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The Shenanijam is the official Butterscotch community game jam that lets you build games alongside us for the weekend. If you've never made a game before and have always dreamed of bringing your game ideas to life, NOW IS THE TIME!


Jams are a fantastical fusion of creativity, ambition, and sleeplessness, and they can be absolutely life changing. 6 years ago our studio got its start when Seth and I participated in the St. Louis Game Jam. We built a small game called Towelfight of the Gods - a top down shooter that let the player fire animals out of a cannon.

The game itself was mediocre at best, but its effect was pronounced. After demoing the game to the St. Louis dev community Seth and I sat back and thought... HEY! Maybe we could do this for a living.

Our blood is jam. Game jam.

Since 2012 we've done dozens of jams (some of which you can see on our jam page), each time learning new techniques and adding new tools to our game dev repertoire. With the addition of Adam we started using jams to bring various web-features into our games, including a community based progression system in Narwhal Online and turn-based multiplayer in Snuppy Rustlin'. We even use jams to test new technical features for our bigger titles, like BscotchID, which made its debut in a jam game.

In short, we use jamming for basically everything, and we love the effect it has on us, our capabilities, and our idea of what's possible.

So what's in it for you?

Jams are a reminder of just how much a small team (or even one person) can accomplish in a weekend. They're nearly guaranteed to set your pants on fire for the following week, month, or even couple of months. We know this not just because we've done a ton of jams, but because we surveyed the Shenanijam participants from last year to see how moving the jam was for them.

And if you're worried about this being your first jam - SHUT UP! More than half of last year's 380 participants were first-timers, and they had a great time.

Jam first-timers

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Last year the Shenanijam community created more than 130 games in just one weekend. And people had a freaking great time. You get to hang out with other jammers in our community chat and make games for a weekend in a creative blast that might just change your life.

SO QUIT SITTIN' ON THE FENCE! Get into the game dev arena alongside us and the rest of the Shenanijam community.

We'll see you this weekend :D