Since June we've had some rapid-fire changes to our Terms of Service. Yes, we know, reading these kinds of legal documents is no fun at all. You should go read them to get the full details, but here's a human-friendly summary of what's changed and why.


I'm sure that the old Terms were near and dear to your heart, and the thought of them changing makes you physically ill. Change is hard, but it builds character! We're doing some cool new things and need to make sure that our legal documents reflect that. The new stuff:

  • The Rumpus Community API. We've opened up to the community a subset of the web APIs that make Levelhead and this website run. We call it Rumpus CE. It has its own Terms, but we made some tweaks to the general Terms to make everything make sense.
  • We are changing our tech to allow you to create and log into Rumpus accounts using 3rd party platform authentication services, such as Steam. Steam login will be coming to Leavelhead and the website soon, and login using other platforms will be paired with launches on those platforms. Some platforms (like Steam) do not provide us with your email address during the login flow, but our old Terms dictated that ownership of your Rumpus account was proven only by your access to your associated email addresses. We expanded that idea to include these other ways of logging in, and also updated our Security summary accordingly.

Impact on you

These changes allow us to provide more features to you via Rumpus, and really only impact you when you use those new features.