Hey, Butterscotches!

We've got some good news and some bad news. First...


We received an app rejection on Monday for some small things, and we fixed those things immediately, but QR is still in review and waiting to be unleashed upon the world. Because we don't know whether this version will be approved or rejected, all we can say is that the launch is delayed. It might be delayed by 10 hours or 10 days -- we have no way of knowing until we get our verdict handed down.

We feel super crappy about this, because we know a horde of our iOS humans were wicked pumped to slap their greasy tentacles all over their devices. As a gesture of good will, and because we have nothing else to offer as an apology, we are making Towelfight 2 free on iOS until Quadropus Rampage iOS goes live. We wish we could offer more to our fans, like a giant, 15-pound chocolate egg that barely fits through an airport scanner, but THIS IS ALL WE'VE GOT. Please accept it.

If you're an Android user, we do have nothing but good news. We're going ahead with the Google Play launch AS SCHEDULED. In fact, that slippery, four-tentacled bastard is trapped in the netherworld of cyberspace right now, waiting to be processed by Google's meat-crunching laser light show of authorization. It should be live on the Google Play store WITHIN A COUPLE HOURS. TOPS. AT THIS LINK.


  • QR is in limbo waiting for Apple approval, so the iOS launch is delayed.
  • Towelfight 2 is now free on iOS until QR hits the App Store.
  • Quadropus Rampage is launching on schedule on Google Play.