Just one month ago the Shenanijam wrapped up with nearly 400 participants creating 118 games. But that was just the start of the excitement.

After the jam concluded, participants were asked to rate games made by other jammers. We're so proud to report that the community produced an astonishing 1,532 ratings, hitting 100% of the 118 entries. More impressive still, the median number of ratings any single game received was 11.

This is absolutely phenomenal. And if you've been hanging out in our discord since, you can probably feel the energy from the jam lingering.

We love that the Shenanijam is evolving into the go-to event for newbie and veteran jammers alike. To show a bit of that love back, each year we like to conclude the jam with a little Let's Play of the Top 10 Games (sorted by Overall score).

With this, we conclude the 2018 Shenanijam. Until we meet again next year:

May your jam be buttery, and your games playable!