks lifetime kills.

Mastery Updates

  • Healybub no longer heals you when you use your bubble. Instead, it heals you when you block attacks.

Upcoming Stuff!

Here's some stuff we have in the pipeline but haven't locked down a release date yet.

  • Accessories for Tack & new skins for Bingo
  • More pets and pet evolutions
  • New game modes with new leaderboards