SUP BSCOTCHES. We just partook in the Indie Speed Run 2013 competition, which is a competitive game jam. In this jam, you get a theme and an element, and your game must incorporate BOTH. Our first theme was "Defender" and our element was "Keyboard." We didn't like this pairing, so we opted to roll the DANGER DICE, which locked us in to a completely new (and completely random) theme and element. Our results:

THEME: Baldness

ELEMENT: Sheperd (sic)

Fortunately, these two items go together EXTREMELY WELL. The first thing that came to mind: SHEEP SHEARING. We blazed forth and crafted a game about a shepherd who has to shear the wool off his sheep (thereby rendering them bald) in order to earn cash. He can then use his cash to grow his flock and defend them from hungry wolves, ultimately growing his sheep into valuable PLATINUM-WOOLED SHEEPS. The game features a suite of player abilities and a couple deployables (land mines and mortar turrets), plus some salt lick action.

The game is called SHEP HARD. We'll post a link to a playable version of it once the contest is over. Until then, FEAST YOUR EYEBALLS ON THIS!